Sep 072015

Litt's Drug Eruptions & Reactions Manual, 18th Edition (Drug Eruption Reference Manual)

Features: Used Book in Good Condition By (author): Jerome Z. Litt, Neil H. Shear

Now in its 18th Edition, Litt’s Drug Eruptions and Reactions Manual (D.E.R.M.), is a guide to drug eruptions, adverse reactions and clinically relevant drug–drug interactions associated with over 1,000 drugs. As a compilation of the continual updates from companion website,, this simple, well-organised book systematically catalogues adverse reactions and contains detailed profiles for drugs listed and indexed in alphabetical order.

Internationally relied on for nearly two decades by dermatologists and medical practitioners, this edition has been condensed from its predecessor to provide the most important information for quick clinical reference. Categories of reference include trade names, half-life, interactions, pregnancy, additional lists of important reactions and the drugs that cause them and a dossier of trade names, synonyms, and generic names.

Containing more than 35,000 adverse reactions, drug eruptions and cutaneous reaction patterns, the book includes prescription and over-the-counter drugs and well as biologics and supplements. Litt’s D.E.R.M. also notes the number of peer-reviewed references for reaction listings and highlights clinically important and potentially serious drug-drug interactions.

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Sep 022015

Update in Cosmetic Dermatology

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
This well-illustrated guide provides concise descriptions of the most frequently encountered cosmetic skin conditions and essential information on commonly employed treatment procedures. The book opens with a description of skin evaluation systems and then documents etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment for various conditions, including cellulite, acne, hirsutism, and striae distensae. The second part of the book provides step-by-step guidelines on a range of cosmetic procedures, such as botulinum toxin injection, cryosurgery, electrosurgery, and injection lipolysis. The advice provided will be invaluable for all physicians who intend to incorporate these procedures into their practices. The book will also be of interest to established specialists in cosmetic dermatology wishing to update their knowledge and to all general dermatologists and plastic surgeons required to answer the numerous questions posed by patients seeking to maintain or improve the quality of their skin.?  
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Aug 242015

Handbook of Integrative Dermatology: An Evidence-Based Approach

By (author): Peter A. Lio, Toral Patel, Neill Peters, Sarah Kasprowicz

This user-friendly reference tool presents clinical scenarios and discusses some practical complementary and alternative therapies available in dermatology. It focuses on peer-reviewed data that are suitable for use in a conventional dermatology practice and helps dermatologists guide their patients when faced with questions regarding integrative dermatology using an evidence-based, reader-friendly, and case-focused approach. Within the field of dermatology, there is a marked void in the understanding of complementary and alternative approaches, though dermatologists frequently use off-label therapies to manage chronic conditions. They do so, however, with a range of success and potentially considerable side effect profiles. Handbook of Integrative Dermatology is a must-have tool for any practicing dermatologist.

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Release date August 28, 2015.


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Aug 242015

Healthy Hair

By (author): Jennifer Marsh, John Gray, Antonella Tosti

Hair health is a core benefit of products produced for consumers by the cosmetic industry, and more than 70% of women claim to want healthy hair. However, there is very little clarity in the industry as to the meaning of healthy hair in a consumer context and the technical factors that control what the consumer perceives as hair health.

Providing updated information on how to prevent and restore hair damage, Healthy Hair characterizes the clinical, physical, and chemical properties of healthy hair. Factors that control a woman’s perception of healthy hair are described, and how these factors link to the fundamental biology of the hair fiber are explained, as well as insults to hair, such as brushing, coloring, and UV exposure. The influences of different products on hair health are discussed, and methods used to measure healthy hair at the molecular, single-fiber, and consumer levels are described. Hundreds of high quality color pictures illustrate the most important clinical, dermoscopic, and microscopic characteristics of both healthy and unhealthy hair.

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Aug 072015

The Manual of Dermatology

Features: Used Book in Good Condition By (author): Jennifer Cafardi

The Manual of Dermatology covers broad dermatological topics necessary for any dermatology resident treating patients. This practical guide includes key clinical data for residents, making it essential as a reference for quick differential diagnoses, management, and treatment options.

