May 272017

The Anxiety Answer Book

Features: ISBN13: 9781402204029, Condition: USED – Good, Notes: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold!
By (author): Martin Kommor M.D., Laura Wilhelm Ph.D., Laurie Helgoe Ph.D.

An estimated 19 million adult Americans suffer from anxiety disorders. And anyone who has struggled with anxiety and panic attacks understands that each day brings a new set of fears and challenges.

The Anxiety Answer Book is an authoritative reference for these adults and their loved ones, providing sound advice and immediate answers to their most pressing questions.

– What is a panic attack?
– How does a panic attack happen?
– Can a panic attack hurt me?
– What is the difference between fear and phobia?
– How do I deal with trauma-based anxiety?
– What kind of medications will help me?

Written in an easy-to-read question and answer format, The Anxiety Answer Book helps readers cope with their anxiety, conquer their fears and seek treatment when necessary.

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May 272017

Comprehensive Handbook of Pediatric Audiology

By (author): Anne Marie Tharpe

The Comprehensive Handbook of Pediatric Audiology, Second Edition is the most wide-ranging and complete work of its kind, and has become the definitive reference in the specialty area of pediatric audiology. Content areas range from typical auditory development, to identification and diagnostic processes, to medical and audiologic management of childhood hearing and ear disorders. An interdisciplinary assembly of sixty-six internationally recognized experts from the fields of audiology, speech-language pathology, education, pediatric medicine, otology, and hearing science have contributed to this second edition. Building from the success of the first edition, and aligning with the evolution of the profession, this edition expands and deepens its coverage of early identification of hearing loss, etiology and medical considerations, and hearing technologies, especially implantable devices and the measurement of outcomes resulting from intervention.
Updates to the new edition include:

  • New chapters on the measurement of outcomes resulting from intervention, preventable hearing loss, implementation of newborn hearing screening programs, and the future of implantable devices, among others
  • Reorganization for improved sequencing of content area
  • Substantially updated chapters
  • The Comprehensive Handbook of Pediatric Audiology, Second Edition is intended for use in doctoral-level education programs in audiology or hearing science, as well as to serve as an in-depth reference source for practicing audiologists and other professionals, educators, scientists, and policy makers seeking current and definitive information on evidence-based pediatric audiology practice.
    From the Foreword
    “It is exciting to see in one volume comprehensive coverage of contemporary trends in pediatric audiology. No doubt, the information contained within this new edition will be of value to those who seek to better understand the perplexities of childhood deafness and motivate others to search for newer and better ways to serve young children with deafness.”
    Fred H. Bess, PhD, Professor and Director, National Center for Childhood Deafness and Family Communication, Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, Vanderbilt University

    Expert contributors include: Fred H. Bess, Linda J. Hood, James W. Hall III, Jace Wolfe, Susan D. Scollie, Gary Rance, Patricia A. Roush, Diane L. Sabo, Mark Hill, Robert V. Harrison, Derek M. Houston, Lynne A. Werner, Lori J. Leibold, Adrian Davis, Katrina A.S. Davis, Linda Bronya J.B. Keats, Craig A. Buchman, Oliver F. Adunka, Betty R. Vohr, Marlene P. Bagatto Patricia M. Chute, Mary Ellen Nevins, Andrea Hillock-Dunn, Christopher Spankovich, Lisa L. Hunter, Daniel I. Choo, Arnold Starr, Prudence Allen, James E. Peck, Martyn Hyde, Karen C. Johnson, Amy S. Martinez, Laurie S. Eisenberg, and Dianne M. Hammes Ganguly, Carolyne Edwards, Jackson Roush and Nicole E. Corbin , Kathryn L. Beauchaine, Jeffrey K. Hoffman, Chelsea M. Blankenship, Carolina Abdala, Margaret Winter, Christopher A. Shera, Anuradha R. Bantwal, Allan O. Diefendorf, Anne Marie Tharpe, Kathleen R. Corbin, Rebecca Trepcos-Klingler, Amanda S. Weinzierl, Richard C. Seewald, Hollea A.M. Ryan, Samantha J. Gustafson, Dawna Lewis, Leisha R. Eiten, Teresa Y.C. Ching, Sanna Y.L. Hou, Vicky W. Zhang, Karen A. Gordon, Marilyn Neault, Bill Hodgetts, René H. Gifford, Andrée Durieux-Smith and Elizabeth M. Fitzpatrick, Melody Harrison, Amy McConkey Robbins, Kris English, and Heather Porter.

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May 272017

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)Therapy Scripted Protocols and Summary Sheets: Treating Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive, and Mood-Related Conditions

EMDR Therapy is a psychotherapy approach based on standard procedures and protocols. This book is an important resource that focuses on applying EMDR Therapy to anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, and mood-related conditions using EMDR Therapy’s standard procedures and protocols as its template. The scripts distill the essence of the Standard EMDR Protocols and reinforce the specific parts, sequence, and language used to create an effective outcome. Also, it illustrates how clinicians are using this framework to work with a variety of conditions while maintaining the integrity of the Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model.

