May 262016

Symbiotic Biofilms and Brain Neurochemistry (Neuroscience Research Progess) (Neuroscience Research Progress)

By (author): Alexander V. Oleskin, Vladimir I. Shiskov, Kristina D. Malikina

An overwhelming majority of known species of microorganisms form biofilms (i.e: spatially and metabolically structured communities embedded in the extracellular biopolymer matrix). Biofilm development is a complex multi-stage process involving reversible and, at a later stage, irreversible attachment of microbial cells to the substrate surface. Development also involves matrix formation, three-dimensional structuring of the whole community including the formation of mushroom- or pillar-shaped structures and, finally, the degradation of the biofilm and the dispersion of the cells involved. This book examines these processes in the example of microorganisms that interact with the animal or human organisms, playing the roles of symbionts or pathogens.
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May 242016

Chemometrics Applications and Research: QSAR in Medicinal Chemistry

This important new book provides innovative material, including peer-reviewed chapters and survey articles on new applied research and development, in the scientifically important field of QSAR in medicinal chemistry.

QSAR is a growing field because available computing power is continuously increasing, QSAR’s potential is enormous, limited only by the quantity and quality of the available experimental input, which are also continuously improving. The number of possible structures for the design of new organic compounds is difficult to imagine, and QSAR helps to predict their activities even before synthesis.

The book provides a wealth of valuable information and:

• Presents an overview of recent developments in QSAR methodologies along with a brief history of QSAR

• Covers the available web resource tools and in silico techniques used in virtual screening and drug discovery processes, compiling an extensive review of web resources in the following categories: databases related to chemical compounds, drug targets, and ADME/toxicity prediction; molecular modeling and drug designing; virtual screening; pharmacophore generation; molecular descriptor calculation software; software for quantum mechanics; ligand binding affinities (docking); and software related to ADME/toxicity prediction

• Reviews the rm2 as a more stringent measure for the assessment of model predictivity compared to traditional validation metrics, being specifically important since validation is a crucial step in any QSAR study

• Presents linear model improvement techniques that take into account the conformation flexibility of the modeled molecules

• Summarizes the building processes of four different pharmacophore models: common-feature, 3D-QSAR, protein-, and protein-ligand complexes

• Shows the role of different conceptual density functional theory based chemical reactivity descriptors, such as hardness, electrophilicity, net electrophilicity, and philicity in the design of different QSAR/QSPR/QSTR models

• Reviews the use of chemometrics in PPAR research highlighting its substantial contribution in identifying essential structural characteristics and understanding the mechanism of action

• Presents the structures and QSARs of antimicrobial and immunosuppressive cyclopeptides, discussing the balance of antimicrobial and haemolytic activities for designing new antimicrobial cyclic peptides

• Shows the relationship between DFT global descriptors and experimental toxicity of a selected group of polychlorinated biphenyls, exploring the efficacy of three DFT descriptors

• Reviews the applications of Quantitative Structure-Relative Sweetness Relationships (QSRSR), showing that the last decade was marked by an increase in the number of studies regarding QSAR applications for both understanding the sweetness mechanism and synthesizing novel sweetener compounds for the food additive industry

The wide coverage makes this book an excellent reference for those in chemistry, pharmacology, and medicine as well as for research centers, governmental organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and health and environmental control organizations.

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May 242016

Analytical Ultracentrifugation: Instrumentation, Software, and Applications

This book introduces analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC) as a whole, covering essential theoretical and practical aspects as well as its applications in both biological and non-biological systems. Comprehensive characterizations of macromolecules in a solution are now routinely required not only for understanding the solution system but also for producing a solution with better properties. Analytical ultracentrifugation is one of most powerful and reliable techniques for studying the biophysical behavior of solutes in solution. In the last few years, there have been steady advances made in hardware, software, and applications for AUC.
This book provides chapters that cover everything essential for beginners to the most advanced users and also offer updated knowledge of the field on advances in hardware, software, and applications. Recent development of hardware described in this book covers new detection systems that give added dimensions to AUC. Examples of data analysis with essential theoretical explanations for advanced and recently updated software are also introduced. Besides AUC of biological systems including membrane proteins and biopharmaceuticals, AUC applications for non-biological questions are included. AUC studies under non-ideal conditions such as highly concentrated solutions and solutions with high salt concentration are also included.
The contributors to this book are leading researchers in the fields of solution biophysics and physical chemistry who extensively employ AUC analysis for their research. From this published work, one can gain new and comprehensive knowledge of recent AUC analysis.
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May 182016

The Chemistry of Benzotriazole Derivatives: A Tribute to Alan Roy Katritzky (Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry)

Features: The Chemistry of Benzotriazole Derivatives A Tribute to Alan Roy Katritzky Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry

The series Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry presents critical reviews on present and future trends in the research of heterocyclic compounds. Overall the scope is to cover topics dealing with all areas within heterocyclic chemistry, both experimental and theoretical, of interest to the general heterocyclic chemistry community. The series consists of topic related volumes edited by renowned editors with contributions of experts in the field. All chapters from Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry are published Online First with an individual DOI. In references, Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry is abbreviated as Top Heterocycl Chem and cited as a journal.
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May 072016

