Essentials of Pharmacology for Dentistry, 3rd Edition

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Aug 272018

• All chapters are thoroughly revised and updated with latest information and new drugs
• Presentation and illustrations have been improved
• Leading trade names and dosage forms of drugs generally prescribed by dentists are mentioned distinctively
• The book is divided into three sections. The first section describes the general pharmacological principles involved in drug therapy, the second section deals with systemic pharmacology presents a brief account of drugs acting on various organ systems and used in the treatment of common disorders affecting these systems
• The third section covers antimicrobials and other drugs which the dentists prescribe or administer themselves
• Each chapter is organised systematically
• The opening sentence defines the class of drugs, followed by their classification presented in chart form for better pictorial impression and easy remembrance
• The ‘prototype’ approach is followed by describing the representative drug of the class
• Matters particularly relevant to dental therapeutics have been highlighted by italicizing
• Wherever applicable, the implications in dentistry are prominently elaborated, e.g. drugs and diseases affecting post extraction haemostasis, dental procedures in patients on corticosteroid therapy or in diabetics, oral complications of cancer chemotherapy, conscious sedation in dentistry, etc
• Focuses on drugs of greater relevance in dentistry, such as application of analgesics and NSAIDs in dental pain, dental anaesthesia, role of each class of antimicrobials in orodental infections, prophylaxis of post extraction wound infection and endocarditis in patients at special risk are emphasized
• Guidelines for prophylaxis of HIV infection are provided
• Drugs and aids having specific application in dental disorders and in dental care, e.g. drugs for dental plaque, caries tooth, dentine sensitivity along with aids like dentifrices, bleaching agents, disclosing agents, etc. are described in a separate chapter, pointing out their role in current practice
• Management of medical emergencies, like fainting, hypoglycaemia, allergic/anaphylactic reaction, angina pectoris or myocardial infarction, asthmatic attack or seizures are outlined in a new chapter, along with a list of medicines that should be kept in the emergency tray
• Last chapter on drug interactions highlights drugs commonly encountered in dental practice, such as antiplaque drugs, anticaries drugs, desensitizing agents, dentifrices, etc
• Care has been taken that the syllabus prescribed by the Dental Council of India is fully covered
• New improved layout, highlighting important points, numerous figures, charts, tables, and informative boxes make the book highly user-friendly
• Thus, the book is oriented to provide core and contemporary pharmacological knowledge which can be easily assimilated by dental students, as well as serve to help dental practitioners in treating oro-dental conditions



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Essentials Of Physiology For Dental Students, 2nd edition

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Aug 212018

WHATS NEW Content has been made precise and to the point. Reduction of needless content without compromising on the essence of the book. Includes recent developments in the field of physiology. Discusses Applied Physiology of various topics. Use of excellent color combinations to enhance readability and concentration. Self-explanatory and reproducible colourful diagrams. Explanation of the topics is backed up with flowcharts and tables for pleasurable and stress-free reading. List of topics provided in the beginning of every chapter. Long as well as short questions are given at the end of each section for exam preparations and follow-up. Key Features The primary aim of the book is to meet the needs of the students of dental, physiotherapy and other paramedical and health science courses. Every disease condition is explained through definition, causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment.
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Pediatric Dentistry: A Clinical Approach, 2nd edition

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Aug 172018

The second edition of Pediatric Dentistry: A Clinical Approach offers a fully revised and updated review of pediatric dentistry. This important text covers the full spectrum of the subject, basing itself in the clinical practice of the dental treatment of children and adolescents and providing a special emphasis on evidence–based oral health care for young people. Pediatric Dentistry provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of treatment for children, ranging from health promotion and prevention to strategies for systematic and comprehensive oral care. Pediatric Dentistry: A Clinical Approach follows a logical approach, covering major dental and oral diseases and their diagnosis and management in children and adolescents, including caries, periodontal and endodontic conditions, and TMJ disorders. The book also discusses a number of dental and oral conditions that relate more directly to childhood, such as dental erosion, traumatic injuries to the teeth, pain control, and treatment of physically and mentally disabled children. Topics such as dental, physical, intellectual and emotional development are also thoroughly reviewed. Pediatric Dentistry will provide students of dentistry, as well as pediatric dentists and dentists involved in the treatment of young patients, with a uniquely clear, comprehensive, and clinical approach to the dental treatment of children and adolescents.
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Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienist, 12th edition

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Aug 152018

Considered the cornerstone text in almost every dental hygiene education program in the country, Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienist, 12e helps students develop the knowledge and skills they need for successful, evidence-based practice in today’s rapidly changing oral health care environment. Written by one of the preeminent voices in dental hygiene education, the book progresses through crucial topics in dental hygiene in a straightforward, outline format, making information easy to locate, understand, and reference. To help readers prepare for effective, culturally sensitive practice, six sections of the 12th Edition conform to the Dental Hygiene Process of Care: Assessment, Diagnosis, Care Planning, Implementation, Education, and, new to this edition, Documentation. Updated and revised throughout, this edition includes new material on motivational interviewing, risk assessment, and alternate practice settings, and is enhanced by new clinically relevant color photos, and real-world examples.
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Self-ligating Brackets in Orthodontics

