Pediatric Clinical Practice Guidelines & Policies: A Compendium of Evidence-Based Research for Pediatric Practice, 15th edition

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Jul 132020

Keep up with current practice guidelines and policies from the American Academy of Pediatrics with the latest, most up-to-date edition of this clinical reference classic. This evidence-based decision-making tool for managing common paediatric conditions has been revised and updated for 2014, with the latest clinical practice guidelines for more than 30 conditions, plus every AAP policy statement, clinical report, and technical report through December 2014. Updated and expanded for 2015 including: New pediatric clinical practice guidelines on “”The Diagnosis, Management, and Prevention of Bronchiolitis”” New Periodicity Schedule Full text of more than 60 new or revised AAP policies CD-ROM includes the full text of more than 400 AAP clinical practice guidelines, policy statements, clinical reports, and technical reports. More than 30 clinical practice guidelines including Sleep Apnea guideline, as well as ADHD, bronchiolitis, dysplasia of the hip, gastroenteritis, otitis media, urinary tract infection, and more. 2015 immunization schedule.


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Kaplan MCAT Biochemistry Review: Created for MCAT 2015 (Kaplan Test Prep)

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Jul 132020

The MCAT is changing in 2015. With the addition of three semesters’ worth of material, more advanced critical thinking skills, a longer duration, and changes in Biochemistry content, the new exam requires even more diligent prep with resources from Kaplan Test Prep.

Kaplan’s MCAT Biochemistry Review offers:

UNPARALLELED MCAT 2015 KNOWLEDGE: The Kaplan MCAT team has spent years studying every document related to MCAT 2015 available. In conjunction with our expert psychometricians, the Kaplan team is able to ensure the accuracy and realism of our practice materials.

THOROUGH SUBJECT REVIEW: Written by top-rated, award-winning Kaplan instructors. All material has been vetted by editors with advanced science degrees and by a medical doctor.

NEW PRACTICE QUESTIONS THROUGHOUT: Brand-new end-of-chapter questions and the introduction of Interactive Concept Checks, which allow students to identify their strengths and areas of opportunity in real time.

MORE PRACTICE THAN THE COMPETITION: With questions throughout the book and access to three full-length practice sections, Kaplan’s MCAT Biochemistry Review has more practice than any other MCAT Biochemistry book on the market.

ONLINE COMPANION: Access to online resources to augment content studying, including three full-length practice sections. The MCAT is a computer-based test, so practicing in the same format as Test Day is key.

TOP-QUALITY IMAGES: With dozens of new images and full-color, 3-D illustrations, charts, graphs and diagrams from the pages of Scientific American, Kaplan’s MCAT Biochemistry Review turns even the most intangible, complex science into easy-to-visualize concepts.

KAPLAN’S MCAT REPUTATION: Kaplan gets more people into medical school than all other courses, combined.

UTILITY: Can be used alone or with other companion books in Kaplan’s MCAT Review series.


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Veterinary Toxicology

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Jul 132020

A vast number of substances potentially toxic to animals exist, including pesticides, household cleaning products, agricultural chemicals, automotive products, human prescription and non-prescription drugs, herbal remedies, and poisonous plants and animals. With such huge numbers of potential toxins, it is impossible foe veterinarians to be knowledgeable about all of them. But because some poisonings can cause illness or even death within only minutes to hours after exposure, immediate access to reliable information on diagnosis and treatment is essential. Often intoxications involve new drugs or chemical products for which very little or no published veterinary toxicity data is available.


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Perioperative Practice at a Glance

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Jul 132020

From the publishers of the market-leading at a Glance series comes this new title on all aspects of caring for patients in the perioperative environment. From pre-operative care, through the anaesthetic and surgical phases to post-operation and recovery, this easy-to-read, quick-reference resource uses the unique at a Glance format to quickly convey need-to-know information in both images and text, allowing vital knowledge to be revised promptly and efficiently. * Brings together all aspects of perioperative practice in one easy-to-read book * Moves through the patient journey, providing support to perioperative practitioners in all aspects of their role * Covers key information on perioperative emergencies * Includes material on advanced skills to support Advanced Practitioners * Each topic is covered in two pages, allowing for easy revision and reference

This is a must-have resource for operating department practitioners and students, theatre nurses and nursing students, and trainee surgeons and anaesthetists.


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USMLE Step 2 CK Lecture Notes 2019: Obstetrics/Gynecology

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Jul 132020

The only official Kaplan Lecture Notes for USMLE Step 2 CK cover the comprehensive information you need to ace the USMLE Step 2 and match into the residency of your choice.
Up-to-date. Updated annually by Kaplan’s all-star faculty.
Highly illustrated. Includes color images and tables.
Integrated. Packed with bridges between specialities and basic science.
Learner-efficient. Organized in outline format with high-yield summary boxes.
Trusted. Used by thousands of students each year to succeed on the USMLE Step 2


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Signs and Symptoms in Pediatric Care

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Jul 132020

This convenient handbook is a comprehensive guide to the evaluation and treatment of more than 80 signs and symptoms. It is organized alphabetically, and each entry includes history and physical examinations; causes; differential diagnosis; diagnostic procedures; treatment approaches including when to refer and when to admit; ongoing care and follow-up; and prevention. Contents include: Abdominal pain Back pain Chest pain Diarrhea and steatorrhea Dizziness and vertigo Fatigue and weakness Fever Headache Heart murmurs Jaundice Rash Red eye/pink eye Sleep disturbances Speech and language concerns Vomiting Wheezing And more!


