Nov 212016

Physical Diagnosis: PreTest Self-Assessment and Review

By (author): Jo-Ann, M.D. Reteguiz, Beverly, M.D. Cornel-Avendanos

Now updated to reflect the USMLE Step 2 exam, with greater emphasis on case presentations and diagnostic skills. Approximately 400 new clinical vignettes with accompanying questions (500 questions in all)–now featuring expanded answers referenced to leading textbooks or journal articles. Reviewed by McGraw-Hill’s Medical Student Advisory Committee to ensure simulation of the USMLE test-taking experience.
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Nov 172016

Essential Examination, third edition: Step-by-step guides to clinical examination scenarios with practical tips and key facts for OSCEs

By (author): Alasdair K.B. Ruthven

Essential Examination has been comprehensively revised and new sections added:
•Neonatal – the ‘baby check’
•Female genitalia
•Digital rectal examination
•GALS screening
•Foot and ankle
•Critically ill patient
•Confirming death

The new edition retains the unique format and approach of the original.
•Clear, step-by-step guides to each examination, including useful things to say to the patient (or an examiner), detailed descriptions of special tests, etc.
•In a separate column is a collection of key information: potential findings, differential diagnoses of clinical signs and practical tips.
•On the following pages there are facts relating to that particular examination and, in many sections, there are also tips on how to present your findings succinctly – a skill which is crucial to master for exam success.

If you are learning how to examine patients, or preparing for an OSCE, then you need Essential Examination!

Student thoughts on the second edition:
“This book is an absolute must for any final year.”
“I LOVE this book – it has all the key examinations with each fitting on a single double page spread.”
“Best preparation for OSCEs. Learn to do these steps within the time limits and you will pass!”
“Pretty much THE essential textbook for clinical examinations for all medical students.”
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Nov 152016

Textbook of Physical Diagnosis: History and Examination With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access, 7e (Textbook of Physical Diagnosis (Swartz))

By (author): Mark H. Swartz MD FACP

Derive the maximum diagnostic information from interviewing and examining patients with Textbook of Physical Diagnosis. Employing a compassionate, humanistic approach, Dr. Swartz explores how cultural differences can influence communication, diet, family relationships, and health practices and beliefs, and demonstrates that your interpersonal awareness is just as essential in physical diagnosis as your level of technical skill. This medical reference book features numerous high-quality color images, an easy-to-use design, and detailed descriptions of exam techniques, making it an essential guide for physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

  • Learn about special considerations related to patient’s unique situations, such as cultural differences, nutritional status, and overall health, which may affect your approach to their treatment.
  • Understand the causes of the symptoms you encounter with Pathophysiology explanations.
  • Easily review illustrated components with abundant color photographs capturing the true appearance of various diseases.
  • Access coverage of complementary and alternative medicine so you can be alerted to the clinical implications of these increasingly popular modalities.
  • Provide the best medical care through the art of interviewing and physical examination with the most recent coverage of relevant physical diagnosis standards and tests, as well as detailed discussions of key exam techniques.
  • Reference information on-the-go. Several chapters have been moved online, resulting in a more portable and concise print edition that focuses on core material.
  • View examination techniques and clinical presentations more clearly than ever before with help from high-quality color images, over 900 photographs, and line art supplementing the detailed text.
  • Stream more than 6 hours of in-depth video, review online-only chapters, and reference the entire contents online at Student Consult.
  • Gain in-context access to online videos using your smartphone by scanning accompanying QR codes located throughout the text, covering step-by-step key aspects of the physical examination for adults, newborns, toddlers, as well as important interviewing scenarios.
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Oct 292016

Ferri’s Netter Patient Advisor: with Online Access at, 3e (Netter Clinical Science)

By (author): Fred F. Ferri MD FACP

Bring the clear and didactic art of Netter to your patients! Make patient engagement and compliance as easy as possible with the new edition of Ferri’s Netter’s Patient Advisor. These printable handouts pair clear explanations by renowned author Dr. Fred Ferri with thousands of Netter and Netter-style illustrations for a greater understanding of each health condition and what patients can do to facilitate their own care.

