Jan 222022

Cancer and heart disease are the two most common causes of death in developed countries. Each disease considered separately should be thought of as a complex group of related diseases. Considering them in combination greatly heightens the complexity of what we speak of as cancer and heart disease. Great progress has been made in treatment, early diagnosis, and prevention of these diseases; yet both remain extraordinary concerns from both a public health perspective and with regard to the devastation and suffering that those afflicted with a dual diagnosis of cancer and cardiotoxicity must endure.
This second edition of Cancer and the Heart covers the complex interactions of multiple diseases in patients who have cancer and who either have or are expected to acquire significant heart disease. Information on the subject is often fragmented or not presented in a concise format; we believe that this updated revision will facilitate personalized clinical management and provide the basic background to support clinical decision-making.
Key Features:
Provides a synthesis of the most relevant information regarding the treatment and disease progression of patients with the dual diagnosis of cancer and heart disease.
A current and comprehensive reference for clinicians, investigators, and students
Include over 200 illustrations, many of which are in full color.
Detailed Table of Contents and Index highlight important concepts.





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