AIDS and Business

The spread of HIV/AIDS affects businesses in all sectors, all industries and all countries. For companies and organizations everywhere, the question is no longer whether to take action on HIV/AIDS but which actions to take.В Complete with an impressive collection ofВ complex background and research on HIV/AIDS and a forewordВ byВ Dr. Peter Piot,В formerВ Executive Director of UNAIDS, this volumeВ collects case studies of managers worldwide faced with challenging HIV/AIDS-related management decisions. AIDS and BusinessВ will fascinateВ the general reader seeking an understanding of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and to the advanced reader looking to develop a more sophisticated understanding of the impact of the disease. The case studies in this volume, set in nine countries, detail the issuesВ facing businesses operating in areas where HIV/AIDS prevalence is growing. The topics discussedВ include understanding the role of social and cultural factors in the spread of HIV, the different organizations and institutions fighting the epidemic, designing an HIV communications campaign, HIV testing, ethical issues, marketing ethics and CSR, condoms marketing, and designing an HIV workplace program. Useful as a resource on HIV/AIDS and business, a set of case studies, or a training tool, this book contains a unique range of toolsВ forВ learning to understand the epidemic, designed from a grounded and practical business perspective.
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