Jun 112016

Embryology at a Glance

By (author): Samuel Webster, Rhiannon de Wreede

Embryology at a Glance is a highly illustrated and innovative introduction to key embryological concepts, with concise, memorable descriptions of major embryological developments. This new edition covers the basic principles of human development, from mitosis and meiosis, before exploring the primary formation of each body system, including the development of the musculoskeletal, circulatory, digestive, reproductive, and nervous systems during the foetal and neonatal periods. 

Key features include:
• New chapters on cell signalling genes, stem cells, and antenatal screening for common congenital and genetic defects
• Full colour photographs and illustrations
• Links to clinical practice highlighted throughout
• Timelines of each developmental stage
• MCQs and EMQs for revision and review
• A companion website at www.ataglanceseries.com/embryology featuring 15 brand new animations, and podcasts to help clearly explain the processes that occur during development. An additional instructor resource contains an image bank of all the figures from the book to aid teaching this fascinating area

Embryology at a Glance provides the perfect alternative to the overwhelming detail seen in conventional embryology texts. It provides just the right level of detail on embryology and congenital abnormalities for all medical students and health professionals to develop a thorough understanding of human development and its implications for clinical practice.

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Jun 012016

Craniofacial Embryogenetics & Development, 2nd edition

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Geoffrey H. Sperber

Recent advances in genetics, molecular biology, diagnostic imaging and surgical techniques require a substantial understanding of prenatal development morphogenesis. The clinical significance of the normal mechanisms of embryogenesis, developmental failures and consequent craniofacial anomalies is of increasing concern to plastic and orofacial surgeons, otolaryngologists, orthodontists, neonatologists, and speech pathologists.
Clinicians dealing with malformations needing comprehension of the exponential expansion of information on molecular genomics, dysgenesis, teratology and the etiology of syndromes and anomalies are served by this book s succinct contents. While providing clinicians with a basic background for treating craniofacial anomalies, this text will also appeal to teratologists, embryologists, and anatomists.
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Mar 142016

Netter’s Atlas of Human Embryology: Updated Edition, 1e (Netter Basic Science)

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Larry R. Cochard PhD

Here’s a rich pictorial review of normal and abnormal human prenatal development. For each body system or region, you’ll find a brief description of the developmental plan, with key concepts and terminology, followed by discussions of histological principles, the classification of congenital defects, and basic cellular, molecular, and genetic concepts.  An emphasis on morphological patterns in the embryo and fetus makes it easy to understand the structure and function of the adult body and the embryonic basis of birth defects.

·         Summary tables and terminology sections at the end of each chapter, plus an appendix with all major congenital defects and their embryonic basis, make it easy to review course material and prepare for the USMLE.

·         Access the complete text and images online at studentconsult.com

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Feb 042016

BRS Embryology (Board Review Series)

By (author): Dr. Ronald W. Dudek PhD

BRS Embryology, Fifth Edition is a succinct outline-format review for USMLE and course exams, with review questions at the end of each chapter and a comprehensive USMLE-style examination at the end of the book. The text outlines the important facts and concepts tested on the USMLE, within the context of human embryologic development. The book also includes radiographs, sonograms, computed tomography scans, and photographs of various congenital malformations. This edition has been updated and includes new, additional USMLE-style questions. Clinical images have been placed closer to the relevant text.

A companion website offers the fully searchable text and an interactive question bank.

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Dec 032015

Neural Crest Induction and Differentiation (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology)

Written by an international panel of recognized leaders in the field, Neural Crest Induction and Differentiation discusses all aspects of modern neural crest biology from its evolutionary significance to its specification, migration, plasticity and contribution to multiple lineages of the vertebrate body, to the pathologies associated with abnormal neural crest development and function. Abundant color figures enhance the text providing clear and attractive illustrations of central issues and concepts.

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Dec 032015

Cardiac Development

By (author): Margaret L. Kirby

This is the only in-depth, single author survey of heart development. It will provide a more systematic, up-to-date synthesis of the subject than any other volume, spanning the range from classical anatomical studies to recent findings in molecular biology. It also covers topics that are often omitted from discussions of heart development, such as myocardial function, cardiac innervation, and conduction development and clinical correlates will be discussed throughout. The book is beautifully illustrated by Karen Waldo, an artist who has collaborated with Dr. Kirby for many years.
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Nov 152015

Prenatal and Postnatal Determinants of Development (Neuromethods)

This volume provides readers with an introduction to all the methods and major approaches now being used to study the structural and functional development of the brain. Prenatal and Postnatal Determinants of Development explores early anatomical development, the emergence of function and the processes that lead to damage and repair of the growing and immature brain. Chapters are divided into three sections covering development, programming and stress, and brain damage-causes and consequences. Written in the popular Neuromethods series style, chapters include the kind of detail and key advice from the specialists needed to get successful results in your own laboratory.

Concise and easy-to-use, Prenatal and Postnatal Determinants of Development aims to ensure successful results in the further study of this vital field.

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Oct 312015

embryology videoA series of informative videos about the development of the embryo, dismantled all the features that defined the modern science.

List of lectures:
01 – Early Embryology
02 – Vertebrate body plan
03 – Limb Development
04 – development of muscle and nerve
05 – Cardiovascular Embryology
06 – Cardiovascular Embryology II
07 – Respiratory development
08 – GI Development
09 – Development of the Kidney
10 – Head and Neck I
11 – Head and Neck development
12 – Reproductive system final


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Oct 282015

THE HUMAN EMBRYOThis book traces the early history and provides knowledge on demonstration of principles from ancient to the most recent embryo studies amidst the unresolved scientific and ethical issues.



Part 1 Introduction

1 Introduction – Developmental Overview of the Human Embryo

2 Presenting Human Embryology in an International Open-Access Reference Centre (HERC)

Part 2 Implantation

3 Optimal Environment for the Implantation of Human Embryo

4 Immune Regulation of Human Embryo Implantation by Circulating Blood Cells

5 The Future of Human Embryo Culture Media – Or Have We Reached the Ceiling?

6 Benzo[a]pyrene and Human Embryo

Part 3 Organogenesis and Genetics

7 Developmental Anatomy of the Human Embryo – 3D-lmaging and Analytical Techniques

8 Cardiovascular Development in the First Trimester

9 Development. Differentiation and Derivatives of the Wolffian and Mullerian Ducts

10 Cytogenetic Analysis of Spontaneous Miscarriage


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Oct 202015

Atlas of Heart Anatomy and Development

By (author): Florin Mihail Filipoiu

?This heart anatomy book describes the cardiac development and cardiac anatomy in the development of the adult heart, and is illustrated by numerous images and examples. It contains 550 images of dissected embryo and adult hearts, obtained through the dissection and photography of 235 hearts. It has been designed to allow the rapid understanding of the key concepts and that everything should be clearly and graphically explained in one book. This is an atlas of cardiac development and anatomy of the human heart which distinguishes itself with the use of 550 images of embryonic, fetal and adult hearts and using text that is logical and concise. All the mentioned anatomical structures are shown with the use of suggestive dissection images to emphasize the details and the overall location. All the images have detailed comments, while clinical implications are suggested. The dissections of different hearts exemplify the variability of the cardiac structures. The electron and optical microscopy images are sharp and provide great fidelity. The arterial molds obtained using methyl methacrylate are illustrative and the pictures use suggestive angles. The dissections were made on human normal and pathological hearts of different ages, increasing the clinical utility of the material contained within.?
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