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The ADA Practical Guide to Substance Use Disorders and Safe Prescribing

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Jul 132020

Dentists have been inundated by patients with an array of complicated medical conditions and pain/sedation management issues. This is in addition to a variety of legal regulations dentists must follow regarding the storage and recordkeeping of controlled substances. Avoid unknowingly putting your practice at risk by becoming victim to a scam or violating a recordkeeping requirement with The ADA Practical Guide to Substance Use Disorders and Safe Prescribing.

This Practical Guide is ideal for dentists and staff as they navigate:

Detecting and deterring substance use disorders (SUD) and drug diversion in the dental office (drug–seeking patients)
Prescribing complexities
Treating patients with SUD and complex analgesic and sedation (pain/sedation management) needs and the best use of sedation anxiety medication
Interviewing and counselling options for SUD
Federal drug regulations
Commonly used illicit, prescription, and over–the–counter drugs, as well as alcohol and tobacco, are also covered.

Special features include:

Clinical tools proven to aid in the identification, interviewing, intervention, referral and treatment of SUD
Basic elements of SUD, acute pain/sedation management, and drug diversion
Summary of evidence–based literature that supports what, when and how to prescribe controlled substances to patients with SUD
Discussion of key federal controlled substance regulations that frequently impact dental practitioners
Checklists to help prevent drug diversion in dental practices
Chapter on impaired dental professionals
Case studies that examine safe prescribing and due diligence


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Clinical Tuberculosis

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Jul 132020

Clinical Tuberculosis remains an indispensable resource for respiratory physicians, infectious disease specialists, public health workers and other individuals involved in the management and control of tuberculosis worldwide. This established reference is a comprehensive accoutn of tuberculosis, providing up-to-date and authoritative information on all aspects of the disease. It gives practical guidance to health professionals who may be involved in any aspect of patient management or disease control, including chapters on epidemiology, pathology, immunology, disease presentation, diagnosis, treatment and management options.

Specific consideration is given to the problems of TB associated with HIV infection, and issues of control relating to low and high prevalence countries respectively. The ongoing issues surrounding the BCG vaccination and preventive therapy are also covered, as are the increasing problems of multi-drug resistant strains and environmental opportunist mycobacteria.


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Textbook of Palliative Medicine

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Jul 122020

Textbook of Palliative Medicine provides an alternative, truly international approach to this rapidly growing specialty. This textbook fills a niche with its evidence-based, multi-professional approach and global perspective ensured by the international team of editors and contributing authors. In the absence of an international curriculum for the study of palliative medicine, this textbook provides essential guidance for those both embarking upon a career in palliative medicine or already established in the field, and the structure and content have been constructed very much with this in mind.

With an emphasis on providing a service anywhere in the world, including the important issue of palliative care in the developing nations, Textbook of Palliative Medicine offers a genuine alternative to the narrative approach of its competitors, and is an ideal complement to them. It is essential reading for all palliative care physicians in training and in practice, as well as palliative care nurses and other health professionals in the palliative care team


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Translation of Evidence Into Nursing and Healthcare, Third Edition

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Jul 122020

Designed as both a text for the DNP curriculum and a practical resource for seasoned health professionals, this acclaimed book demonstrates the importance of using an interprofessional approach to translating evidence into nursing and healthcare practice in both clinical and nonclinical environments. This third edition reflects the continuing evolution of translation frameworks by expanding the Methods and Process for Translation section and providing updated exemplars illustrating actual translation work in population health, specialty practice, and the healthcare delivery system. It incorporates important new information about legal and ethical issues, the institutional review process for quality improvement and research, and teamwork and building teams for translation. In addition, an unfolding case study on translation is threaded throughout the text.

Reorganized for greater ease of use, the third edition continues to deliver applicable theory and practical strategies to lead translation efforts and meet DNP core competency requirements. It features a variety of relevant change-management theories and presents strategies for improving healthcare outcomes and quality and safety. It also addresses the use of evidence to improve nursing education, discusses how to reduce the divide between researchers and policy makers, and describes the interprofessional collaboration imperative for our complex healthcare environment. Consistently woven throughout are themes of integration and application of knowledge into practice.

New to the Third Edition:

– Expands the Methods and Process for Translation section
– Provides updated exemplars illustrating translation work in population health, specialty practice, and the healthcare delivery system
– Offers a new, more user-friendly format
– Includes an entire new section, Enablers of Translation
– Delivers expanded information on legal and ethical issues
– Presents new chapter, Ethical Responsibilities of Translation of Evidence and Evaluation of Outcomes
– Weaves an unfolding case study on translation throughout the text


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