Mar 142016

The Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Handbook

By (author): Jason G. Andrade, Matthew T. Bennett, Marc W. Deyell, Nathaniel Hawkins, Andrew D. Krahn, Laurent Macle, Stanley Nattel

The Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Handbook is a succinct presentation of all the practical information that is needed to understand the subtleties of cardiac electrophysiology and the management of arrhythmias.

A focus on the how to learn about the approaches used to identify, diagnose, and manage a broad range of cardiac rhythm disorders.

…with an understanding of the why reinforce the underlying fundamental and clinical science concepts forming the basisfor clinical electrophysiology decision-making.

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Mar 122016

Understanding Cardiac Electrophysiology: A Conceptually Guided Approach

By (author): Peter Spector

In the fast paced world of clinical training, students are often inundated with the what of electrophysiology without the why. This new text is designed to tell the story of electrophysiology so that the seemingly disparate myriad observations of clinical practice come into focus as a cohesive and predictable whole.
  • Presents a unique, conceptually-guided approach to understanding the movement of electrical current through the heart, the impact of various disease states and the positive effect of treatment
  • Reviews electrophysiologic principles and the analytic tools which, when combined with a firm grasp of EP mechanisms, allow the reader to think through any situation
  • Presents the mathematics necessary for the practice of cardiac electrophysiology in an accessible and understandable manner
  • Contains accompanying video clips, including computer simulations showing the flow of electrical current through the heart, which help explain and visualise concepts discussed in the text
  • Includes helpful chapter summaries and full color illustrations aid comprehension
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Mar 122016

50 Cases in Clinical Cardiology: A Problem Solving Approach

By (author): Atul, M.D. Luthra

This book provides postgraduate trainees with 50 real clinical cardiology cases. Divided into fourteen sections, several cases are presented under each category covering various disorders of the cardiac system, including congenital heart diseases, aortic valve diseases, pulmonary diseases, ECG abnormalities, cardiac arrhythmias, coronary artery disease and much more. Beginning with a brief history and findings based on physical examination, each case then includes analytical discussion on bedside investigations and proposals for treatment. Authored by a recognised expert in the field, this practical book is highly illustrated with echocardiographic, radiographic and electrocardiographic data. Key points * Presents 50 real clinical cardiology cases * Covers numerous disorders of the cardiac system * Authored by recognised cardiologist * Includes more than 217 images, illustrations and tables
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Mar 122016

Heart Failure (OSH) (Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Cardiology)

By (author): Roy S. Gardner, Theresa A. McDonagh, Niki L. Walker

Heart failure is an important and ever expanding sub-speciality of cardiology. Many health care professional bodies are now developing specialist expertise in heart failure. This is true for cardiologists in training, consultant cardiologists, care of the elderly and general physicians, cardiothoracic surgeons, primary care doctors, pharmacists and specialist nurses.
With advances in medical therapy, the prognosis of the condition has improved dramatically. Whereas once heart failure was a pre-terminal diagnosis, now for many it is treatable. However, some patients remain symptomatic and at high risk of death despite maximal medical therapy. These patients can benefit from a range of novel device therapies. For those who remain symptomatic despite optimal treatment cardiac transplantation remains an option.

This updated book comprehensively covers all aspects necessary to manage a patient with heart failure. It gives simple, clear advice on the diagnosis, investigation and treatment options available highlighting the current evidence-base. The chapters provide concise and objective information to guide all health care professionals involved in the modern day multi-disciplinary management of the syndrome. The book is set out logically to mirror the patient journey in heart failure.

An updated edition of the first practical manual of heart failure management.

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Mar 092016

Interventional Cardiology: Principles and Practice

This new volume offers a balanced and current presentation of the key topics that form the cornerstone of an Interventional Cardiology training program.

Globally recognized editors and contributors draw on their years of experience to provide practical information emphasizing the basics of material selection and optimal angiographic setup for purposes of the interventional procedure. Comprehensive chapters address the different techniques of approaching complex coronary lesions such as chronic occlusions, bifurcations, and unprotected left main lesions.

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Mar 062016

Auscultation Skills: Breath & Heart Sounds

By (author): Jessica Shank Coviello DNP APRN ANP-BC

Practitioners and students: see and hear breath and heart sounds with remarkable clarity while perfecting your auscultation technique.

