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Applied Exercise Psychology emphasizes the application of evidence-based knowledge drawn from the fields of exercise psychology, health psychology, clinical and counseling psychology, and exercise physiology for physical activity behavior change. The book provides readers with:

theoretical bases for understanding and promoting physical activity behavior;
interventions to use for facilitating physical activity behavior change and the tools for measuring the effectiveness of these interventions;
cross-cultural considerations for practitioners to ensure multicultural competency;
considerations to guide best practices with special populations (e.g., persons with medical conditions and persons with mental health conditions);
overall applied implications and future directions.

The collection builds a bridge between up-to-date research findings, relevant field experiences, and applied implications. This is the first book to cover such breadth of topics in applied exercise psychology, with chapters bringing often overlooked issues to the attention of practitioners to promote not only evidence-based practice but also responsible ethics and referral.

“Applied Exercise Psychology is an exceptional contribution to the field. Razon and Sachs focus on the immense challenges associated with increasing exercise participation rates. This thought-provoking compendium includes a diverse array of 32 chapters that focus on theoretical foundations and applied suggestions for exercise adoption and adherence by respected researchers in the field.” – Bonnie G. Berger, Bowling Green State University, USA

“Razon and Sachs, along with nearly 60 international scholars, seek to narrow the gap between people’s good intentions toward living healthy, active lifestyles and their achievement of these goals. Their book uniquely links theory, research, and practice together in relatable, relevant, and nuanced ways – ways that can truly make a difference!” – Bradley J. Cardinal, Oregon State University, USA

“This book provides a timely and important integration of research and application and will be essential reading for anyone interested in the field of applied exercise psychology. It breaks new ground regarding best practice, compiling contributions from world-leading scholars and highlighting important cross-cultural and demographic considerations. I can recommend it to students, researchers, and practitioners alike.” – Chris Wagstaff, University of Portsmouth, UK

About the Author
Selen Razon is an assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology, College of Health Sciences, West Chester University.

Michael L. Sachs is a professor in the Department of Kinesiology, College of Public Health, Temple University.



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