Sep 072016

Confessions of an Anesthesiologist: A Brief Career in Anesthesia ,1978 to 2016

By (author): William Milnes Cottrell MD

Anesthesiologist are service oriented professionals who make crucial decisions and perform critical, sometimes lifesaving procedures behind the scenes. The absence of drama usually implies a job well done. But after thirty eight years of private practice, I realize there is an important and intriguing story that needs to be told. A key part of this story is the history of how new intraoperative monitors, improved alarms and safety upgrades on anesthesia machines along with better drug and syringe labeling in the 1980’s dramatically decreased the risks associated with general anesthesia. In the 1990’s we saw an explosion of technology with the internet, cell phones and the early phase of computerized records. We also experienced the end of one medical corporation and the rapid growth of anesthesia services with a new one. The new millennium brought continued growth with advances in equipment, new technology and new sites of practice. The big surprise was a complete takeover of our hospital be a mega hospital system ( Carolinas HealthCare System ) in 2007.Unfortunately, these upgrades in our everyday practice were accompanied by a tragic death of a beloved partner, the demise of the county’s leading industry and the incarceration of my oldest son. With all the destabilizing factors surrounding our medical practice, it is noteworthy that some basic principles were immutable. Personal dedication and vigilance remained the core virtues required in our daily practice. The basic skills of airway management and circulatory support with IV access were ever critical to the successful practice of our art. Other skills and concerns at times gained center stage; but one could safely say: “the more things changed, the more they stayed the same.” So in these “confessions” I have dealt with a number of important issues; the changes in my medical practice, political and economic changes at the local and national level, personal and family instability, and lastly my own struggle to search for meaning and logic to these events. I think anyone who struggles in their career can relate to the need and sense of satisfaction in gaining that insight.
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Jul 302016

Topical Issues in Anesthesia and Intensive Care

This book describes the state of the art concerning some of the most hotly debated topics in anesthesia and intensive care and is at the same time intended to serve as a useful practical guide that will assist in improving outcomes. The topics covered are wide ranging and include, for example, the use of antibiotics during renal replacement therapy, the role of video laryngoscopy, management of mechanical ventilation in the operating room, use of high-frequency ventilation in patients with respiratory failure, management of the potentially brain dead patient, perioperative delirium, cardiac protection during general anesthesia, single-lung ventilation, and use of lung imaging in critically ill patients. Written by recognized experts in the field, the book will offer a comprehensive and easy to understand update for specialists and students of anesthesia and intensive care.
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Jul 232016

Complications in Anesthesiology (Complications in Anesthesiology (Gravenstein))

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

This comprehensive, problem-based textbook discusses the full range of complications in anesthesiology. Major sections cover intraoperative and postoperative complications affecting each organ system—respiratory, cardiovascular, neurologic, ophthalmologic, renal, hematologic and hemostatic, gastrointestinal, endocrine, obstetric, immunologic and infectious, and disorders of temperature regulation. Coverage includes problems that are rarely mentioned in older textbooks, such as ischemic optic neuropathy and postoperative cognitive dysfunction.

Chapters address complications associated with specific equipment and techniques, with adverse drug interactions, and with herbal remedies and over-the-counter medications. Also included are chapters on medicolegal issues and risks to the anesthesiologist.

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Jul 232016

Atlas of Image-Guided Intervention in Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine

By (author): James P. Rathmell MD

The Atlas of Image-Guided Intervention in Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine is a practical guide for practitioners who perform interventional procedures with radiographic guidance to alleviate acute or chronic pain. The author provides an overview of each technique, with detailed full-color illustrations of the relevant anatomy, technical aspects of each treatment, and a description of potential complications. For this revised and expanded Second Edition, the author also discusses indications for each technique, as well as medical evidence on the technique’s applicability. The new edition features original drawings by a noted medical artist and for the first time includes three-dimensional CT images that correlate with the radiographic images and illustrations for a fuller understanding of the relevant anatomy.
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Jul 202016

Anesthesia Review

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Michelle Bowman-Howard MD

Anesthesia Review, Second Edition is the ideal study aid for both the written and the oral board examinations in anesthesiology. The first section presents board-format questions in all the major areas of anesthesiology, including physiology, pharmacology, regional anesthesia, pain management, and major organ systems. The second section provides bulleted, outline-format answers that review the knowledge needed to answer the question correctly. The third section contains cases to further prepare readers for oral boards.

