Aug 242015

The aim of the book is to serve as a practical guide for junior doctors, primary care physicians and cardiology trainees. This book is a quick reference in everyday clinical practice and also as reminder of the necessary clinical steps for diagnosis, referral and management. Cardiovascular conditions have been described that clinicians are likely to encounter on a regular basis in their practice. Chapters have been written by trainees under the supervision of a senior author with expertise in that particular area, thus addressing most everyday practical diagnostic and management issues and the potential questions that a non-specialist or junior doctor may have. The handbook is practical in nature and its chapters incorporate practical subheadings such as “Must do’s” and “Red flags”, placing the emphasis on therapeutics and pharmacological treatment. The inclusion of flowcharts, diagrams and images are a feature allowing easy understanding of key learning objectives.
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This title will be released on September 20, 2015.


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Aug 172015

Cardiology (Paperback)

By (author): Dr Tarek Abdelhamid MD

Illustrated Cardiology: Fast Review Flash Cards of Dr. Tarek Abdelhamid (black and white print interior)
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Aug 142015

Interventional cardiology has transitioned from angiographic subjective analysis of stenosis severity into assessment of plaque characteristics and objective assessment of stenosis severity. The evolution of novel interventional imaging modalities is progressively altering our understanding of coronary artery disease diagnosis and prognosis.  This book will be an essential companion to assist interventional cardiologists in better assessing patients with Coronary Artery Disease. It will encompass and review all interventional imaging modalities and provide guidance for interventional cardiologists to use these modalities. ?
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Aug 142015

Manual of Electrophysiology (Paperback)

By (author): Mark Anderson, Donald Heistad, Richard E. Kerber

Manual of Electrophysiology is a comprehensive guide to cardiac electrophysiology, brought together by a team of US based experts in this field. The book focuses on current understanding and the most recent advances in electrophysiology. Consisting of 16 chapters, the book begins with basic understanding of the mechanisms of arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), the pharmacology of antiarrhythmic drugs, and an introduction to electrophysiology studies. Various arrhythmias are discussed in detail, from tachycardia and bradycardia to cardiomyopathy and Brugada Syndrome. The latter part of the book provides a number of therapeutic guidelines for heart conditions, including surgical and catheter ablation of cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac resynchronisation therapy and ambulatory electrocardiographic monitoring. With 350 full colour images and illustrations enhancing practical advice on the diagnosis and therapy of cardiac diseases, Manual of Electrophysiology provides indispensable guidance for physicians, clinicians and cardiologists. Key Points * Essential guide to cardiac electrophysiology from a team of experts at the Universities of California and Iowa * Discusses the most recent advances in the field * Provides therapeutic guidelines for a number of heart conditions *350 full colour images and illustrations
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Aug 102015

This book is intended for general cardiologists and other physicians involved in the care of patients with chronic stable angina (CSA). The goal of this book is to update clinicians on recent data on the medical management of patients with CSA. Ischemic heart disease remains a major public health problem. Chronic stable angina is the initial manifestation of ischemic heart disease in approximately one half of patients. Stable coronary artery disease is generally characterized by episodes of reversible myocardial demand/supply mismatch, related to ischaemia or hypoxia, which are usually inducible by exercise, emotion or other stress and reproducible?but, which may also be occurring spontaneously. Such episodes of ischaemia/hypoxia are commonly associated with transient chest discomfort (angina pectoris). The aim of the management of CSA is to reduce symptoms and improve prognosis. The management of these patients encompasses lifestyle modification, control of coronary artery disease risk factors, evidence-based pharmacological therapy and patient education. All patients with stable angina should be offered optimal medical treatment, defined as one or two anti-anginal drugs as necessary, plus drugs for secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease. Regarding the role of revascularization, randomised trials provide compelling evidence that myocardial revascularisation by coronary artery bypass grafting or by percutaneous coronary intervention improves symptoms of angina relative to continued medical treatment.
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Release date June 5, 2015.


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Aug 092015

?With the advent of less invasive treatments for aortic stenosis including percutaneous and apical replacement, more patients are being offered this technology. As such, determining the true severity of aortic stenosis is becoming paramount.  Many clinical scenarios occur where the area and gradient estimates of severity do not match.  This book will present case by case examples of different patients with a wide variety of aortic stenosis. It will assist cardiologists in identifying patients with true aortic stenosis who may benefit from valve replacement. It will also highlight the role and advent of new technology as the role of CTA, MRI, and 3D echo for diagnosis and TAVR and mini surgery for treatment?. The audience will range from clinical cardiologists, imaging cardiologists and interventionalists alike.
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Aug 092015

ECG Rounds (Paperback)

By (author): Jr., Thomas S. Metkus


Written to be the go-to resource for residents and students on cardiology rotation, ECG Rounds replicates the experience of having a master clinician rounding with you--skillfully linking ECG abnormalities to a particular case.

