Aug 232016

Neuroanatomy in Clinical Context: An Atlas of Structures, Sections, Systems, and Syndromes (Neuroanatomy: An Atlas of Strutures, Sections, and Systems ()

By (author): Duane E. Haines PhD

Neuroanatomy in Clinical Context, Ninth Edition provides everything the student needs to master the anatomy of the central nervous system, all in a clinical setting. Clear explanations;
abundant MRI, CT, MRA, and MRV images; full-color photographs and illustrations; hundreds of review questions; and supplemental online resources combine to provide a sound anatomical base for integrating neurobiological and clinical concepts. In thus applying neuroanatomy clinically, the atlas ensures student preparedness for exams and for rotations. This authoritative approach—combined with such salutary features as full-color stained sections, extensive cranial nerve cross-referencing, and systems neurobiology coverage—sustains the legacy of this revolutionary teaching and learning tool as the neuroanatomy atlas.

New and hallmark features elucidate neuroanatomy and systems neurobiology for course success!
  • NEW! Chapter on Herniation Syndromes decodes the elegant relationship between brain injury and resulting deficit.
  • NEW! Clinical information integrated throughout the text is screened in blue for quick identification on the page.
  • NEW! Enhanced clinical images emphasize clarity and detail like never before, including full-color images replacing many in black and white, higher-resolution brain scans, and reprocessed spinal cord and brainstem images.
  • MRIs complement full-color anatomical illustrations, allowing for visualization of structures both as they appear to the unaided eye and on imaging studies.
  • Unique, full-color illustrations integrate clinical images of representative lesions with the corresponding deficits highlighted.
  • Full-color stained sections facilitate the easy identification of anatomical features.
  • Dozens of pathway drawings superimposed over MRIs connect structure with function of neural pathways.

Located on thePoint, this atlas’s companion website offers a variety of supplemental
learning resources to maximize study and review time!
  • Question bank featuring over 280 USMLE-style and chapter-review style questions
  • Bonus dissection photographs and brain slice series
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Aug 192016

Ultrasonic Topographical and Pathotopographical Anatomy: A Color Atlas

By (author): Zoltan M. Seagal, Olga M. Surnina

Written by experienced and well-respected physicians and professors, this new all-color volume presents the ultrasonic topographical and pathotopographical anatomy of the body, including the head, neck, chest, anterolateral abdominal wall, abdominal organs, retroperitoneal space, male and female pelvises, and lower extremities.


Specific and non-specific ultrasonic symptoms are suggested for normal and abnormal developmental variants, diffuse and local pathotopographical anatomy. This color atlas contains comparative topographical and pathotopographical data and is the first manual of its kind for students and medical specialists in different areas, including those specializing in medical sonography. The original technology was tested at clinics in patients subjected to ultrasonic monitoring. Because of early detection there were no false-positive or false-negative results. The therapy was effective, and, in some cases, the use of the original method of “seagalography” (optometry and pulsemotorgraphy) has made it possible to develop new methods of treatment and/or to determine the optimal doses of drugs, as well as to develop effective drug complexes for treatment of a given pathology.


This important new volume will be valuable to physicians, junior physicians, medical residents, lecturers in medicine, and medical students alike, either as a textbook or as a reference.  It is a must-have for any physician’s library. 

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Aug 182016

Understanding Anatomy & Physiology 2e: A Visual, Auditory, Interactive Approach

By (author): Gale Sloan Thompson RN

How do you learn A&P best? Whatever your learning style…by looking, listening, or doing, or a little bit of each…the 2nd Edition of this innovative, multiplatform approach to anatomy & physiology is designed just for you.

Tackle a tough subject in bite-sized pieces. A seeming huge volume of information is organized into manageable sections to make complex concepts easy to understand and remember. You begin with an overview of the body, including its chemical and cellular structures, then progress to one-of-a-kind portrayals of each body system, grouped by function. A wealth of full-color illustrations, figures, sidebars, helpful hints, and easy-to-read descriptions make information crystal clear. Each unique page spread provides an entire unit of understanding, breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-grasp sections.

Click here for a preview of the text & the accompanying resources.

See. Listen. Do. Discover beyond the book with instructor and student resources online at DavisPlus, including your Davis Digital Version, full-color, narrated animations, interactive exercises, flash cards, and learning objectives/outcomes.