Mitochondria and Cell Death (Cell Death in Biology and Diseases)

This volume examines the role of mitochondria in different types of cell death, including apoptotic and necrotic cell deaths. Topics discussed include mitochondrial outer membrane permeabilization (MOMP) and the permeability transition pore; core processes such as calcium handling, fission and fusion, reactive oxygen species generation, and maintenance of mitochondrial DNA fidelity and protein folding homeostasis; and retrograde signaling between mitochondria and other cellular components, including the important role of mitochondria in antiviral immunity. The expertly authored chapters are drawn from multidisciplinary international perspectives, lending a nuanced and comprehensive approach to the material.
Mitochondria and Cell Death, part of the Cell Death in Biology and Diseases series, is invaluable reading for graduate students, researchers, and clinicians in the fields of neuroscience, oncology, gastroenterology, and hepatology, as well as those interested in the study of mitochondria and cell biology.
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May 072016

Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology Vol. 170

Leading researchers are specially invited to provide a complete understanding of the key topics in these archetypal multidisciplinary fields. In a form immediately useful to scientists, this periodical aims to filter, highlight and review the latest developments in these rapidly advancing fields.
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May 052016

Atypical Elements in Drug Design (Topics in Medicinal Chemistry)

Features: Atypical Elements in Drug Design Topics in Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal chemistry is both science and art. The science of medicinal chemistry offers mankind one of its best hopes for improving the quality of life. The art of medicinal chemistry continues to challenge its practitioners with the need for both intuition and experience to discover new drugs. Hence sharing the experience of drug research is uniquely beneficial to the field of medicinal chemistry. Drug research requires interdisciplinary team-work at the interface between chemistry, biology and medicine. Therefore, the topic-related series Topics in Medicinal Chemistry covers all relevant aspects of drug research, e.g. pathobiochemistry of diseases, identification and validation of (emerging) drug targets, structural biology, drugability of targets, drug design approaches, chemogenomics, synthetic chemistry including combinatorial methods, bioorganic chemistry, natural compounds, high-throughput screening, pharmacological in vitro and in vivo investigations, drug-receptor interactions on the molecular level, structure-activity relationships, drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination, toxicology and pharmacogenomics. In general, special volumes are edited by well known guest editors.
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Apr 282016

Bio-Glasses: An Introduction

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

This new work is dedicated to glasses and their variants which can be used as biomaterials to repair diseased and damaged tissues. Bio-glasses are superior to other biomaterials in many applications, such as healing bone by signaling stem cells to become bone cells.

  Key features: 

  • First book on biomaterials to focus on bio-glasses
  • Edited by a leading authority on bio-glasses trained by one of its inventors, Dr Larry Hench
  • Supported by the International Commission on Glass (ICG)
  • Authored by members of the ICG Biomedical Glass Committee, with the goal of creating a seamless textbook
  • Written in an accessible style to facilitate rapid absorption of information
  • Covers all types of glasses, their properties and applications, and demonstrates how glass is an attractive improvement to current procedures
  • Of interest to the biomedical as well as the materials science community.

The book covers all types of glasses: traditional glasses, bioactive glasses, sol-gel glasses, phosphate glasses, glass-ceramics, composites and hybrids. Alongside discussion on how bio-glasses are made, their properties, and the reasons for their use, the authors also cover their applications in dentistry, bone regeneration and tissue engineering and cancer treatment. Its solid guidance describes the steps needed to take a new material from concept to clinic, covering the essentials of patenting, scale-up, quality assurance and FDA approval.

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Apr 282016

Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Drug Binding (Methods and Principles in Medicinal Chemistry)

This practical reference for medicinal and pharmaceutical chemists combines the theoretical background with modern methods as well as applications from recent lead finding and optimization projects.
Divided into two parts on the thermodynamics and kinetics of drug-receptor interaction, the text provides the conceptual and methodological basis for characterizing binding mechanisms for drugs and other bioactive molecules. It covers all currently used methods, from experimental approaches, such as ITC or SPR, right up to the latest computational methods. Case studies of real-life lead or drug development projects are also included so readers can apply the methods learned to their own projects. Finally, the benefits of a thorough binding mode analysis for any drug development project are summarized in an outlook chapter written by the editors.
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Apr 262016

Male Fertility and Lipid Metabolism

By (author): Stephanie R. De Vriese, Armond B. Christophe

Interest in lipid metabolism and polyunsaturated fatty acids in relation to sperm production has increased during the last decade. The motivation for the research described in this book originates from the discovery that sperm lipids contain extremely high proportions of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, thus establishing a link between lipid biochemistry and male fertility. Moreover, the fact that polyunsaturated fatty acids must, in some form, be supplied in the diet suggests a relationship between fertility and nutrition and raises the possibility of improving male fertility by dietary means. This book gives the reader an up-to-date view of several aspects of male fertility in relation to lipid and fatty acid metabolism. Researchers in the domain of male fertility, fatty acid metabolism, and antioxidants; medical personnel involved in the treatment of male infertility; fat technologists; students in nutrition, dietetics, biochemistry, pharmacy, and medicine; and everybody interested in the field will find this book useful.

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