Dental Biomaterials – Imaging, Testing and Modelling

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Aug 042020

Dental biomaterials reviews the materials used in this important area, their performance and how such performance can be measured and optimised. Chapters review optical and electron microscopy imaging techniques for dental biomaterial interfaces. Specific materials such as dental cements, fibre-reinforced composites, metals and alloys are discussed. There is an analysis of stresses, fracture, wear and ageing in dental biomaterials as well as an evaluation of the performance of dental adhesives and resin-dentin bonds. Chapters also review ways of assessing the performance of dental handpieces, crowns, implants and prosthesies. The book also reviews the use of computer models in such areas as bond strength and shape optimisation of dental restorations. With its distinguished editors and team of experienced contributors Dental biomaterials: imaging, testing and modelling will provide researchers, materials scientists, engineers and dental practitioners with an essential guide to the use and performance of dental biomaterials.
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Oral Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist

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Jul 302020

Oral Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist, Second Edition, offers a comprehensive review of the principles of pharmacology and their application to dental hygiene practice. This practical textbook covers many oral manifestations of drugs of which the dental hygiene student should be aware. Quick drug guides, fun facts, and unique rapid dental hints in each chapter help students understand different pharmacologic principles while reinforcing key information. Case studies extensively review the medical conditions, potential drug interactions, and dental management of drug interactions.


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Primary Tooth Development in Infancy: A Text and Atlas

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Jul 242020

Primary Tooth Development in Infancy: A Text and Atlas describes the initial phase of human dentition. It includes more than 1,500 photographs of fetal and infant teeth up to the age of one year. The book presents each step in the developmental phases in photographs accompanied by concise explanatory text. The teeth are photographed from six different aspects: labial, lingual, mesial, distal, incisal, and from the root direction and includes CT images in some cases.
Topics covered include morphology and development of primary dentition, discrimination criteria for human dentitions, forensic importance of direct and indirect measuring techniques, dental identification and age estimation from teeth, achieving dental evidence from oral autopsy, and age estimation formulae. The book also discusses the neonatal line concept of intrauterine life accompanied by corresponding scanning electron microscope photographs.
A supplementary software program for age estimation from dental measurements can also be used in conjunction with the material in this text. Meticulously prepared by a team of experts, this atlas is a valuable tool for odontologists, pediatricians, pedodontists, forensic scientists, and dental anthropologists.


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Clinical Application of Computer-Guided Implant Surgery

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Jul 242020

Step-by-Step, Color Presentation of CGIP in Everyday Clinical Practice
Computer-guided implant placement (CGIP) helps clinicians precisely implement a treatment plan and accurately place implants with the use of three-dimensional interactive imaging software. The software enables the direct link between anatomic interpretation, surgical and prosthetic treatment planning, and precise surgical execution. Bone preparation, in relation to the position, angle, and depth of the implant, is guided through computerized digital procedures and patient-specific surgical guides are developed to obtain the optimum result of the insertion of implants in predetermined, prosthetically acceptable positions.
In color throughout, Clinical Application of Computer-Guided Implant Surgery covers the practical application of CGIP in a simple but detailed manner. Step by step, the book guides you on diagnosis and treatment planning, applying the specialized software, and using the necessary instruments and surgical guides. It also explores the strengths and weaknesses of CGIP and discusses literature related to the accuracy and clinical relevance of CGIP.
Using numerous images from clinical cases, this color book helps you understand the treatment pathway, radiographic guides, virtual teeth, imaging techniques, and computer software used for CGIP. The authors—experts in periodontics and image-guided surgery—describe this new philosophy in a way that you can incorporate in your daily clinical practice.


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Atlas of the Human Dentition, 2nd Edition

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Jul 222020

This spiral-bound atlas includes color drawings by medical illustrator Robert Knabenbauer. Each primary and secondary tooth is depicted from five views: facial, lingual, mesial, distal, incisal or occlusal. Composite drawings of multiple teeth permit visual morphologic comparisons to be made. The teeth were drawn to reflect the characteristics described by the author. Charts indicate tooth dimensions, coronal outline and heights, marginal ridges, root surface form, and proximal contact location, form, and size.


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It’s All in Your Mouth: Biological Dentistry and the Surprising Impact of Oral Health on Whole Body Wellness

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Jul 212020

The future of medicine—and the key to a healthier life—starts in your mouth

American dentists are beginning to discover what some of their European counterparts have long understood: Many common chronic conditions—obesity, inflammation, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer, among others—often have their origins in the mouth. In a groundbreaking new work, German dentist Dr. Dominik Nischwitz presents the principles of biological dentistry along with emerging scientific research on the mouth’s vital role in the body’s microbiome—a key to whole body wellness.

