Handbook of Anaesthesia & Peri-Operative Medicine

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Oct 202018

This book covers a broad range of topics, providing trainee and practising anaesthetists with a comprehensive source of knowledge on applied sciences and clinical anaesthesia. The book has been divided into six sections with various chapters serving as a synopsis of the practice of anaesthesia. Each chapter discusses the significance and importance of problems that can impact the peri-operative management of the surgical patient. The case scenarios at the end of each chapter will additionally help in understanding the practical relevance of basic science. This book will be an invaluable educational resource for trainee anaesthetists and an indispensable aide-memoire for practising anaesthetists. It is, therefore, essential study material for trainees and a great educational tool for trainers. Medical students and junior doctors, who are about to embark on a career in anaesthesia or intensive care medicine, will also find the book to be a useful companion

About the Author
Cyprian Mendonca MD, FRCA is Consultant Anaesthetist, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire, Coventry, UK. Dr Chandrashekhar Vaidyanath MD FRCA Consultant Anaesthetist, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire, Coventry, UK





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Targeting Protein Kinases for Cancer Therapy

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Oct 202018

An expert guide to targeting protein kinases in cancer therapy
Research has shown that protein kinases can instigate the formation and spread of cancer when they transmit faulty signals inside cells.

Because of this fact, pharma-ceutical scientists have targeted kinases for intensive study, and have been working to develop medicinal roadblocks to sever their malignant means of communication.

Complete with full-color presentations, Targeting Protein Kinases for Cancer Therapydefines the structural features of protein kinases and examines their cellular func-tions. Combining kinase biology with chemistry and pharmacology applications, this book enlists emerging data to drive the discovery of new cancer-fighting drugs. Valuable information includes:
Comprehensive overviews of the major kinase families involved in oncology, integrating protein structure and function, and providing important tools to assist pharmaceutical researchers to understand and work in this dynamic area of cancer drug research
Focus on small molecule inhibitors as well as other therapeutic modalities
Discussion of kinase inhibitors that have entered clinical trials for the treatment of cancer, with an emphasis on molecules that have progressed to late stage clinical trials and, in a few cases, to market
Providing a platform for further study, this important work reviews both the successes and challenges of kinase inhibitor therapy, and provides insight into future directions in the war against cancer.





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Obesity Epidemiology: Methods and Applications

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Oct 202018

During the past twenty years there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in the United States. An estimated thirty percent of adults in the US are obese; in 1980, only fifteen percent were. The issue is gaining greater attention with the CDC and with the public health world in general.

This book will offer practical information about the methodology of epidemiologic studies of obesity, suitable for graduate students and researchers in epidemiology, and public health practitioners with an interest in the issue.

The book will be structured in four main sections, with the majority of chapters authored by Dr. Hu, and some authored by specialists in specific areas. The first section will consider issues surrounding the definition of obesity, measurement techniques, and the designs of epidemiologic studies. The second section will address the consequences of obesity, looking at epidemiologic studies that focus on cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, and cancer The third section will look at determinants obesity, reviewing a wide range of risk factors for obesity including diet, physical activity and sedentary behaviors, sleep disorders, psychosocial factors, physical environment, biochemical and genetic predictors, and intrauterine exposures. In the final section, the author will discuss the analytical issues and challenges for epidemiologic studies of obesity.





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Regenerative Treatments in Sports and Orthopedic Medicine

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Oct 202018

Regenerative medicine offers physicians new tools to help repair damaged tissue, alleviate pain, accelerate healing, and improve function for patients with degenerative conditions or sports injuries. Regenerative Treatments in Sports and Orthopedic Medicine is the first comprehensive book devoted to orthobiologic treatments for orthopedic conditions. Authored by experts in regenerative medicine, this evidence- and experience-based guide is written for clinicians looking to understand and effectively implement these treatments in their practices.

Broad yet focused coverage of the scientific underpinnings, regulatory issues, staffing and equipment, nutritional and rehabilitation concerns, and orthobiologic interventions for specific clinical problems make this the ideal procedural reference for anyone working to restore function to athletes or other patients with musculoskeletal pathologies.


Unparallelled coverage of clinical science and practical applications
Written by pioneering leaders at the forefront of an emerging standard of care
Evidence-based indications for initiating orthobiologic therapies
Includes a review of important nomenclature for the novice
Covers both Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and stem cell procedures
A must-read guide for practitioners in academic and private practice settings





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The Greenberg Rapid Review: A Companion to the 8th Edition

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Oct 202018

Written by an esteemed educator and founder of the renowned Chicago Review Course in Neurological Surgery™, this updated review reflects substantive content additions to the 8th edition. The two prior editions of the Rapid Review were must-have companions that fully leveraged the vast knowledge contained within Greenberg’s legendary tome.