  • Highly visual and succinct handouts were designed to offer patients the information they need to know in a quick, memorable format.
  • PDFs include a space for notes and a field for Health Care Provider information.
  • Browse the text by specialty or alphabetically.
  • Handouts are designed in a single-page (front/back) format for convenience.
  • Online access to features downloadable English and Spanish patient education guides covering nearly 750 topics (500 topics in Spanish), including new handouts on a Gluten-Free Diet, Pain Medication Options, and Multivitamins.
  • Easily search via keyword (including synonyms) or ICD10/ICD9 code sets; and add notes and contact information to individualize the handouts.
  • Use as a tool to enhance communication between the Health Care Provider team and the patient.
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Oct 142016

Clinical Skills Documentation Guide for Athletic Training

By (author): John M Hauth EdD ATC LAT, Brian Gloyeske MS ATC, Herb Amato DA ATC

For more than 15 years, Clinical Skills Documentation Guide for Athletic Training has been an invaluable resource for athletic training students to learn, practice, and master clinical skill sets throughout their educational career. A textbook that can be used from the start of their education up until graduation becomes essential to this learning process.

Clinical Skills Documentation Guide for Athletic Training, Third Edition includes a more user-friendly layout for the student. Organized by the Athletic Training Education Competencies, Fifth Edition and the associated content areas, this Third Edition allows for easier integration into the classroom, laboratory activities, and clinical assessment.
The organization of skills around Athletic Training Education Competencies, Fifth Edition, including crosswalk information from the latest BOC Role Delineation Study/Practice Analysis, Sixth Edition, aligns the skill sheets from Clinical Skills Documentation Guide for Athletic Training, Third Edition with commonly used texts and reference materials.
What is in the Third Edition:
  • A user-friendly layout organized by the Athletic Training Education Competencies, Fifth Edition and mapped by the BOC domains
  • New clinical skill assessment forms in the areas of acute care, prevention and health promotion, and therapeutic interventions
  • Includes references to specificity, sensitivity, and evidence-based practice guidelines where appropriate
  • The Program Assessment chapter provides faculty with an excellent resource for tracking mastery of skills and program outcome achievement
  • Instructor’s materials consist of online versions of the clinical integration proficiencies

Instructors in educational settings can visit for additional material to be used for teaching in the classroom.

With an updated user-friendly layout and new clinical skill assessment forms, the Third Edition of Clinical Skills Documentation Guide for Athletic Training will be invaluable for students, faculty, clinical preceptors, and practicing athletic trainers who want to learn or enhance understanding and mastery of essential clinical skills.

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Oct 112016

Preparing to Pass the FRCA: Strategies for Exam Success (Oxford Specialty Training)

Preparing to Pass the FRCA: Strategies for Exam Success equips you with the skills of effective revision and time management to maximise your success.

The book takes each element of the FRCA exam and provides tips and techniques on how to approach the different types of questions, and includes worked examples with answers, so that you can undertake your revision accordingly.

It will help you to target your revision so you can cover the breadth of topics in the FRCA syllabus and ensure that you structure your revision in an efficient way, as well as helping you to approach the exam and convey your knowledge through writing or speech correctly.

Taking many common problems candidates face when preparing for this exam, the book covers motivation, effective studying, managing nerves, and scheduling time to study amongst other commitments.

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Sep 142016

Clinical Skills for OSCEs, 5th edition

By (author): Neel Burton

Clinical Skills for OSCEs has been a bestseller since it was first published in 2002. The clear and concise writing style coupled with easy-to-follow line diagrams and essential clinical photographs have made this book a firm favourite with medical students.
This new edition features contributions from over 30 current students from medical schools across the UK, to ensure that the book remains current and appropriate for the requirements of today’s students. The book has been fully revised and updated and includes 8 brand new stations: Blood cultures; Cognitive testing; Dementia diagnosis; Weight loss history; Ophthalmic history; Choking; Imaging tests explanation; Endoscopies explanation.
With over 120 stations in total, Clinical Skills for OSCEs 5e continues to provide the essential skills and knowledge for all of the key topics you will need to know at medical school.
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Sep 082016

Learning from Experience: Guidebook for Clinicians

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Marilyn Charles

An important task facing all clinicians, and especially challenging for younger, less experienced clinicians, is to come to know oneself sufficiently to be able to register the patient’s experience in useful and progressively deeper ways.  In an effort to aid younger clinicians in the daily struggle to “know thyself,” Marilyn Charles turns to key ideas that have facilitated her own clinical work with difficult patients.  Concepts such as “container” and “contained,” transitional space, projective identification, and transference/countertransference are introduced not as academic ideas, but as aspects of the therapeutic environment that elicit greater creativity and vitality on the therapist’s part.  In Charles’s skillful hands, the basic ideas of Klein, Winnicott, and Bion become newly comprehensible without losing depth and richness; they come to life in the fulcrum of daily clinical encounter.
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Sep 032016

