Dec 062016

Disability in the Global South: The Critical Handbook (International Perspectives on Social Policy, Administration, and Practice)

This first-of-its kind volume spans the breadth of disability research and practice specifically focusing on the global South. Established and emerging scholars alongside advocates adopt a critical and interdisciplinary stance to probe, challenge and shift common held social understandings of disability in established discourses, epistemologies and practices, including those in prominent areas such as global health, disability studies and international development. Motivated by decolonizing approaches, contributors carefully weave the lived and embodied experiences of disabled people, families and communities through contextual, cultural, spatial, racial, economic, identity and geopolitical complexities and heterogeneities.


Dispatches from Ghana, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Venezuela among many others spotlight the complex uncertainties of modern geopolitics of coloniality; emergent forms of governance including neoliberal globalization, war and conflicts; the interstices of gender, race, ethnicity, space and religion; structural barriers to redistribution and realization of rights; and processes of disability representation. This handbook examines in rigorous depth, established practices and discourses in disability including those on development, rights, policies and practices, opening a space for critical debate on hegemonic and often unquestioned terrains.


Highlights of the coverage include:


  •          Critical issues in conceptualizing disability across cultures, time and space
  •          The challenges of disability models, metrics and statistics
  •          Disability, poverty and livelihoods in urban and rural contexts
  •          Disability interstices with migration, race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality
  •          Disability, religion and customary societies and practices
  •          The UNCRPD, disability rights orientations and instrumentalities
  •          Redistributive systems including budgeting, cash transfer systems and programming.
  •          Global South–North partnerships: intercultural methodologies in disability research.

This much awaited handbook provides students, academics, practitioners and policymakers with an authoritative framework for critical thinking and debate about disability, while pushing theoretical and practical frontiers in unprecedented ways.

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Dec 042016

Essentials of Mechanical Ventilation, Third Edition

By (author): Dean Hess, Robert Kacmarek

A practical application-based guide to adult mechanical ventilation

A Doody’s Core Title for 2015.

This trusted guide is written from the perspective of authors who have more than seventy-five years’ experience as clinicians, educators, researchers, and authors. Featuring chapters that are concise, focused, and practical, this book is unique. Unlike other references on the topic, this resource is about mechanical ventilation rather than mechanical ventilators. It is written to provide a solid understanding of the general principles and essential foundational knowledge of mechanical ventilation as required by respiratory therapists and critical care physicians. To make it clinically relevant, Essentials of Mechanical Ventilation includes disease-specific chapters related to mechanical ventilation in these conditions.

Essentials of Mechanical Ventilation is divided into four parts:

Part One, Principles of Mechanical Ventilation describes basic principles of mechanical ventilation and then continues with issues such as indications for mechanical ventilation, appropriate physiologic goals, and ventilator liberation.

Part Two, Ventilator Management, gives practical advice for ventilating patients with a variety of diseases.

Part Three, Monitoring During Mechanical Ventilation, discusses blood gases, hemodynamics, mechanics, and waveforms.

Part Four, Topics in Mechanical Ventilation, covers issues such as airway management, aerosol delivery, and extracorporeal life support.

Essentials of Mechanical Ventilation is a true “must read” for all clinicians caring for mechanically ventilated patients.

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Nov 222016

Critical Care Procedure Book

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Nov 222016

Trauma and Combat Critical Care in Clinical Practice

Intensive Care Medicine (or Critical Care, the terms are used interchangeably) is an evolving specialty both within the UK and worldwide. It has recently been established as a UK speciality in it’s own right, and is at the centre of the modern acute hospital, responsible for managing the sickest and most complex patients.
There is a growing cadre of critical care specialists in the UK, underpinned by a large number of doctors in training within the specialty.   Management of patients with severe traumatic injury is provided by intensive care specialists, often in conjunction with a range of other professionals such as surgeons and interventional radiologists. 
The management of these patients, who have competing complex injuries can be challenging. Traumatic injury is recognised as a significant cause of preventable mortality and such patients are now clustered within Major Trauma Centres across the UK.  
The Defence Medical Services of the UK have spent the last 10 years managing patients with very severe traumatic injuries, first in Iraq and most recently in Afghanistan. The lessons learnt from this experience has filtered through to the NHS, resulting in many changes to established practice. 
Whilst several books have been published based on this experience, none have focused on the intensive care management of such patients, which represents a vital link in the chain of survival from injury to recovery.
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Nov 162016

Code Blue: Bedside Procedures and Critical Information

By (author): Rahul Jandial

Embarking on the first clinical rotation in a hospital is a daunting experience for clinicians, as textbook knowledge does not necessarily correlate with the know-how that is necessary “in the trenches” at the hospital.

