Aug 032015

PLEASE NOTE: This is a corrected reprint of the previous edition from 2010. Therefore the copyright year listed inside the front cover is 2010.

Essentials for the Canadian Medical Licensing Exam: Review and Prep for MCCQE Part I presents a new and innovative review of all specialties and sub-specialties tested on the MCCQE Part I examination. Each chapter focuses on common clinical presentations which include detailed differential diagnoses, relevant physical examination characteristics and diagnostic tests, treatment and patient consultation techniques, and epidemiological information, as well as fundamental scientific principles.

Selection of content based solely on the current MCCQE Examination Objectives published by the Medical Council of Canada.

Outline format allows for quick and efficient review of material.

Flow diagrams present clinical decision-making, diagnostic testing, and differential diagnoses.

Boxes contain applied scientific concepts, high-yield points, CLEO material, and clinical pearls.

Red flags highlight emergent medical situations.
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Jul 202015



Toronto Notes for Medical Students is proud to present the 31st Edition of the highly successful Toronto Notes textbook series. This 2015 edition features a new layout across all 30 chapters for enhanced readability, with newly updated in-text icons and illustrations. Content updates across the main text, figures, graphics, and evidence based medicine sections further enhance preparation for the Canadian and American medical licensing exams.

Toronto Notes 2015 Key Features:

  • A high-yield review text with in-depth coverage of 30 medical specialties over 1300 pages
  • Premier resource in preparation for MCCQE I and USMLE II objectives
  • DSM-5 diagnostic criteria used throughout text
  • New dedicated Vascular Surgery chapter
  • Up-to-date Evidence Based Medicine sections and high-impact clinical trial summaries
  • Redesigned book layout featuring new in-text icons and illustrations throughout the text
  • Colour illustrations introduced throughout text
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Jun 222014

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Dec 312013

Toronto Notes is a concise and comprehensive medical review revised annually by the University of Toronto graduating medical class under the guidance of leading experts within the Faculty of Medicine. This reference text started as a compilation of notes written by and shared among University of Toronto students to study for their medical licensing exams. After 28 years, it has become a reputable study guide used by medical students across Canada and around the world. This transformation could not have happened without the dedication of students who ensure that each edition contains the latest evidence-based information on 29 subspecialties of Medicine. This yearhas been no different: over 100 staff worked tirelessly to complete this edition.Since its inception, Toronto Notes has been a non-profit organization where revenue is used to fund University of Toronto medical student initiatives including community outreach, international health projects, charitable performances, and graduating class scholarships and bursaries. On behalf of the Toronto Notes production team, wewould like to thank the support from thousands of medical students around the world by purchasing our book.The 28th edition of Toronto Notes offers exciting new changes to further enhance your exam preparation. We have included over 20 new original medical illustrations, updated our online colour atlas with new images and annotations, and revised our evidence-based medicine reviews. We also have a new learning module: the Approach to Ultrasound in the Emergency Department, created to help medical students understand the basics of ultrasound imaging in trauma and other emergencies. In addition, we have included over 50 Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) scenarios with history and physical exam checklists for practice purposes that can befound online. We have also separated our popular Clinical Handbook into three pocket reference guides for easy portability.
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Dec 172013

Toronto Notes (Paperback)

By (author): Yingming A. Chen

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Dec 172013

The Toronto Notes for Medical Students 2010 (Paperback)

By (author): Simon D. Baxter, Gordon G. McSheffrey

The Toronto Notes 2009 includes exciting new changes that will further help students prepare for the Canadian and American medical licensing exams. This year, the Toronto Notes 2009 package includes: -A concise textbook with in depth coverage of 29 chapters as listed in the concise TOC at the end of this document -Extensive updating of amterial, including up-to-date Evidence Based meidcine reviews -A new and improved teaching program for ECG iterpretation (included on the CD) -A re-designed PDA version with a user-friendly interface for quick reference on the wards (both Palm and Pocket PC versions) -A high quality Colour Atlas cross-referenced with the text (included on the CD) -Exam preparation tools and lots of practice questions -A 300-page pocket reference guide, highlighting common clinical management scenarios and helpful tips on clerkship basics (perfect to carry on the wards)
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Aug 182013

Emergency Medical Responder: A Skills Approach, Third Canadian Edition (3rd Edition) (Paperback)

By (author): Daniel J. Limmer EMT-P, Keith J. Karren Ph.D., Brent Q. Hafen Ph.D., John Mackay EMTP-III PCP, Michelle Mackay BA

Emergency Medical Responder: A Skills Approach is the essential guide for students preparing to enter the paramedic profession. Thoroughly Canadian, it incorporates case studies drawn from the authors' experience, as well as perspectives, legislation, and procedures that are particular to Canada. A variety of enrichment materials are included throughout the book, as is expanded coverage on working with other members of the health care team and the importance of written reports and accurate documentation.


The third Canadian edition features updated CPR standards, review questions, and visuals. As well, the authors have worked significantly on expanding the section on diseases of concern, the glossary, pertinent medications, and corresponding NOCPs (National Occupational Competency Profiles of the Paramedic Association of Canada). Their dedication to creating a current and thorough textbook is clearly reflected in the fact that it has been a student favourite for more than a decade.

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