Also available: Workbook to Accompany Understanding Anatomy & Physiology, 2nd Edition


“The integration of graphics and text is very engaging  for learners. Thompson silences the academic distractions found in traditional A&P textbooks and emphasizes all the ‘take away points’ in a concise and informative  manner. The task of learning A&P is now less  threatening.”

—Jason Johnson, Saskatchewan Institute  of Applied Science and Technology

“My students absolutely love the Thompson A&P book. It is concise and makes learning the material seem less daunting. It really hits all learning styles with the pictures, videos, text and workbook. I have seen a significant increase in student success since we implemented this book!”

—Shayna Turner RN, MS, Isabella Graham Hart School of Practical Nursing

“The numerous graphics are vivid and relevant allowing the student to focus on the concept rather than multiple paragraphs of reading.  The “Life Lesson” inserts further engage the student by placing covered concepts into real-world situations.  Understanding Anatomy & Physiology is both instructor and student friendly.”

— Nanette Mosser, RMA, BA-HCM, MedQuest College

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Aug 152016

Lippincott’s Illustrated Q&A Review of Anatomy and Embryology

By (author): H. Wayne Lambert PhD, Lawrence E. Wineski PhD

Lippincott’s Illustrated Q&A Review of Anatomy and Embryology offers up-to-date, clinically relevant board-style questions—perfect for course review and board prep. Approximately 400 multiple-choice questions with detailed answer explanations cover frequently tested topics in anatomy and embryology, including clinical topics addressed in Moore, Clinically Oriented Anatomy and Sadler, Langman’s Medical Embryology. Readers will find USMLE-style clinical vignette questions as well as content review questions. The book is heavily illustrated with anatomical images, clinical images that portray signs and symptoms, and radiological images including ultrasounds, PET scans, MRIs, CT scans, and X-rays.

Online access to the questions and answers on a companion website provides flexible study options.

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Aug 132016

Human Anatomy: Regional & Applied (Dissection & Clinical) 4e (in 3 Vols.) Vol. 2: Lower Limb, Abdomen & Pelvis With CD

By (author): Chaurasia B.D.

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Aug 132016

Human Anatomy: Regional & Applied (Dissection & Clinical) 4e (in 3 Vols.) Vol. 3: Head, Neck & Brain With CD

By (author): Chaurasia B.D.

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Aug 092016

Aesthetic Applications of Intense Pulsed Light

By (author): Lucian Fodor, Monica Elman, Yehuda Ullmann

The book is structured into eight chapters: 1. Skin anatomy. This chapter is intended to describe the pertinent anatomy related to IPL applications. In addition to the described main structural elements of the skin, the chapter has important points about skin aging and histological aspects which gives the reader a better understanding of the etiology of skin lesions and the need for Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment. 2. Light-tissue interaction. This chapter describes the interaction between IPL and different skin structures. Target skin structures (chromophores) are described in detail. The results of this interaction are detailed as being important to understanding the goals and principles of IPL treatment. 3. IPL safety and legal issues. This chapter describes the needs of the environment for a safe treatment. The necessary equipment and things to avoid pitfalls which may lead to lawsuits are detailed. Several aspects of IPL legal issues are also described: how to avoid medical liabilities and how to manage them are also included in this chapter. 4. Patient selection. This chapter describes the pearls and pitfalls in selecting patients for IPL treatment. This is not an easy task and proper patient selection is extremely important to have satisfied patients. Problematic patient types are also described here. 5. Skin rejuvenation. This chapter starts with a description of skin aging. Intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms are detailed. The most common skin lesions related to aging that can benefit from IPL treatment for rejuvenation are detailed. The chapter continues with treatment protocols which describe strategies for achieving optimal results. A review of the literature is included, presenting the treatment parameters of different studies and their results. 6. Hair removal. This chapter starts with a description of the hair follicle cycle, hair types and important structures for treatment. Treatment strategies are emphasized and detailed, starting from choosing the right parameters to post-treatment recommendations. A literature review is presented regarding treatment parameters and results according to different authors. 7. Vascular lesions treatment. This chapter describes the types of vascular lesions that can benefit from IPL treatment. The treatment protocol is emphasized and all the steps for performing this application are described in detail. A literature review is presented and different results are compared regarding treatment parameters. 8. Complications. It is inevitable that any medical treatment can end with complications. The possible complications of the most common IPL applications (skin rejuvenation, hair removal, pigmented and vascular lesion treatment) are detailed. The way to avoid them and how to handle them is also described. At the end of each chapter, there is a section on the practical points highlighting the most important points of the chapter. An extensive literature review of this technology is presented alongside numerous illustrations, tables and color pictures. The book will benefit any doctor or healthcare professional who uses IPL for cosmetic purposes, such as plastic surgeons, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, maxillofacial surgeons and otolaryngologists dealing with aesthetics of the face, as well as residents interested in learning the subject.
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Jul 312016

