Apr 102020

This book examines the different ways that trauma is involved in the lives of those who interact with the justice system, and how trauma can be exacerbated in legal settings. It includes both victims and perpetrators in providing a perspective on trauma in general, and a framework that will guide those who evaluate and treat individuals in forensic settings. Comprehensive in scope, it covers key areas such as developmental issues, emotions, linguistic and communication difficulties, and special populations such as veterans, immigrants, abused women, incarcerated individuals, and children. The main objective of this book is to bring trauma to the fore in conducting forensic evaluations in order to understand these cases in greater depth and to provide appropriate interventions for a range of problems.

“This masterful book, edited by Rafael Art. Javier, Elizabeth Owen and Jemour A. Maddux, is a refreshing, original, and thoughtful response to these needs, demonstrating – beyond any doubt – why lawyers and forensic mental health professionals must be trauma-informed in all of their relevant work.”
–Michael L. Perlin, Esq., New York Law School




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