Apr 242020

“[This book] speaks against thinking [that] we can only understand nursing from a traditional, logical, empirical approach, suggesting we need a contemporary process for exploring nursing. I can’t agree more.” –Journal of Christian Nursing “Nurse scholars from across the globe contribute essays to this unique philosophical exploration of today’s nursing .This book presents an emerging view that requires nursing to look at its work through a broader and less structured lens. Challenging the structure of the traditional nursing process, the book considers nursing as reflective and thoughtful.” –Doody’s A Contemporary Nursing Process re-envisions the practice of nursing by configuring caring in terms of the person the nurse cares for. Locsin and Purnell stress the importance of knowing the patient, and differentiating the person from the disease. This text addresses this highly relevant issue, and provides a wealth of insight on how to care for the patient on a personal level, while still professionally administering clinical treatment. Chapters discuss: How to appreciate persons as participants in their care, rather than as objects of care The ideal of care versus the practical demands of care Technological advancements shaping human life and nursing The consequences of “not knowing” the patient on a personal level
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