Through repetition and spot-on questions, this book brings clarity to a specialty whose sheer depth and breadth presents comprehension and retention challenges. This book helps readers determine if they are retaining key data and information, thereby providing a robust self-assessment study tool for ABNS certification.

The 7th companion generated glowing reviews, such as: “A wonderful example of how to turn the classic Greenberg text into a study guide rather than an encyclopedic reference to a young neurosurgeon” -AANS Young Neurosurgeons News

Key Highlights:

Question formats include fill in the blank, open-ended questions, true/false, matching, and identification of various elements in diagrams/figures
Mnemonic devices, helpful hints, clinical pearls, and study charts aid in comprehension and long-term retention
Greenberg chapter headings are used (e.g. 4.2.3), thereby providing clear-cut Handbook references
This book is designed to help neurosurgical residents prepare for the ABNS primary examination and/or rounds. It will enable practicing neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuroradiologists, and neuropathologists to develop a storehouse of knowledge required to efficaciously examine, analyze, diagnose, and treat neurosurgical patients.







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The APRN’s Complete Guide to Prescribing Pediatric Drug Therapy 2018

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Oct 202018

The only pediatric prescribing guide organized by diagnosis for ease of use

This prescribing guide, organized uniquely by diagnosis, facilitates speedy drug information retrieval for advanced health care providers in all settings involved in the primary care management of newborns through adolescents. Delivered in a concise, easy-to-read format, the guide encompasses pharmacotherapy regimens for more than 450 clinical diagnoses and includes cross-referenced generic and trade names for ease of use. Key clinical information, including lab values to monitor, patient education points, and safety information for parents and caregivers is highlighted throughout.

This point-of-care dosing resource helps practitioners to quickly locate appropriate drug treatment choices, generic vs. brand names, dosing information, length of treatment, dose forms (liquid, capsule, scored pill), pregnancy category, pediatric dosing recommendations by age groups, precautions and contraindications, and special patient-specific considerations. The book also presents important reference information in convenient table format, featuring an appendix of 35 tables for quick access to key drug classifications, FDA pregnancy categories, Schedule of Controlled Substances, Childhood Immunization Schedules, measurement conversions, pediatric dosing by weight, and much more.

Key Features:
Facilitates speedy drug information retrieval for primary care providers in all settings
Organizes over 450 diagnoses alphabetically and cross-references generic and trade drug names
Delineates pediatric dosages by age group and available dosage forms
Highlights lab values to monitor, patient education points, and safety information
Includes an appendix of 35 tables for quick access to drug classifications, FDA pregnancy categories, schedule of controlled substances, and much more
Provides generic/trade name index
Includes a free e-book and quarterly electronic updates

About the Author
Mari J. Wirfs, PhD, MN, APRN, ANP-BC, FNP-BC, CNE, is a nationally certified adult nurse practitioner (ANCC) and family nurse practitioner (AANP). She has over 45 years of experience in collegiate undergraduate and graduate nursing education and clinical practice in critical care, pediatrics, psychiatric-mental health nursing, and 25 years experience in advanced practice primary care nursing. Her PhD is in Higher Education Administration and Leadership. During her career Dr. Wirfs has achieved the academic rank of professor with tenure in two university systems. She served eight years in the Army Nurse Corps. Dr. Wirfs has completed, published, and presented six quantitative research studies focusing on nursing education and clinical practice, including one for the Army Medical Department. Presently, she is Adjunct Professor and Clinical Director and sole advanced practice (APRN) primary care provider at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Family Health Care Clinic. Dr. Wirfs also is a frequent guest lecturer to both professional APRN groups and community groups and a long-time member of the National Organization for Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF). Additionally, she serves as a clinical preceptor for several nurse practitioner programs





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Sports Medicine in the Pediatric Office, Second Edition

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Oct 202018
The second edition of this best-selling pediatric sports medicine resource provides step-by-step demonstrations of the examination and evaluation techniques for common sports injuries. The book includes more than 100 images, plus 2+ hours of video covering physical examination keys; when to order radiographs, CT scans, and MRIs; treatment plan development; case-based coverage of common injuries, including ankle and foot, knee and lower leg, shoulder, wrist and elbow, hip and spine, and concussions and preventive strategies.