Challenging conventional dental wisdom that views the teeth as separate from the rest of the body, and conventional dental practices that often cause more harm than good, It’s All in Your Mouth delivers:
• The latest research on the microbiome and the mouth
• Critical information on the dangers of root canals and amalgam fillings
• The important role of nutrition in oral health and hygiene
• A clarion call for a new approach to dentistry

Sensible, holistic, and humane, It’s All in Your Mouth offers a necessary new approach to natural immunity to chronic disease and integrating dental hygiene into whole body health.


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Comprehensive Esthetic Dentistry

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Jul 192020

Nothing can replace the sense of professional fulfillment and personal reward that comes from successfully restoring a patient’s smile. This book, which serves as a complete primer on esthetic dentistry, is aimed at that precise reward. Informed by the latest scientific research and clinical evidence, the authors provide readers with keen insight into the artistic aspects essential to achieving a truly esthetic outcome. Preliminary chapters cover esthetic analysis, effective treatment planning, use of digital dental photography, and the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration. Further chapters outline effective treatment protocols, including the principles of ultraconservative restoration, tooth whitening, anterior and posterior all-ceramic restorations, in-office CAD/CAM technology, implant placement and soft tissue management in the esthetic zone, and the usage of minimally invasive procedures. This book, in its extensive knowledge and passionate voice, represents the union of function and beauty in dentistry, and in doing so, establishes itself as a comprehensive resource in the field of dental esthetics.
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Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery Edition 2

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Jul 172020

A fully updated second edition of this well-illustrated guide to advanced surgical procedures in periodontology
Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery, Second Edition is a step-by-step guide to cutting-edge surgical techniques and interdisciplinary treatment approaches in periodontology. Written by leading experts in the field, the book provides solutions to complex daily dental challenges with innovative approaches to each treatment modality. Procedures are described in a practical and accessible style, highlighting complex and advanced procedures using a highly illustrated visual format.
This expanded edition includes three new chapters that cover IV sedation, digital technologies in clinical restorative dentistry, and advanced implant therapies in the esthetic zone post extraction. Well balanced and solidly grounded in the science, this reference work is an indispensable resource for the practitioner of advanced dentistry. This important guide:
• Offers an easy-to-use, practical step-by-step format
• Contains clinical photographs that detail the surgical procedures presented
• Reviews the most advanced techniques in periodontal surgery and their integration with digital treatment planning and workflow
• Discusses the pros and cons for each procedure, as well as limitations and potential complications
• Features video clips illustrating key points in the procedures described on a companion website
Written for periodontists, periodontal residents and general or restorative dentists, this revised edition of Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery is a practical and complete clinical manual filled with illustrations for easy reference.
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Communicating in Dental Practice: Stress-free Dentistry And Improved Patient Care

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Jul 172020

This book focuses on major communication challenges in clinical practice that is, communicating effectively with anxious, ‘difficult’ or dissatisfied patients; communicating and integrating preventive and oral health messages and education in primary dental care; and finding ways to improve patient care without adding to the stress of frontline clinical practice. Implementing the strategies devised by these international experts can dramatically improve the success of any dental practice.


1. Introduction

2. Basic Communication Skills

3. Advanced Communication Skills

4. Communicating in Special Dental Situations

5. Understanding and Finding Solutions: The Dentally Anxious Patient

6. Understanding and Finding Solutions: The ‘Difficult’ and Dissatisfied Patient

7. Preventive Health Principles for Dental Practice

8. Integrating Oral Health Education into Primary Dental Care

9. Communication, Stress and Improved Patient Care


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Bioactive Materials in Dentistry: Remineralization and Biomineralization

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Jul 152020

Bioactive materials, or biomaterials, have the ability to interact biologically with the tissue to which it is inserted, and to stimulate the deposition of mineralized tissue. The calcium phosphate-based ceramics were the first known materials in dentistry to have bioactivity, and currently, these materials are the most used for biomedical purposes, with different morphological characteristics. In dentistry, these materials have achieved immense importance by stimulating the deposition of osseous tissue in injured bone, and by having the ability to remineralize hard tooth tissues (enamel and dentin). Furthermore, repair materials based on aggregated trioxides mineral or on calcium hydroxide are classic biomaterials and widely used in dentistry, mainly in contact with the pulp tissue or periodontal ligament, for repair processes. However, various formulations of these materials appear all the time, in search of the ideal material. In general, bioactive materials have been shown to promote the release of calcium, sodium, silicon and phosphate ions, which are metabolized by the body, having effects such as angiogenesis and antimicrobial action, which can be improved depending on the composition of the material. Pulp tissue is a highly specialized dental tissue and is the subject of intense studies about the response to biomaterials. It is also understood that some systemic alterations in individuals have an influence on the action of bioactive materials during tissue repair processes. Thus, this book will address the use of different bioactive materials in dentistry, considering the performance of these biomaterials in the hard tissues of the tooth, and the response of the dental pulp, as well as the influence of the composition of these materials and of the individual’s systemic alterations in bioactivity and in antimicrobial activity. The several in vivo and in vitro tests to evaluate the bioactivity of a biomaterial will also be addressed.
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