This edition includes thoroughly updated information, particularly on airway management, pharmacology, patient safety, and quality assurance. Questions and answers include references to the latest editions of standard anesthesiology textbooks.

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Jul 132016

Cousins and Bridenbaugh’s Neural Blockade in Clinical Anesthesia and Pain Medicine

This comprehensive, authoritative text presents the scientific foundations and clinical practice of neural blockade in both regional anesthesia and the management of pain. The descriptions and illustrations of pain mechanisms are considered classic examples. The Fourth Edition has been refined for clarity and flows logically from principles and pharmacology, to techniques for each anatomic region, to applications. This edition has two new co-editors and several new chapters on topics including neurologic complications, neural blockade for surgery, treatment of pain in older people, and complications in pain medicine.

A companion Website will offer the fully searchable text and an image bank.

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Jul 112016

The Anaesthesia Science Viva Book

By (author): Simon Bricker

The clinical science viva voce examination is an important component of the Final FRCA examination, covering applied pharmacology, anatomy, physiology and physics. Written by the author of the best-selling Short Answer Questions in Anaesthesia, 2nd Edition, this new book is the definitive guide to this part of the FRCA exam and is also the perfect companion volume to The Clinical Anaesthesia Viva Book by Mills et al.
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Jul 042016

Oxford Textbook of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia (Oxford Textbook in Anaesthesia)

By (author): Marco Ranucci

The new Oxford Textbook of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia provides a comprehensive overview of and a thorough grounding in this challenging subspecialty. Both cardiac and thoracic anaesthesia demand high levels of knowledge and skill, as minimally invasive surgical techniques demand a sounder understanding of the specialties and as more patients with co-morbidities present for surgery

Part of the Oxford Textbooks in Anaesthesia series, this resource covers the anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, post-operative complications, critical care, and all clinical aspects of cardiac and thoracic anaesthesia. Practical aspects, such as team working, and designing and equipping cardiothoracic theatre and critical care, are also included. The expert and international author team use their experience to ensure this comprehensive online resource reflects current world-wide practice across the globe.

This resource is published with a concurrent online version, which features access to the full content of the textbook, contains links from the references to primary research journal articles, allows full text searches, and provides access to figures and tables that can be downloaded to PowerPoint ®.

Designed for consultants and trainees in cardiac and thoracic anaesthesia, this is the definitive source of expert knowledge for anaesthetists in this subspecialty.

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Jul 022016

A Practical Approach to Neuroanesthesia (Practical Approach to Anesthesiology)

By (author): Paul Mongan MD, Sulpicio G Soriano III, Tod B Sloan, Glenn P. Gravlee MD

  A Practical Approach to Neuroanesthesia is the latest addition in the Practical Approach to Anesthesiology series.  This important volume provides updated information on the approach and management for both adult and pediatric patients’ physiology dealing with neurosurgical conditions.  The outline format with key concepts provides rapid access to clear diagnostic and management guidance for a broad range of neurosurgical and neuroanesthesiology procedures as well as neurocritical care problems.

Each chapter provides a comprehensive review of clinical practice focusing on key points, clinical pearls, and key references.  This new text provides expert recommendations on critical pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative care for both adult and pediatric patients undergoing neurosurgical and neuroradiologic procedures. 

A Practical Approach to Neuroanesthesia is a concise, portable reference suitable for use by anesthesia residents and fellows, practicing anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, and anesthesiologist assistants.

Inside You’ll find:
·     A focus on both adult and pediatric neuroanesthesiology and neuroradiological procedures, which is critical to providing the most comprehensive text available for neuroanesthesiology
·     Outline format with highlighted key references, key points, and clinical pearls makes important information easy to find

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Jul 012016

Anesthesia Management for Electroconvulsive Therapy: Practical Techniques and Physiological Background

In this book, recognized anesthesiology experts present the latest findings on anesthesia for electro-convulsive therapy (ECT). With the development of modified electroconvulsive therapy (m-ECT) and devices to provide brief-pulse stimulation, ECT is currently being re-evaluated as an important procedure in psychiatric disorder therapy and is increasingly being used worldwide to treat several psychiatric conditions. This trend is due to the social phenomenon of the growing number of patients for whom ECT is applicable. Since the new approach is more safe and effective than the original method without anesthesia, m-ECT is currently applied under general anesthesia in most advanced countries.  This book provides an overview and practice of total anesthesia management in the perioperative period of ECT. It offers an indispensable resource not only for professional anesthesiologists but also healthcare professionals who use this therapy.
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