Whether you are a nurse tending to a central venous line or an intern inserting that line, Code Blue is an indispensable addition to your arsenal of emergency care knowledge. Put this handbook in your lab coat pocket and place the following information at your fingertips:

  • Basics on body systems, diseases, and drugs
  • Critical information for emergent procedures at the patient’s bedside
  • Information on treating cardiopulmonary emergencies
  • Pearls and pitfalls for a wide range of conditions
  • Needed supplies
  • Important post-procedure checks
  • Notes and orders, laboratory values, and equations you will refer to every day
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Nov 162016

Atlas of EEG in Critical Care

As the population ages, technology improves, intensive care medicine expands and neurocritical care advances, the use of EEG monitoring in the critically ill is becoming increasingly important.

This atlas is a comprehensive yet accessible introduction to the uses of EEG monitoring in the critical care setting. It includes basic EEG patterns seen in encephalopathy, both specific and non-specific, nonconvulsive seizures, periodic EEG patterns, and controversial patterns on the ictal–interictal continuum. Confusing artefacts, including ones that mimic seizures, are shown and explained, and the new standardized nomenclature for these patterns is included.

The Atlas of EEG in Critical Care explains the principles of technique and interpretation of recordings and discusses the techniques of data management, and ‘trending’ central to long-term monitoring. It demonstrates applications in multi-modal monitoring, correlating with new techniques such as microdialysis, and features superb illustrations of commonly observed neurologic events, including seizures, hemorrhagic stroke and ischaemia.

This atlas is written for practitioners, fellows and residents in critical care medicine, neurology, epilepsy and clinical neurophysiology, and is essential reading for anyone getting involved in EEG monitoring in the intensive care unit.

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Nov 092016

A Critical Survey of Biomineralization: Control, Mechanisms, Functions and Material Properties (SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology)

By (author): Jürgen Engel

This monograph provides a comprehensive and up-to-date approach on biomineralization. The topical focus of the book lies on the question of how matrix proteins and cells catalyze and regulate mineralization in organisms. Recent advances in the understanding of biomineralization help to better understand biomaterials, in particular their mechanical properties. The target audience primarily comprises practitioners and research experts in the field, but the book may also be beneficial for graduate students.
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Release date November 14, 2016.


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Nov 032016

Quantitative Methods in Health Care Management: Techniques and Applications

By (author): Yasar A. Ozcan

Thoroughly revised and updated for Excel®, this second edition of Quantitative Methods in Health Care Management offers a comprehensive introduction to quantitative methods and techniques for the student or new administrator. Its broad range of practical methods and analysis spans operational, tactical, and strategic decisions. Users will find techniques for forecasting, decision-making, facility location, facility layout, reengineering, staffing, scheduling, productivity, resource allocation, supply chain and inventory management, quality control, project management, queuing models for capacity, and simulation. The book’s step-by-step approach, use of Excel, and downloadable Excel templates make the text highly practical.

Praise for the Second Edition

“The second edition of Dr. Ozcan’s textbook is comprehensive and well-written with useful illustrative examples that give students and health care professionals a perfect toolkit for quantitative decision making in health care on the road for the twenty-first century. The text helps to explain the complex health care management problems and offer support for decision makers in this field.”
—Marion Rauner, associate professor, School of Business, Economics, and Statistics, University of Vienna.

“Quantitative Methods in Health Care Administration, Second Edition covers a broad set of necessary and important topics. It is a valuable text that is easy to teach and learn from.”
—David Belson, professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California.

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Nov 012016

Key Clinical Topics in Critical Care

By (author): Cook

‘Key Clinical Topics in Critical Care’ offers an indispensable and practical guide for exam revision and clinical practice. Written and edited by specialists with a wealth of clinical experience, this book provides rapid access to core topics in critical care. Each topic is written in a concise and easy-to-digest format, making this book the essential resource for exam revision and quick reference at the point of care.
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Oct 312016

Intensive and Critical Care Medicine: Reflections, Recommendations and Perspectives

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

This volume is published under the auspices of the World Federation of Societies of Intensive Care Medicine, which consists of 48 members societies (both medical and nursing) – a truly world wide organisation – and whose aim is to promote excellence in the care of critically ill patients. The volume will be distributed to delegates on occasion of the 9th International Congress of the World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine, to be held in Buenos Aires at the end of August 2005.
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