The author presents a set of tracings, which when taken together, demonstrate most of the abnormalities that a generalist physician trainee should be familiar with. Each tracing is followed by clinical questions and fully explained answers designed to reinforce important electrocardiographic concepts.


  • Normals, Normal Variants, and Artifacts
  • Narrow Complex Tachycardias
  • Wide Complex Tachycardias
  • Bradycardias and Blocks
  • Chamber Enlargement and Hypertrophy
  • Ischemia
  • Myocardium, Pericardium, and Pulmonary Artery
  • Ingestions, Electrolyte Abnormalities, and Exposures
  • Syndromes, Riddles, and Miscellaneous Arrhythmia

    Rather than encouraging you to memorize endless facts, ECG Rounds focuses on practical interpretation based on reasoning and process. The design allows you to choose tracings by level of difficulty, teaching topic, or sequentially as presented in the book.

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    Aug 042015

    ECG in 10 Days (Paperback)

    By (author): David Ferry

    Learn to effectively interpret virtually every ECG you're likely to encounter in clinical practice - in ten brief lessons

    The only review book to offer full-sized ECGs throughout (simulating how they appear on tests and in actual practice), this sourcebook is the most sought-after ECG review anywhere, trusted by cardiology fellows, internal medicine residents, and medical students alike. ECG in Ten Days is based on the author's popular ten-day review course, and features a unique step-by-step approach, crystal-clear vector images, plus practice EDB strips to build confidence and fine-tune clinical skills.

    In these pages, you'll find essential information on everything from SA & AV nodal conduction abnormalities, to mechanisms of arrhythmias and electronic pacemakers. Also included is an answer sheet similar to the one encountered on board exams.

    NEW to the Second Edition

    • Inclusion of the latest American College of Cardiology (ACC) guidelines
    • Selection of random ECGs after Day 10 for additional review
    • A brand-new glossary with key terms, which are also bolded within the text
    • Short appendix that includes formal criteria for various ECG diagnoses
    • Consolidated chapters 2 and 3 for a more cohesive look at super ventricular arrhythmias
    • Reorganized chapters that streamline the content on Day 6, and help ensure a more efficient, manageable review of the material
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    Aug 032015

    Over the last three decades, major advances in the management of diseases of the valves have been seen. While cardiac catheterization was in the 1970s, the only means for con?rming the diagnosis, Doppler echocardiography has become the corner stone for accurate assessment of valve disease, even in fetuses. Now not only the disease can be identi?ed but also the rate of disease progression (e. g. lea?et calci?cation and stiffness) can be accurately measured and quanti?ed by echocardiography and multislice/electron beam CT imaging. Surgical treatment of valve disease has also w- nessed great advances, having moved from traditional valve replacement to sophisticated repair procedures and the use of extracorporeal pump support in some patients. Robotic valve surgery has also proved a great success, in well selected cases, and is expected to have a fruitful future. Furthermore, in special circumstances, conventional surgical valve excision has now been replaced by percutaneous catheter-based valve replacement for aortic and pulmonary disease. This approach reduces the risk from the surgery itself, avoids general ana- thesia and many potential post-operative complications. This book discusses the practicalities of the diagnosis and treatment of the various aspects of common heart valve d- eases, covering most clinical and surgical issues. It is designed to assist clinicians in the management of patients with valve disease and provide them with answers to many of the clinical questions that arise.
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    Jul 312015

    Transoesophageal Echocardiography (TOE/TEE) in cardiac patients is now almost routine. Its use in cardiac monitoring has also extended to include critically ill patients for non-cardiac surgery and the intensive care setting. Specific accreditation is required prior to practice of TOE/TEE involving a written examination and a documented logbook of experience. This book was specifically designed to help candidates pass the written exam and was structured around the syllabus. Providing a summary of all relevant information, this is an invaluable study aid. Lists of further reading material are provided with every topic, including guidelines and safety, cardiomyopathies, heart disease, haemodynamic calculations and many more. Each chapter ends with a series of exam-style questions for self-assessment. An extremely useful book for trainee anaesthetists, intensivists, trainee cardiologists and cardiac surgeons.
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