Jun 232018

Since its initial publication in 1982, Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention has served as the premier reference work for students and professionals working to understand the causes and prevention of cancer in humans.

Now revised for the first time in more than a decade, this fourth edition provides a comprehensive summary of the global patterns of cancer incidence and mortality, current understanding of the major causal determinants, and a rationale for preventive interventions. Special attention is paid to molecular epidemiologic approaches that address the wider role of genetic predisposition and gene-environment interactions in cancer etiology and pathogenesis.

New and timely chapters on environmental and social-epidemiologic factors include:
• The role of social class disparities
• The role of obesity and physical inactivity
• The potential effects of electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation
• The principles of cancer chemoprevention

For both seasoned professionals and newer generations of students and researchers, this fourth edition of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention remains the authority in the field – a work of distinction that every lab, library, student, professional, or researcher should have close at hand.



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