Auscultation Skills: Breath & Heart Sounds, Fifth Edition, pinpoints exactly how, where, and why breath and heart sounds occur and helps you to differentiate normal from abnormal sounds quickly and accurately. Loaded with clear explanations, colorful illustrations, and linked to online audio cues, this sensational reference spans the simple to the complex and serves as an excellent tool for beginning practitioners and seasoned clinicians who are looking to hone their diagnostic skills and improve their auscultation technique.

This compact, practical book will improve your ability to auscultate for heart and breath sounds, and enhance your understanding of their physiology. Throughout, the book references corresponding tracks on the accompanying website, enabling users to listen to the sounds immediately after reading about the anatomical and physiologic changes associated with the sounds.

With full coverage of heart and breath sounds from the simple to the complex this comprehensive text explains heart and breath sound fundamentals including basic anatomy and physiology, best auscultation locations, tips on how to identify each sound, and what to document during a physical examination. Auscultation Skills: Breath & Heart Sounds, Fifth Edition offers practicing nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants a solid basis for recognizing and differentiating among abnormal breath and heart sounds to help them accurately interpret what they hear and then apply that knowledge toward a proper diagnosis and treatment regimen.
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Mar 052016

Mechanism of Artificial Heart

By (author): Takashi Yamane

This book first describes medical devices in relation to regenerative medicine before turning to a more specific topic: artificial heart technologies. Not only the pump mechanisms but also the bearing, motor mechanisms, and materials are described, including expert information. Design methods are described to enhance hemocompatibility: main concerns are reduction of blood cell damage and protein break, as well as prevention of blood clotting. Regulatory science from R&D to clinical trials is also discussed to verify the safety and efficacy of the devices.
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Mar 042016

The Heart Healers: The Misfits, Mavericks, and Rebels Who Created the Greatest Medical Breakthrough of Our Lives

By (author): James s. Forrester

At one time, heart disease was a death sentence. In The Heart Healers, world renowned cardiologist Dr. James Forrester tells the story of the mavericks and rebels who defied the accumulated medical wisdom of the day to begin conquering heart disease. By the middle of the 20th century, heart disease was killing millions and, as with the Black Death centuries before, physicians stood helpless. Visionaries, though, had begun to make strides earlier. On Sept. 7, 1895, Ludwig Rehn successfully sutured the heart of a living man with a knife wound to the chest for the first time. Once it was deemed possible to perform surgery on the heart, others followed. In 1929, Dr. Werner Forssman inserted a cardiac catheter in his own arm and forced the x-ray technician on duty to take a photo as he successfully threaded it down the vein into his own heart…and lived. On June 6, 1944 – D-Day – another momentous event occurred far from the Normandy beaches: Dr. Dwight Harken sutured the shrapnel-injured heart of a young soldier, saved his life and the term “cardiac surgeon” born.

Dr. Forrester tells the story of these rebels and the risks they took with their own lives and the lives of others to heal the most elemental of human organs – the heart. The result is a compelling chronicle of a disease and its cure, a disease that is still with us, but one that is slowly being worn away by “The Heart Healers”.

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Feb 282016

Classic Papers in Coronary Angioplasty

This book assembles a distinguished team of international contributors to identify, analyze and collate the research articles that have earned recognition as the defining literature on coronary angioplasty. It is a unique reference, providing not only a single source for reviewing the most important papers in the discipline, but also a critical analysis of the strengths, weaknesses and the impact of each paper on the development of coronary angioplasty.

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Feb 272016

Cardiovascular Disease in Women

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

One of the newly emerging themes in clinical practice is the concept of ‘gender specific’ medicine – the realization that the pathogenesis, etiology and progression of disease often differs between the sexes. In some instances, the mechanisms underlying this phenomenon are known, in others, they remain the focus of speculation. In many cases, the impact of disease and the options for management have greater importance in the female when these factors are related to reproductive health and the well-being of the women who are, or hope to be, bearing children. Cardiovascular disease is of singular importance in this context, and this authoritative new text provides a comprehensive synthesis of our current knowledge in the area. Presenting recommendations for therapeutic strategies that address the special considerations that apply in women patients, such as fertility and hormone replacement therapy, Cardiovascular Disease in Women also provides an update on research findings that will influence clinical practice.
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