Jun 132015

Cardiac Catheterization in Congenital Heart Disease: Pediatric and Adult

By (author): Charles E. Mullins
The rapidly growing population of adults surviving with congenital heart lesions along with the success of interventional cardiology in the child and adolescent has spawned an incredible interest in adapting the technology for the adult congenital patients. Dr. Mullins, a pioneer in this area, has written an outstanding reference which covers all aspects of performing diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac catheterization procedures on patients of all ages. This illustrated book details the equipment and techniques for performing safe and successful procedures, with a strong emphasis on avoiding complications. It also includes the requirements of a catheterization laboratory for congenital heart patients, as well as guidance for setting up and operating such a laboratory. Cardiac Catheterization in Congenital Heart Disease serves as an essential manual for pediatric and adult interventional cardiologists worldwide.
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Jun 122015

Practical ECG Holter: 100 Cases

ECT Holter recordings, with their longer out-patient time span, allow physicians to make better informed decisions in cardiac cases. Ideal for rapid study, this book contains 100 ECG Holter monitoring case studies, each one including a tracing and explanation.

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Jun 122015

Encyclopedia of Heart Diseases

Features: Used Book in Good Condition By (author): M. Gabriel Khan

The fully revised second edition of the Encyclopedia of Heart Diseases is an ideal resource for practicing clinicians and researchers. Available in print, online, and with dual access, it is a clear and comprehensive aggregation of the most crucial information and essential data on cardiovascular diseases and therapeutics.

Comprised of over 95 entries with regular online updates, the Encyclopedia of Heart Diseases is fully referenced, and major points of interests are hyperlinked to complementary sections. Each entry is logically and superbly written, providing accurate core knowledge of pathogenesis, pathophysiology, clinical features, diagnostic techniques, and management strategies. Specific detail is paid to technological advances in imaging and diagnostics. Therapy focused entries give powerful insights into not only prescribing drug regimens, but also into the controversies surrounding their use.

This major reference work is invaluable for all those involved in the care of cardiovascular patients. From the front-line practitioner to the basic science researcher to the student in training, the Encyclopedia of Heart Diseases offers an astute authoritative guide to navigating an immense body of fascinating information. From the trainee to the internist and cardiologist, all will find it useful. It is an essential resource for medical libraries and academic institutions worldwide.


From the Foreword:

So, what would we want from an encyclopedia on heart disease? Ideally, a book would be comprehensive, yet concise, and be practically oriented, and explain pathophysiology and treatment. In addition, it should be accessible online so that it can be accessed at the bedside or anywhere.

Dr. Khan has written exactly such a book. Encyclopedia of Heart Diseases is comprehensive, yet concise, and very practically oriented. Importantly, it takes a step-by-step approach, walking the reader through a thorough pathophysiology of conditions, their evaluation and treatment. For therapies, he provides the mechanism of the drug, its doses, side effects and clinical efficacy.

...A terrific online resource with all the information you need!

- Christopher P. Cannon, MD, TIMI Study Group, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA

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Jun 112015

Tips and Tricks of Bedside Cardiology

Features: Used Book in Good Condition By (author): Atul Luthra
The second edition of Tips & Tricks in Bedside Cardiology presents 54 clinical cases that physicians may encounter in daily practice. Each case is presented in a step by step format beginning with a brief description of the complaint, history taking, and physical examination, followed by in depth discussion on diagnosis. Each case concludes with a box of key clinical points. This fully revised new edition features numerous high quality ECG strips, X-ray films and ECHO images, as well as detailed illustrations. A photo CD ROM is also included. Key points * New edition presenting 54 clinical cardiology cases * Step by step format for each case * Key clinical points summarised in each chapter * Features numerous ECG strips, X-ray films, ECHO images and detailed illustrations * Includes photo CD ROM * Previous edition published in 2010
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Jun 082015

Hurst's the Heart, 13th Edition: Two Volume Set

By (author): Valentin Fuster, Richard Walsh, Robert Harrington

Note: This ISBN Consists of two Volumes and a CD

The trusted landmark cardiology resource―thoroughly updated to reflect the latest clinical perspectives

Includes DVD with image bank

A Doody's Core Title for 2015!

"This is an outstanding choice for those who strive for a firm foundation in cardiovascular medicine, as well as an up-to-date and user-friendly source that addresses every discipline in the field. The updates and enhancements to this edition have made the book easier to use."--Doody's Review Service

Through thirteen editions, Hurst’s the Heart has always represented the cornerstone of current scholarship in the discipline. Cardiologists, cardiology fellows, and internists from across the globe have relied on its unmatched authority, breadth of coverage, and clinical relevance to help optimize patient outcomes. The thirteenth edition of Hurst’s the Heart continues this standard-setting tradition with 19 new chapters and 59 new authors, each of whom are internationally recognized as experts in their respective content areas.

Featuring an enhanced, reader-friendly design, the new edition covers need-to-know clinical advances, as well as issues that are becoming increasingly vital to cardiologists worldwide. As in previous editions, you will find the most complete overview of cardiology topics available―plus a timely new focus on evidence-based medicine, health outcomes, and health quality.