Handbook of Signs & Symptoms (Lww, Handbook of Signs & Symptoms)

By (author): Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Handbook of Signs & Symptoms, 5th Edition

The newly updated Handbook of Signs & Symptoms, 5e proves it is still the must-have clinical nursing tool for improving patient safety, by increasing assessment accuracy. Quick-scan entries from A to Z offer the on-the-spot answers you need for more than 500 signs and symptoms, covering definitions, causes, patient history, exams, diagnostics, and interventions. Save time and increase your assessment confidence: Reach for this crucial guide!

Improve patient safety with . . .
• NEW signs and symptoms related to emerging diseases and disorders, including avian influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, Kawasaki disease, and the currently epidemic metabolic syndrome
• NEW appendix provides definitions and common causes of 250 less-familiar or nonspecific signs and symptoms
• NEW techniques for evoking patient responses
• NEW pediatric, psychiatric, and nail and tongue signs
• NEW focus on obtaining health history needed for comprehensive, reliable documentation
• Quick-reference A to Z format arms you with assessment guidance for 530 signs and symptoms6
• Convenient carry-it-with-you [or keep-it-handy] size
• Up-to-date methods for determining each sign or symptom’s identity, cause, and nursing implications
• Description of sign or symptom is followed by:
    o History and physical examination – Guidelines for detailed history and exam: what to ask, what to examine, and how
    o Emergency interventions – Life-, limb-, and organ-threatening signs and symptoms, with recommended nursing interventions
    o Medical causes – Differential diagnosis: common causative diseases and disorders related to each sign and symptom, and subtle indicators that keep assessments on track
    o Other causes – Medications and herbal remedies associated with each complaint o Special considerations – Patient positioning to ease comfort; preparation for diagnostic testing; reducing anxiety; signs of complications
    o Patient counseling – Patient teaching for comfort and safety; explaining causes, treatment, and possible outcomes; providing support referrals
    o Pediatric pointers, Geriatric pointers, and Gender cues – Age and gender issues affecting sign and symptom’s presentation, detection, and interpretation
• Charts help differentiate among a sign or symptom’s multiple causes, and differences among similar signs and symptoms
• Tables on signs and symptoms relating to bioterrorism agents and herbal remedies
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Sep 022016

Communication the Cleveland Clinic Way: How to Drive a Relationship-Centered Strategy for Exceptional Patient Experience

By (author): Adrienne Boissy, Timothy Gilligan

Put relationship-centered communication at the forefront of care

Today, physicians face a hypercompetitive marketplace in which they must meet unique and complex patient needs as efficiently as possible. But in a culture prioritizing clinical outcomes above all, there can be a tendency to lose sight of one of the most critical aspects of providing effective care: the communication skills that build and foster physician-patient relationships. 

Studies have shown that good communication between doctors and patients and among all caregivers who interface with patients directly results in better clinical outcomes, reduced costs, greater patient satisfaction, and lower rates of physician burnout.

In Communication the Cleveland Clinic Way, Dr. Adrienne Boissy and her team tell the story of how Cleveland Clinic created and applied the R.E.D.E. to Communicate: Foundations of Healthcare program, making the world-renowned hospital system a leader in relationship-centered care. They provide a step-by-step guide for healthcare leaders and decision-makers to design, develop, and implement communication skills training in their own institutions. Learn how to:

• Craft an effective, colleague-supported communication skills program to include veteran physicians, residents, and medical students
• Leverage creative program design and data transparency to engage and facilitate staff physicians and advanced care providers
• Identify common misperceptions and myths in healthcare communication and respond to them successfully
• Cultivate a true sense of empathy?with patients and fellow caregivers alike?while maintaining professionalism

In a field where difficult conversations and stressful relationships are commonplace, clinicians need a structured approach to enable them to deliver the best care possible. Communication the Cleveland Clinic Way is the blueprint for establishing a relationship-centered program that will improve patient experience, reinvigorate doctors’ passion for their work, and elevate any organization.


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