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Aug 062018

Offering advantages in design, efficiency, treatment time, and retention, self-ligating brackets have become a major part of modern orthodontic practice. Self-Ligating Brackets in Orthodontics: Current Concepts and Techniques summarizes all information and clinical studies on these popular systems, integrating them with the authors’ practical, hands-on experience. From materials and mechanics, to diagnostic and therapeutic principles, to step-by-step treatment techniques, the book is a visual guide and compendium to this groundbreaking field. * Provides more than 1,500 outstanding color photographs that show the sequence of steps for all procedures involving self-ligating brackets * Objectively evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of commercially available self-ligating bracket systems to help you make the best choices for your patients * Covers the full scope of treatment, including oral hygiene, adhesive techniques, biomechanics, aesthetic choices, retention and stability, and more * Includes multiple case studies as well as information on risks and pitfalls, practical tips, and clinical pearls that aid in decision-making and reinforce every concept Written by a team of international specialists, this book is essential for all practitioners who want to keep up with the latest developments in self-ligating brackets, expand their services, and offer state-of-the-art treatment techniques. It will teach beginners how to use the method and experienced orthodontists how to successfully incorporate this highly popular technique into their practices.
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Waxing for Dental Students

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Jul 032018

When dental students are first taught how to wax teeth, they need clear instructions with logical steps and plenty of illustrations. With the omission of any distracting information about dies, crowns, bridges, and occlusion, this concise book is squarely directed to first-year dental students and can be used as a primary laboratory manual. The author covers the basics of wax instrumentation and addition, but the bulk of the book details the steps for waxing incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. Each chapter includes an introductory waxing exercise for the tooth type, followed by the key points of morphology for the tooth in question. Photographs detail the waxing steps for both a maxillary and a mandibular full crown on a tooth peg and show how the wax-up should mimic the contralateral tooth in terms of dimension, embrasures, heights of contour, line angles, and point angles. The logical and straightforward protocols in this book will help dental students quickly improve their waxing skills and reach expected goals.
388 illus


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Clinical Aspects of Dental Materials: Theory, Practice, and Cases, 5th Edition

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Jun 272018

Using a proven pedagogical organization, this updated Fifth Edition of Gladwin and Bagby’s market-leading title focuses on providing students with a dental materials background that emphasizes the clinical aspects of dental materials, while also introducing concepts of materials science.

The book’s three-part structure addresses types of dental materials in the 22 chapters of Part I, includes laboratory and clinical applications (essentially a built-in lab manual) in Part II, and presents 11 case studies in Part III that serve as an overall review and help students strengthen their critical thinking skills when providing patient care.

Up-to-date content that reflects the latest advances in dental materials, clinical photos, review questions, and online videos all combine to help students develop the understanding of dental materials they need for successful dental hygiene practice.


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Concepts in Dental Public Health

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Jun 232018

Publisher’s Note: Products purchased from 3rd Party sellers are not guaranteed by the Publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Written specifically for dental hygienists, this comprehensive textbook covers concepts, issues, techniques, and methods related to dental public health. It focuses on the assessment of factors that affect oral health of populations and the development of policy in response to a population’s needs. It also provides information regarding the active promotion of oral health maintenance. This text is unique in that it applies the Dental Hygiene Process of Care – a globally accepted, foundational concept in clinical care for dental hygienists – to the subject of dental public health, lending it greater relevance and familiarity to dental hygiene students. In addition, the text is based on the American Association of Dental Educators’ Competencies for Dental Hygienists. A chapter on National Board Preparation, including Board-style review questions, prepares students for the national exam. Review questions and learning activities are also incorporated into each chapter.
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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry (Oxford Medical Handbooks) – 6th Edition (September 2014 Release)

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Jun 192018

After more than twenty years of recognition as the indispensable guide for all dental students and practitioners, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry has been fully revised and updated for its new sixth edition, now better than ever!

The authors have distilled the essentials of clinical practice into a readily accessible style. Concise and practically focused, the handbook balances a pragmatic approach alongside evidence-based clinical knowledge, guidelines and protocols. This handbook is in full colour, with even more images and diagrams to aid understanding. It has been fully updated with sources and further reading, including the most up-to-date e-learning and web resources.

The handbook includes revised chapters on fast-moving areas of dental practice such as therapeutics and anaesthesia, as well as updates on the aetiology and management of cancer, reflecting recent discoveries. New material also includes the impact of bisphosphonates, and new approaches to the management of Class III malocclusions in the growing child. Sections on the differences in healthcare and legal requirements of the UK devolved countries have been added, and all life support protocols have been updated.

This concise and practical distillation of the essential knowledge and skills for dental practice has been highly regarded by dental students and practitioners for over twenty years. Now it is more vital than ever for you to ensure the most up-to-date edition is always close to hand!


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How to Survive Dental Performance Difficulties

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Jun 122018

How to Survive Dental Performance Difficulties offers an authoritative guide for successfully navigating and overcoming dental performance issues.

Offers a practical guide for preventing and overcoming dental performance issues
Highlights case studies of dental professionals who have direct experience of being referred for fitness to practise issues
Includes information on the support available to dental professionals, the requirements that need to be met, and how to meet them
Contains information on the effective use of evidence, improvement practice tools such as personal development plans, continuing professional education, reflective diaries, and audits
Offers guidance on how to increase self-awareness and insight


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