New Features

  • 1548 full-color illustrations and 578 tables
  • Companion DVD with image bank includes key figures and tables from the text
  • The Cardiovascular Disease: Past, Present, and Future section includes a new chapter on assessing and improving quality of care in cardiovascular medicine
  • The section on the scientific foundations of cardiovascular medicine has been thoroughly revised
  • 2 new chapters in the section on the evaluation of the patient detail the process of effective diagnostic decision making based on technology, clinical trials, and practice guidelines
  • A new chapter in the section on heart failure details cardiac transplantation
  • The sections on primary heart disease include new chapters on topics such as preventive strategies for coronary artery disease and updated pharmacologic strategies for acute coronary syndromes
  • The section on cardiopulmonary disease features new chapters on chronic cor pulmonale and sleep disorder breathing and its relationship to cardiovascular disease
  • The section on valvular heart disease has four of the six chapter completely rewritten by new authors who are authorities in the field
  • The final six sections feature new chapters on the environment and heart disease, surgical treatment of carotid and peripheral vascular disease and cost effective strategies in cardiology
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Jun 082015

EKG Plain and Simple (3rd Edition)

By (author): Karen Ellis RN

Unlike books that encourage rote memorization, this conversationally-written text puts the student at the patient’s bedside, focusing not just on identifying rhythms or EKGs, but also on “Now what do I do for the patient?” Assuming no prior knowledge, EKG PLAIN AND SIMPLE, 3/e covers EKG from basic to advanced concepts. Part I progresses seamlessly from basic cardiac A&P through waves and complexes, lead morphology, and rhythms. Part II covers 12-lead interpretation, axis, hypertrophy, myocardial infarction, and more. The text presents many clinical scenarios, anecdotes, and critical thinking exercises, plus hundreds of practice rhythm strips and 12-lead EKGs. This edition adds new scenarios, chapter notes, and tables; more medication information; and new coverage ranging from MI symptoms to hemiblocks.

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Jun 082015

Podrid's Real-World ECGs:A Master's Approach to the Art and Practice of Clinical ECG Interpretation. Volume 1, The Basics.

By (author): Philip J. Podrid, Rajeev Malhotra, Rahul Kakkar
Podrid's Real-World ECGs combines traditional case-based workbooks with a versatile Web-based program to offer students, health care professionals, and physicians an indispensable resource for developing and honing the technical skills and systematic approach needed to interpret ECGs with confidence. ECGs from real patient cases offer a complete and in-depth learning experience by focusing on fundamental electrophysiologic properties and clinical concepts as well as detailed discussion of important diagnostic findings and relevant management decisions. Six comprehensive volumes encompass more than 600 individual case studies plus an online repository of hundreds more interactive case studies that include feedback and discussion about the important waveforms and clinical decision-making involved. From an introductory volume that outlines the approaches and tools utilized in the analysis of all ECGs to subsequent volumes covering particular disease entities for which the ECG is useful, readers will take away the in-depth knowledge needed to successfully interpret the spectrum of routine to challenging ECGs they will encounter in their own clinical practice.

Volume 1: The Basics outlines the approaches and tools utilized in the analysis of all ECGs, including the identification of important waveforms and subtle abnormalities. This introductory volume lays the foundation for a true understanding of vital ECG principles, including normal activation of the atria and ventricles, the standard lead system, normal waveforms and intervals, and components of a normal ECG recording.
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Jun 072015

Mayo Clinic Cardiology: Concise Textbook (Mayo Clinic Scientific Press)

The fourth edition of IMayo Clinic Cardiology: Concise Textbook continues the tradition of all previous editions: a succinct yet comprehensive teaching and learning textbook rather than an overwhelming reference work. This new edition continues to bridge the gap between currently available texts: more than a bare-bones compilations of lists of facts that do not address the fundamental concepts of the practice of cardiology and not so encyclopedic a tome that it goes into the minute detail of a traditional reference work.

Organized to present a comprehensive overview of the field of cardiology in an accessible, reader-friendly format that can be covered in about 12 months, this new edition contains roughly 50% new material, the cardiac pharmacology section has been completely reworked, cardiovascular trials have been included, and the entire book has been updated to reflect current practice guidelines and recent developments. The book is peppered throughout with numerous tables and clinical pearls that aid the student, as well as the teacher, to remain focused.

Mayo Clinic Cardiology is based on the original syllabus for the Mayo Cardiovascular Review Course, one of the premiere teaching courses in cardiology in the United States. The content evolves entirely from Mayo Clinic physicians and reflects the expert cardiovascular care provided, from common conditions to those that are very rare, even more tertiary referral centers.
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Jun 072015

Coronary Radiology (Medical Radiology)

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

This is the second edition of the first available monograph on coronary radiology. In line with recent advances, this edition places special emphasis on the role of non-invasive techniques, detailed information being provided on CT angiography with multidetector and dual-source tomography, 2D and 3D visualization techniques, and MR coronary angiography. Sections on invasive imaging techniques and coronary calcification are included. High-quality color images compliment the text.

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Jun 072015

Challenging Concepts in Cardiovascular Medicine: Cases with Expert Commentary

By (author): Aung Myat, Shouvik Haldar, Simon Redwood
This case-based learning book details 25 challenging cases in cardiovascular medicine covering all subspecialty areas of cardiology. It is designed to be used by trainees but each case is supported by the commentary of a renowned expert in the field, allowing readers to improve their own management of these patients.

As the reader works through each case there are 'Clinical Tips', 'Learning Points' and 'Landmark Trial Summaries' to enhance the learning process along with the 'Expert Commentary', providing an inside track on how the experts approach these types of challenging cases.
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