Growth Factors and Cytokines in Skeletal Muscle Development, Growth, Regeneration and Disease (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology)

This book describes the diverse roles that growth factors and cytokines play in skeletal muscle. The extracellular environment has profound effects on the biology of skeletal muscle. The soluble portion of this environment includes a rich milieu of growth factors and cytokines which have been shown to regulate virtually all facets of the response of skeletal muscle to external stimuli, whether it be exercise induced metabolic shifts, remodeling in response to trauma or loading of the ongoing pathology associated with neuromuscular disease.

The chapters included in this work illustrate growth factors that directly affect skeletal muscle cells and those which influence non-muscle cells that contribute to the biology of skeletal muscle as a whole tissue. The current state of the art, with the advent of systems biology, allows for the delineation of signaling networks which are regulated by suites of growth factors. This is in stark contrast to early more traditional studies, which only examined the effects of isolated growth factors on the activity of skeletal muscle precursor cells in tissue culture.

The work presented in this volume ranges from reviewing and analyzing the roles of individual growth factors in detail, to the complex interplay of multiple soluble factors in the control of muscle functional, and dysfunctional states. The material covered in this volume will particularly suit readers from a range of research fields spanning general muscle biology and physiology, and those working on diseases and conditions affecting skeletal muscle both directly and indirectly.

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Jul 302016

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery: Anatomy, Three-Dimensional Reconstruction, and Surgical Technique

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Peter J. Wormald

Praise for this book:
This book is an invaluable educational resource for
rhinologists not only in training but those well established in practice too. It
is one of the few books that I found so well written that I could pick it up and
read it with enthusiasm from cover to cover. It is excellent value for money as
well as one of the most comprehensive and easy to read sinus surgery texts
available.” –
– ENT & 
Audiology News

This updated and expanded third edition of Endoscopic
Sinus Surgery
provides detailed,
step-by-step instructions on how to perform state-of-the-art surgical techniques
on the paranasal sinuses and skull base. It extensively describes the anatomy of
all regions within the sinuses and adjacent intracranial cavities and includes
unique, practical guidance on using CT scans to reconstruct 3D images of
surgical anatomy. Access to more than 40 videos, available on Thieme’s
MediaCenter and illustrating the anatomy and surgical steps for all procedures,
is provided via a scratch-off page in the book.

Features of the third

  • Three entirely new chapters on anatomy of the sphenoid,
    surgery of the craniocervical junction, and management of carotid artery and
    other major vessel injury
  • More than 150 new high-quality dissection
    photos help clarify complex techniques throughout the book
  • Online
    access to more than 40 operative videos demonstrating surgical

This operative manual is an essential reference for
otolaryngologists and skull base surgeons who need a refresher on a surgical
procedure as well as residents and fellows seeking guidance on the latest
endoscopic techniques for the sinuses and skull base.


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Jul 212016

Atlas of Vascular Anatomy: An Angiographic Approach

By (author): Renan Uflacker MD

This atlas details the vascular anatomy seen on angiographic images and in the new imaging modalities. The book presents the complete anatomy of the arteries, veins, and lymphatic system by body region. Full-color drawings are correlated with angiographic images to guide evaluation and management of vascular disease and performance of endovascular procedures.

For this Second Edition, Dr. Uflacker has added more than 100 pictures and extensively reviewed the anatomical description of the vascular system. He has expanded the cardiac chapter with new CTA and MRI images, added percutaneous access where needed, and expanded the coverage of lower extremity anatomy.

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