Edited by a leading EMDR scholar and practitioner, it delivers step-by-step protocols that enable beginning practitioners as well as seasoned EMDR clinicians, trainers, and consultants to enhance their expertise more quickly when treating clients or groups of clients with these conditions. These chapters reflect the expertise of EMDR clinicians treating anxiety disorders including specific phobia, panic disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder; obsessive-compulsive disorders including body dysmorphic disorder, olfactory reference syndrome, and hoarding behaviors; and mood disorders including bipolar disorder, major depression, and postpartum depression. For each topic, the authors include relevant questions for history taking, helpful resources and explanations, frequently used negative and positive cognitions, and information on case conceptualization and treatment planning.

Consisting of past, present, and future templates, the scripts are conveniently presented in an easy-to-use, manual-style format that facilitates a reliable, consistent procedure. Summary sheets for each protocol support quick retrieval of essential issues and components for the clinician when putting together a treatment plan for the client. These scripted protocols and completed summary sheets can be inserted right into a client’s chart for easy documentation.

Key Features:

  • Addresses working with issues related to clients with anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, and mood-related conditions such as specific fears and phobias, panic disorder with and without agoraphobia, body dysmorphic disorder, hoarding behaviors, bipolar disorder, depressive disorders, and postpartum depression prevention
  • Describes how to use EMDR Therapy based on its standard procedures and protocols
  • Provides step-by-step scripts that enable practitioners to enhance their expertise more quickly and to assist consultants with consultation
  • Provides past, present, and future templates and the 11-step procedure essential to EMDR Therapy practice
  • Includes summary sheets for each protocol to facilitate the gathering and quick retrieval of client information
  • Available in print, ebook, and CD-ROM
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May 272017

Overactive Bladder: Prevalence, Risk Factors and Management

By (author): Elvira Larson

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May 272017

Pathology of the Bile Duct

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the research on bile duct pathology, from basic theory to practical aspects, and presents the latest advances. The contributing authors extensively discuss the topics from different perspectives, including the pathogenesis of conditions such as cellular senescence and innate immunity as well as diseases such as IgG4-related sclerosing cholangitis and intraductal papillary neoplasm.

Pathology of the Bile Duct is a valuable resource not only for clinicians in various disciplines, such as internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics and radiology, but also for pathologists. Further, it allows practitioners and researchers at all levels to broaden their understanding of the subject and to explore the latest findings in bile duct pathology. 

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May 272017

Bio-orthopaedics: A New Approach

This book introduces the exciting field of orthobiology, which will usher in a new array of therapeutic approaches that stimulate the body’s natural resources to regenerate musculoskeletal tissues damaged by trauma or disease. The book addresses a range of key topics and discusses emerging approaches that promise to offer effective alternatives to traditional treatments for injuries to bone, cartilage, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It explains in detail how a variety of innovative products, including biomaterials, growth factors, and autogenous cells, together provide the basis for the regeneration of these musculoskeletal structures and how recent scientific progress has created unique opportunities to address pathological situations that until recently have been treated with unsatisfactory results. The authors are experts from across the world who come together to provide a truly global overview. The book is published in collaboration with ISAKOS. It will be invaluable for all with an interest in this area of medicine, which has already attained huge popularity in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine and has also attracted the attention of the lay public.
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May 272017

The Professional Medical Assistant: An Integrative, Teamwork-Based Approach (Text with CD-ROM)

By (author): Sharon Eagle RN MSN FNP, Cindi Brassington MS CMA (AAMA), Candace Dailey RN MSN CMA (AAMA), Cheri Goretti MA MT(ASCP) CMA (AAMA)

This new textbook uses a multidisciplinary, integrated approach to learning that truly reflects the real world in which MAs practice, whether they’re focused on the front or back office. From beginning to end, it offers comprehensive, competency-based coverage, complemented by an emphasis on multiple learning styles to better meet the needs of your students.

Mastery of all the knowledge and skills that lead to CMA(AAMA) or RMA certification, plus flexibility, versatility, teamwork, and professionalism in the workplace, are the hallmarks of a successful and rewarding career as a Medical Assistant.

Our integrated front- and back-office approach provides the foundation for success…

Classroom building blocks—medical terminology, body structure and function, and pharmacology.

Lab and clinical—building skills through hands-on practice.

How it Works…

Integrated Approach – Teamwork based – Multiple Learning Styles

Unique approach helps students better understand how front-office duties affect back-office decisions, and vice versa.

Geared to all students and all learning styles:

  • Solitary Learners
  • Social Learners
  • Auditory Learners
  • Visual Learners
  • Kinesthetic Learners
  • Oral-Dependent Learners
  • Writing-Dependent Learners

A comprehensive approach that addresses all competences required by the AAMA and AMT

Special focus on the attributes of a successful employee, need for teamwork and flexibility in the workplace, and importance of critical-thinking and problem-solvingskills.

Assessment exercises help students identify their own learning styles, and suggested study strategies for each style are included.

Organized into three main sections:

  • General/Transdisciplinary
  • Administrative
  • Clinical

A step-by-step, chapter-by-chapter, body systems approach to clinical competencies that includes relevantexaminations and procedures.