This all encompassing resource allows you to:
Walk through case studies that highlight the issues most commonly seen at specific stages of development.
View examinations and tests that can help you identify the extent and location of injury.
See demonstrations of preventive strengthening exercises.
Use proven approaches to diagnosing and managing sports injuries to improve your practice.
Learn which test results to obtain and when.
And more!
New features
All chapters fully reviewed and updated
New chapter on Trends in Prevention of Sports Injury in the Young Athlete
5 new sport-specific chapters on
Collision sports (football, hockey, lacrosse, and rugby)
Chapters provide
Overview of the sport(s)
Overview of the sport history and demographic information in young athletes
Cases-based scenarios that highlight the major issues in the sport
Suggestions on how pediatric health professionals can ensure the safest sport experience in the sport

About the Author
Jordan D. Metzl, MD, FAAP, is a sports medicine physician at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, NY. With a practice of more than 20,000 patients, Dr. Metzl is widely known for his passion of sports medicine and fitness. His focus is to safely return athletes to the playing field of their choice and to keep them there. Dr. Metzl appeaers regularly on media programs including the Today Show and Good Morning America, and in print media including the New York Times, discussion the issues of fitness and health. In addition to his busy medical practice and academic interests, he practices what he preaches. He is a former collegiate soccer player, a 29-time marathon runner and 10-time Ironman finisher.

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Paediatric Audiological Medicine

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Oct 202018

Professionals will find a wide range of topics relevant to their work with hearing impaired children or those suspected of having an impairment in this book. A chapter on epidemiology includes the prevalence of hearing impairment and several additional chapters are devoted to the various causative factors. Detection of a hearing loss, measurement of the degree of hearing loss and identification of the site of lesion are covered together with management of any hearing loss found. Individual chapters give coverage to balance disorders, tinnitus, progressive hearing loss, auditory neuropathy, central auditory processing disorders and unilateral hearing impairment. Methods of communication, communication disorders and the psychological effects of a hearing impairment are included together with consideration of education and employment issues.





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Open Hearts: Stories of the Surgery that Changes Children’s Lives

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Oct 202018

Nearly all of us will, at some point, know someone who was born with a heart defect. But, as the surgical scars so often remain hidden, we just might not realise it.

Powerfully telling of the patients and their experiences, Open Hearts is a remarkable medical story: we are often so focused on ‘extraordinary’ people and their achievements, we forget just how incredible the ‘ordinary’ achievements of living can be.

Until the 1960s ‘blue babies’ were a striking sight in our streets. Suffering from congenital heart disease offered a bleak outlook to young patients and a heartbreaking experience for parents. Very few would make it to adulthood; now, in the West at least, most have a much higher chance of survival.

In Open Hearts Kate Bull, formerly a cardiologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital, tells not just of the development of heart surgery in children, but of the patients, past and present, whose lives have been transformed. Besides the technology, the sociology of medicine has changed substantially since the 1950s – think of the atmosphere of children’s wards. Other things have barely changed – consider the dread of kissing your child goodbye at the door of an operating theatre in any era.

Children’s heart surgery is often seen as a medical triumph; but, for all the successful operations completed, thousands of pioneering patients have gone before, perhaps facing their own uncertain futures. Today, we place great hope in the power of science. Many lives have been saved; but, sometimes, we ask medicine to do more than it can.

By turns frightening, heart-wrenching and inspiring, Open Hearts is a powerful story of medical progress, hope and survival.





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The Psychotherapy Documentation Primer

 Psychiatry  Comments Off on The Psychotherapy Documentation Primer
Oct 202018

Everything you need to know to record client intake, treatment, and progress—incorporating the latest managed care, accrediting agency, and government regulations
Paperwork and record keeping are day-to-day realities in your mental health practice. Records must be kept for managed care reimbursement; for accreditation agencies; for protection in the event of lawsuits; to meet federal HIPAA regulations; and to help streamline patient care in larger group practices, inpatient facilities, and hospitals.
The standard professionals and students have turned to for quick and easy, yet comprehensive, guidance to writing a wide range of mental health documents, the Third Edition of The Psychotherapy Documentation Primer continues to reflect HIPAA and accreditation agency requirements as well as offer an abundance of examples.
The new edition features:

  • Revised examples of a wider range of psychological concerns
  • New chapters on documentation ethics and the art and science of psychological assessment and psychotherapy
  • Study questions and answers at the end of each chapter

Greatly expanded, The Psychotherapy Documentation Primer, Third Edition continues to be the benchmark record-keeping reference for working professionals, reflecting the latest in documentation and reporting requirements.





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