Aug 102014

Emergency & Critical Care Pocket Guide (Spiral-bound)

By (author): Informed, Paula Derr, Jon Tardiff, Mike McEvoy

The most popular pocket reference in emergency nursing - now in a new edition! The Emergency & Critical Care Pocket Guide has been an essential resource for physicians, paramedics, and nurses for over a decade. The Pocket Guide consolidates the critical information found in desk references into a convenient 3"x5" pocket-size format that is handy enough to take with you anywhere. The newly updated Eighth Edition features: •Updated poisons •Emergency medications •Common drugs sections •Updated pediatric medications •Revised Spanish section •Clear ECG rhythm images •Straightforward medical emergency treatments.
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Jul 272014

Developing sectors in the intensive care field - and in critical care medicine in general - require specific levels of competence having a same common denominator: an in-depth knowledge of human pathophysiology. Although this volume presents plenty of topics in constant evolution, as witnessed by the collection of chapters compiled by several researchers, this edition includes, in particular, fields in which decision making at the patient’s bedside prevails over theoretical argumentation. In other words, the first and foremost message this edition wants to provide is for the reader to focus his/her attention on evidence-based medicine.

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Jul 252014

Recent changes in medical roles and responsibilities have raised the profile of Operating Department Practitioners (ODPs). The level of knowledge is vast, and exams must be taken working towards statutory registration. This is the first in a series of three books providing comprehensive information for healthcare staff working in the operating department. Topics covered include anaesthesia, critical care, post-interventional care, enhancing care delivery, professional practice, leadership and resource management. The clear and concise format is ideally suited to study, qualification and for continued reference during practice. Written by specialists with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and incorporating problem-based learning using case studies, this book will be essential reading for ODPs and theatre nurses throughout the UK, in Australia where the same structures have been adopted, and worldwide for all professionals working in operating departments.
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Jul 252014

Case Files Critical Care (LANGE Case Files) (Paperback)

By (author): Eugene Toy, Terrence Liu, Manuel Suarez


Experience with clinical cases is key to mastering the art and science of medicine and ultimately to providing patients with competent clinical care. Case Files: Critical Care provides 42 true-to-life cases that illustrate essential concepts in critical care. Each case includes an easy-to-understand discussion correlated to key concepts, definitions of key terms, clinical pearls, and board-style review questions to reinforce your learning. With Case Files, you'll learn instead of memorize.

  • Learn from 42 high-yield cases, each with board-style questions
  • Master key concepts with clinical pearls
  • Practice with review review questions to reinforce learning
  • Polish your approach to clinical problem-solving and to patient care
  • Perfect for residents, medical students, PAs, and NPs working in the ICU

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Jul 202014

Critical care medicine is an evolving specialty in which the amount of available information is growing daily and spread across a myriad of books, journals, and websites. This essential guide brings together this information in an easy-to-use format. Up-to-date, relevant, and evidence-based information on the management of the critically ill is combined in one resource, ideal for the use of Intensive Care Units, High Dependency Units, acute medical or surgical wards, Accident and Emergency departments, and operating theatres.

The book is designed such that each subject forms a self-contained topic in its own right, laid out across two or four pages to facilitate the key aim of rapid and easy access to information. This makes the information included simple to find, read, and absorbo, so that the book can be consulted in the clinic or ward setting for informtion on the optimum management of a particular condition.

With chapters written by internationally renowned critical care specialists and edited by three of the leading figures in UK Critical Care, this book should be an essential resource for all critical care physicians.
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Jul 182014

The NeuroICU Book (Paperback)

By (author): Kiwon Lee

The first practical, protocol-based guide to the emerging field of neurocritical care

The goal of neurological critical care is to rapidly deliver acute medical therapies and appropriate interventions through effective monitoring of both neurological and end organ function. The NeuroICU Book puts that goal within the reach of every neurologist and critical care specialist.