FREE for Students and Instructors, from F.A. Davis and Amazing Charts…

Learn More.

View a Demo.

EMR Software to accompany The Professional Medical Assistant

Patient data embedded in user-friendly, Windows-based EMR software

Patients come directly from The Professional Medical Assistant

Software package includes…

  • More than 100 documentation templates
  • Complete ICD-9 database for coding
  • Orders for tests
  • E&M coding helper
  • Printable CMS-1500 for billing

Adopters receive patient-specific learning activities in PDF format.

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May 272017

Mirror Touch: Notes from a Doctor Who Can Feel Your Pain

Features: HARPER ONE
By (author): Joel, M.D. Salinas

“[Salinas] writes with depth and candor and immediacy, as well as a great deal of compassion in the Oliver Sacks tradition.… I predict this book will be a classic not only in the synesthesia literature, but in all of neuroscience.” —Psychology Today

Challenging our understanding of what it means to be human, Joel Salinas, a Harvard-trained researcher and neurologist at Massachusetts General, shares his experiences with mirror-touch synesthesia, a rare and only recently identified neurological trait that causes him to feel the emotional and physical experiences of other people. Performing a spinal tap, he feels the needle slowly enter his lower back. If a disoriented patient flies into a confused rage, Salinas slips into a similarly agitated physical state, and when a patient dies, he experiences an involuntary ruin—his body starts to feel like a limp balloon.

Susceptible to the pain and discomfort of his patients, most of whom suffer from a host of disorders and extreme injuries, Salinas uses his trait to treat their symptoms, almost as if they were his own.  At the same time, in his personal life, his mirror touch blurs the boundaries between himself and those close to him until he ends up inextricably entangled, no longer able to differentiate where he ends and someone else begins.

Salinas refers to his condition as a kind of compulsory mindfulness, a heightened empathic ability that offers him invaluable clues about how to see and live the world through other people’s perspectives. This heightened sense of awareness is at the center of Mirror Touch. Through his experiences, both in his neurological practice and his personal life, Salinas offers readers insights about mirror-touch synesthesia and how the brain, in its endless wonder, can sometimes perform in a nearly superhuman, extrasensory way. In the process, Salinas reveals the full power and potential of his trait, as well as its thorny complications and often debilitating limitations.

Beautifully written with intelligence and compassion and anchored by the latest developments in neurology, psychology and psychiatry, Mirror Touch is an enthralling and wholly original investigation into the unexplored corners of the brain, where the foundation of human experience and relationships take root—everything it means to think, to feel, and to be.



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Release date April 18, 2017.



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May 262017

Head, Neck, and Neuroanatomy (THIEME Atlas of Anatomy), Latin nomenclature

By (author): Michael Schuenke, Erik Schulte, Udo Schumacher, Brian MacPherson, Cristian Stefan, Hugo Zeberg

This second edition of volume 3, Latin Nomenclature, in the Thieme Atlas of Anatomy series now covers anatomy of the neck as well as anatomy of the head and neuroanatomy. It includes over 200 stunning new anatomic illustrations as well as a substantial number of additional clinical correlations. Descriptions of anatomic structures and their relationships to one another, along with information on the development of the structures, anomalies, and common pathologies, appear in every chapter.

Key Features:

  • More than 1300 exquisite, full-color illustrations for the head, neck, and neuroanatomy accompany the clear, concise text
  • An innovative, user-friendly format in which each two-page spread presents a self-contained guide to a specific topic
  • Summary tables, ideal for rapid review, appear throughout the text
  • Access to head, neck, and neuroanatomy images on Winking Skull.com PLUS, featuring labels-on, labels-off functionality and timed self-tests

This atlas connects the basic science of anatomy to the clinical practice that students are embarking upon while taking anatomy courses.

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May 262017

Practical Cardiovascular Hemodynamics: With Self-Assessment Problems

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Elias B. Hanna MD, D. Luke Glancy MD

Practical Cardiovascular Hemodynamics provides an in-depth understanding of waveforms and tracings seen in various disease states as well as pathophysiology behind those findings. Practical issues that are rarely discussed or focused upon in textbooks are highlighted in this book with detailed waveform analysis. Pitfalls in the hemodynamic assessment of valvular diseases, constriction, tamponade, pulmonary hypertension, shunt pathology, congenital heart disease, coronary disease, and right and left ventricular failure are provided.

Practical Cardiovascular Hemodynamics also includes case-based and tracingbased self-assessment problems. e reader will learn to identify disease states and waveform subtleties from single tracings or from case studies and will increase skills in interpreting tracings, understanding notches and artifacts, and formulating a diagnosis.

Practical Cardiovascular Hemodynamics Features:

  • Complete presentation of basic and advanced hemodynamics
  • Numerous case studies allow the reader to learn real-life application of hemodynamic data in clinical decision making
  • Questions and explanations provides the reader with self-assessment and problem-solving skills
  • 325 illustrations and 25 tables with detailed legends allowing for illustrated learning

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