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Aug 072015

Baran and Dawber's Diseases of the Nails and their Management

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
The human nail provides a complex structure that supports fine manipulation of objects while protecting the extremities. Diseases of the nail disrupt this function. They can cause pain and discomfort, cause disfigurement and are often unsightly with a profound effect on the sufferer's self confidence. Baran & Dawber's Diseases of the Nails and their Management has long been recognized as the preeminent authority on nail disease. New to this edition is a superb guide to differential diagnosis by color, shape and location within the nail unit to provide rapid clinical information on nail disorders. All thirteen chapters have been thoroughly updated.
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Jul 312015

An Atlas of Dermoscopy, Second Edition

Building on a successful first edition, this revised and extended Atlas of Dermoscopy demonstrates the state of the art of how to use dermoscopy to detect and diagnose lesions of the skin, with a special emphasis on malignant skin tumours. With well over 1,500 photographs, drawings, and tables, the book has extensive clinical correlation with dermoscopic images, so readers can appreciate the added benefits of dermoscopy by comparing the clinical morphology seen with the naked eye with the corresponding dermoscopic morphology; extensive illustrations from the image collections of internationally recognized experts, who have years of experience refining their techniques; and extensive schematic drawings to help readers single out the key structures and patterns to recognize in the dermoscopic images.

The second edition has important new material on such topics as observed differences between polarized and non-polarized dermoscopy, newly recognized structures and patterns, refined and revised suggestions for pattern analysis, dermoscopy of the hair and nails, and how to integrate dermoscopy into general clinical practice. It also covers dermoscopically equivocal, false negative, and false positive lesions; discusses further indications for dermoscopy beyond skin cancer; and details common checklists of criteria and algorithms used to diagnose skin lesions.

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Jul 282015

Dermoscopy of the Hair and Nails, Second Edition

When the first edition of this pioneering text was published, only a few dermatologists were trained to utilize the dermatoscope for the diagnosis and follow-up of hair diseases. The technique is now more popular worldwide, prompting the development of this updated second edition, which now includes a section devoted entirely to nail dermoscopy and also covers many hair disorders that were not previously discussed.

Topics covered includealopecias, hair shaft disorders, hair root evaluation, pediatric hair disorders, hair weathering, inflammatory scalp disorders, infections, dermoscopy of the black scalp, body hair disorders, and dermoscopy-guided biopsies.

Also covered is dermoscopy of the nail plate, the proximal nail fold, the hyponychium, and the distal edge of the nail plate. The book discusses inflammatory nail disorders, traumatic nail disorders, onychomycosis, melanonychia, and nail tumors. This essential new edition facilitates diagnosis of hair disorders and provides clinicians with important clues about disease stage and progression.

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Jul 112015

Genital and Perianal Diseases: A Color Handbook (Medical Color Handbook Series)

By (author): Tomasz F. Mroczkowski, Larry E. Millikan, Lawrence Charles Parish MD

Highly Commended, BMA Medical Book Awards 2014

Despite the development of penicillin and other treatments, the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) worldwide continues to rise. In Genital and Perianal Diseases, A Colour Handbook, the authors discuss the diagnosis and treatment of the main cutaneous conditions of the anogenital region, with a special focus on those diseases considered to be sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Through succinct text and more than 240 top-quality illustrations, this volume combines the advantages of an atlas and a concise textbook. This work is of value to a wide range of health professionals including dermatologists, infectious and venereal disease specialists, urologists, gynecologists, emergency physicians, nurse practitioners, general practitioners, and pediatricians.

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Jul 102015

Goodheart's Photoguide to Common Skin Disorders: Diagnosis and Management

Features: Used Book in Good Condition By (author): Herbert P. Goodheart MD

The first prize winner in dermatology in the 2004 British Medical Association Book Competition, Goodheart's Photoguide of Common Skin Disorders is now in its newly revised Third Edition. This easy-to-use reference helps practitioners quickly diagnose common skin disorders and determine appropriate treatment options. More than 900 full-color photographs—enlarged for greater clarity in this edition—speed diagnosis by showing the distinguishing characteristics of each disorder and providing clear comparisons between similar looking conditions. The book also includes formulary tables of leading topical and systemic agents by generic and brand name; patient handouts in English and Spanish; and step-by-step descriptions of basic dermatologic procedures.

The Third Edition features many new photographs, updated treatment sections, a new chapter on pediatric and geriatric dermatology, and many more patient handouts. The appendix on brand names of dermatologic medications in various countries now includes India and Canada.

A companion Website will offer customizable English and Spanish patient handouts, an image bank complete with additional images, and the fully searchable text.

List Price: $114.99 USD
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