Combining the latest clinical perspectives in critical care medicine, neurology, and neurosurgery, this comprehensive, evidence-based text standardizes neurocritical care and takes you through the rationale for those standards. Filled with detailed case studies and featuring a question-and-answer format, the book not only builds competency in recognizing acute changes in neurological function, but also addresses all organ insufficiencies and failures, reflecting the real-life challenges in the modern neuro-ICU.


  • Robust, wide-ranging scope goes beyond classic neurology to encompass other organ failures at the time of presentation or during the ICU stay
  • Evidence-based approach leverages the scientific and controlled research that supports the key treatment methods outlined in the book
  • Balanced coverage of neuro care and critical care offers outstanding preparation for the neurocritical care board certification exam as well as an indispensible primer for daily clinical work in critical care medicine
  • Cutting-edge insights into the care used in some of the more advanced neuroICUs provides a crucial blueprint for understanding the newer procedures and protocols
  • Practical tools including algorithms, tables, illustration, photographs, detailed references, and critical take-home points
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Jul 022014

Churchill's Pocketbook of Intensive Care, 3e (Churchill Pocketbooks) (Paperback)

By (author): Simon M. Whiteley MB BS FRCA, Andrew Bodenham MB BS FRCA, Mark C. Bellamy MA MB BS FRCA

A pocketbook of intensive care for junior doctors/residents working on the intensive/critical care unit.
  • Expanding of guidelines on sepsis.
  • Revision of cardiovascular section with regard to monitoring and use of inotropes.
  • More on non-invasive ventilatory support in respiratory section.
  • Coverage of MARS (liver support system) in renal section.
  • Updating of section on myocardial infarction with regard to angiplasty and stents.
  • Updating of CPR protocols.
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    Jun 262014

    Irwin & Rippe's Manual of Intensive Care Medicine (Paperback)

    By (author): Richard S. Irwin MD, Craig Lilly MD, James M. Rippe MD

    Irwin & Rippe’s Manual of Intensive Care Medicine has established itself as an invaluable reference for students, interns, residents, fellows, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, nurses, and respiratory care practitioners working in the critical care medicine environment.

     Known for its reader-friendly outline format and compact portable size, this handy manual builds upon its tradition of excellence in its Sixth Edition.  Available both in print and electronic formats, the Sixth Edition parallels the text, Irwin & Rippe’s Intensive Care Medicine, Seventh Edition, and features fully updated and revised content with a focus on patient safety.

     Key Features:

    • Fully revised content addresses recent developments, including the larger role for ultrasound, in critical care medicine.
    • Annotated references are provided at the close of each chapter to guide the interested reader through key articles in the relevant literature.
    • Video clips have been added where appropriate to reinforce key points and findings.
    • Logical organization begins with an extensive section on Procedures and Techniques, followed by 15 sections covering organ system problems as well as palliative care, legal and ethical issues, and transplantation.
    • Thorough coverage of pharmacology, poisonings, and overdoses presented in a tabular format.
    • New section editors share a wealth of experience and expertise targeted to broaden readers’ skills.
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    Jun 252014

    This comprehensive companion to the Current Concepts in Adult Critical Care course focuses on compelling challenges immediately pertinent to the critical care practitioner. Highlights of this editioninclude:Complications of Surgery: The Perspective of the Injured Kidney, Optimizing Sedation and Analgesia and the Role of Neuromonitoring, Managing Morbidity of the Cardiac Surgical Patient, Ethics in the ICU: A Primer
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    Jun 152014

    This book highlights the practical characteristics of uncommon diseases and presents the most relevant features for the management of intensive care units. It does not aim to provide an exhaustive description of uncommon diseases, focusing instead on the major diseases that intensivists may encounter in their clinical practice.

    After a brief introduction on the epidemiology and pathophysiology of each disease, the authors emphasize the aspects related to diagnosis and treatment, providing concise and pragmatic guidance for residents and intensivists who care for patients with uncommon diseases.

    Although by definition uncommon diseases have a low prevalence in the general population, they can affect a large number of patients admitted to intensive care units, as they can often be diagnosed at intensive care units. Indeed, often a complication of the disease is what leads to the patient’s being admitted to an intensive care unit.

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