Sep 202017

Stress and Skin Disorders: Basic and Clinical Aspects

Dermatological conditions are intimately related to stress. Stress can affect, reveal or even exacerbate a number of skin disorders, including alopecia, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, pruritus, herpes, lichen planus, rosacea and urticarial. On the other hand, the skin disease itself could induce a secondary stress for the patient, influencing his or her quality of life. There is increasing evidence that stress influences disease processes and contributes to inflammation through the modulating hypothalamicpituitary- adrenal axis – releasing neuropeptides, neurotrophins, lymphokines and other chemical mediators from nerve endings to dermal cells.

This is one of the first books published on this topic, focusing more on the basic science aspects of stress in dermatopathology (oxidants, antioxidants, and oxidative injury in dermatopathology, dermatopharmacology, and dermatotoxicology.) Most Psychodermatology texts adopt a practical approach to identify all types of Psychodermatology disorders, focusing on clinical treatment. This concise title offers a comprehensive and didactic approach to skin diseases caused or exacerbated by stress, as well as covers the immunology, role and effect of stress on skin disease, and quality of life in dermatology. In the current programs of medical residency in dermatology, little is taught about the relationship between stress and skin diseases and this book is an important tool for young dermatologists and psychodermatologists in training.


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Sep 192017

Skin and Psyche

By (author): Klas Nordlind

Practicing dermatologists are likely to encounter several patients who have psychological difficulties in dealing with various skin conditions. While there are several factors that might be responsible for these difficulties (such as physical and mental stress), it is becoming increasingly clear nowadays that skin disease patients experiencing such issues need to be managed with a multidisciplinary approach to improve treatment outcomes. Skin and Psyche delves into the realm of psychodermatology – the cusp of dermatology, psychology and psychiatry. The book enhances the reader´s knowledge about relevant topics such as the biology of the skin, the impact of stress on skin inflammation, acne vulgaris, skin diseases secondary to delusions and other psychiatric diseases, psoriasis and much more. Different forms of non-pharmacological treatments of these diseases are also mentioned. The book also contains a concise guide to building a psychodermatology clinic. Skin and Psyche is a vital reference for dermatologists, hospital managers and psychiatrists looking for tips to improve their ability to interact with individuals while assisting them to cope with dermatological diseases and conditions.
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Sep 112017

Laser and IPL Technology in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

The editors have gathered 15 laser experts from the United States, Europe and Asia to present the most up to date information in cutaneous laser surgery and intense pulsed light technologies. This innovative book describes new laser techniques (laserlipolysis, fractional photothermolysis, among others) and provides expert guidance on using lasers successfully in over 80 clinical indications.

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Sep 092017

Dermatopathology: Diagnosis by First Impression

Features: Dermatopathology Diagnosis by First Impression
By (author): Christine J. Ko, Ronald J. Barr

Although other Atlases exist, they are organized by disease. This atlas takes the appearance as the starting point for learning how to differentiate similarly presenting problems. It concentrates on the most common diseases rather than being comprehensive, which can be confusing to the trainee.

This new edition includes 15 new topics and all improved microphotographs. 

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Aug 212017

A Treatise on Topical Corticosteroids in Dermatology: Use, Misuse and Abuse

This treatise aims to fill up the lacuna and to contribute significantly to the dissemination of knowledge about the indication/contraindication, mechanism of action, ethical use, side-effects and various other facets related to topical corticosteroid.

Topical corticosteroids (TC) have greatly enhanced dermatologists’ ability to effectively treat several difficult dermatoses. The available range of formulations and potencies allows them to flexibly treat all groups of patients, different phases of disease, and different anatomic sites.

Improper/incomplete knowledge about topical corticosteroids’ mechanism of action, indications, classifications, and contraindications has produced a rapid rise in the incidence of improper use of these drugs, which could potentially bring disrepute to this entire group of amazing drugs.

Responsibility for disseminating proper knowledge regarding when, where, and how to use TC both to internists and patients primarily rests with dermatologists. In this regard, the benefits of rational and ethical use and the potential harm of overuse and misuse for nonmedical, especially cosmetic purposes, should be clearly conveyed before prescribing TC.

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Aug 082017

Genetic Skin Disorders (Oxford Monographs on Medical Genetics)

By (author): Virginia P. Sybert

This fully revised and updated edition of GENETIC SKIN DISORDERS reflects the most current understanding of the diagnosis, treatment, genetic basis, and differential diagnoses of inherited skin disorders. Organized with the needs of busy clinicians in mind, it offers detailed clinical guidance on the signs, symptoms, mode of inheritance, recurrence risk, and diagnosis of over 300 skin disorders, all in an accessible, at-a-glance format. Annotated bibliographies highlight the most relevant and up-to-date medical literature. Newly compiled lists of support groups, both national and international, for patients and their families supplement the ample resources for medical professionals.

