Blandy’s Urology – 3rd Edition (2019 Release)

Blandy’s Urology, 3rd edition is set to become a classic in its field, the latest edition of one of the most well-loved general urology textbooks for urologists and surgeons alike, successfully combining both general urology and urologic surgery.  Its key strength is the unique ‘Blandy way’ of describing urological diseases and their management, consisting of:

    • clear, straightforward, uncomplicated descriptions of disease/conditions, including hundreds of clinical photos
    • an abundance of outstanding drawn surgical diagrams to illustrate best technique in the operating theatre
    • a focus on the most commonly seen problems in the clinic
    • organization of each topic under anatomical headings

Especially loved by urology and surgery trainees for its straightforward approach to the speciality and as a preparation for speciality urology exams, consultants and specialists also value it as a handy refresher tool.

From the Inside Flap

Are you looking for the ideal urology textbook to consult for the best management of your patients or to revise your knowledge or to prepare for your urology exams? Then the new edition of Blandy’s Urology is for you.

John Blandy’s classic urology textbook is a firm favorite of urologists and urology trainees due to its didactic, uncomplicated text, and outstanding illustrations covering a wide array of urologic diseases and their surgical and medical management. In this fully revised, modernized third edition, each chapter covers the latest changes in technology (laparoscopic and robotic surgery) and in clinical management of each disease (pharmacologic, surgical, medical). It covers new national/international guidelines (EAU, AUA, and NICE), and features opinions from experts in the field. The book also includes new material on medical statistics, functional bladder disorder, and information on special populations (pregnancy, children, congenital anomalies).

The textbook is filled with figures, including outstanding, full-color surgical diagrams to illustrate best technique in the operating theatre – all of which are available electronically for downloading.

With its successful combination of both general and subspecialty urological coverage, and its unique way of describing urological diseases and their management, Blandy’s Urology, 3rd Edition will be the go-to general urology guide for urologists and trainees for years to come.

  • Features over 700 figures, including 200 surgical diagrams in full color
  • Retains the hugely popular ‘Blandy style’ (clear, straightforward, uncomplicated descriptions of diseases and their management)
  • Focuses on the most commonly seen problems—perfect for trainees working in their specialty
  • Organizes each topic under anatomical headings
  • Covers all the latest changes in technology, clinical management, and EAU/AUA/NICE management guidelines
  • Each chapter starts with a key points box to allow for rapid-reference understanding of the major issues for each disease/condition

Blandy’s Urology, 3rd Edition is an excellent resource for urology and surgery trainees, urologists, and surgical and medical professionals looking to expand their knowledge on urological conditions.


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