Jul 142018

This proceedings contains articles submitted to the sixth International Conference on Cognitive Neurodynamics (ICCN2017). The Meeting included plenary lectures, specialized symposia, and posters presentations. The main topics of the meeting addressed the general substrates underlying neural functions and the neural dynamics in sensory, motor, and cognitive systems.
Other important neuroscience fields covered in the meeting were learning and memory processes and the functionally-related changes in synaptic strength, neural oscillations, synchronizations and coherence activities between different neural circuits, and the imaging of cognitive networks. Finally, specific articles covered several fields related to neural computation and neuroengineering, the modelling higher-order functions and dysfunctions and the experimental design of brain-to-computer and brain-to-brain interactions. All articles were peer-reviewed. The ICCN is a series conference that takes place every two years since 2007.




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