Informed by the author’s extensive clinical experience and suffused with a distinctive, witty voice, GENETIC SKIN DISORDERS is an ideal companion in the laboratory, clinic, or consulting room.


· Includes both disease-based chapters and an appendix of skin signs that simplifies differential diagnosis for specialists and general practitioners alike
· More than 800 color photographs illustrate the full spectrum of hair, skin, and nail abnormalities
· Updated to reflect current classification of inherited skin disorders and the molecular underpinnings of these conditions

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Aug 042017

Skin and Systemic Disease: A Clinician’s Guide

By (author): Joseph C. English III, Arthur C. Huen, Timothy J. Patton, Lisa M. Grandinetti

Skin and Systemic Disease: A Clinician’s Guide acts as an essential clinical guide for health care providers during patient care. The opening chapter is based on skin findings that have numerous systemic associations, such as flushing or pruritus, providing clinicians with quick access to key information and illustrations pertaining to particular conditions. Subsequent chapters focus on more defined skin disorders that are routinely associated with systemic disease, such as dermatomyositis.

Information on each disorder’s etiopathogenesis, clinical manifestations, and systemic manifestations is presented in every chapter, where appropriate, along with guidance on evaluation and management of the disorder. This book is an invaluable resource for health care providers trying to diagnose and treat patients presenting with skin symptoms that may indicate systemic disease.

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Aug 022017

Skin Cancer after Organ Transplantation (Cancer Treatment and Research)

Organ transplantation has been performed for almost 40 years with steadily increasing success regarding long-time survival of the graft, as well as quality of life for the patient. However, graft tolerance only can be achieved via induction and maintenance of an impaired immunological surveillance. An increase of skin cancers as a consequence of the lowered cellular immunoresponse seems to parallel the overall increased long-time survival rate of organ transplant recipients. Against the background of chronic immunosuppression known risk factors like the amount of sun exposure prior and post transplantation, oncogenic viruses as well as the genetic background, and place of residence (latitude) are strongly related with the increased skin cancer incidence.

The increasing incidence of non-melanoma skin cancer, paralleling a prolonged survival of patients after organ transplantation, represents a significant reason for morbidity and long-term morbidity in organ transplant recipients worldwide. The incidence of non-melanoma skin cancer in liver-, kidney- and heart transplant recipients varies from 1.5 to 22 %, 2 to 24 % and 6 to 34 % after < 5 years post transplant. Ultraviolet radiation as well as immunosuppressive therapy are crucial risk-factors regarding the induction and progression of skin cancer. Ultraviolet radiation is related to the induction of DNA damage, as well as interference with Langerhans cell antigen presentation and a Th1 – Th2 shift induced via a release of IL-10. Whereas the overall duration of immunosuppression and the cumulative dosage applied are relevant parameters in the evaluation of an increased tumor risk, individual differences between specific immunosuppressive agents remain unclear. The workup of genetic as well as other unclear phenomenon like the reverse BCC/SCC ratio might shed some further light into the genesis and immunology of the non-melanoma skin cancer in general.

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Jul 282017

Atopic Dermatitis – A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References

By (author): Icon Health Publications, Health Publica Icon Health Publications

This is a 3-in-1 reference book. It gives a complete medical dictionary covering hundreds of terms and expressions relating to atopic dermatitis. It also gives extensive lists of bibliographic citations. Finally, it provides information to users on how to
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Jul 282017

Dermatology: Illustrated Study Guide and Comprehensive Board Review

By (author): Sima Jain

A fully-illustrated, note-packed volume of information, Dermatology: Illustrated Study Guide and Comprehensive Board Review fulfills a real need for a single study guide for the Dermatology Board Exam. Written by a previous Chief Resident of Dermatology at the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center, the text focuses on presenting comprehensive information in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-remember format.  The second edition of this incredibly popular book includes:

·        Close to 800 full-colorclinical and histologic images

·        Over 75 new histopathologic images and over 170 tables

·        Layout similar to first edition with outline approach

·        Clinical images parallel to corresponding text for easy reinforcement of text

·        Updated coverage of new medications, new entities and new mutations

·        Must-have for any dermatologist or dermatology resident for studying for the in-service training exam and dermatology board exam

·        Excellent review source for dermatology with easy to read format, numerous mnemonics and high-quality clinical images

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