Apr 162014

Christensen's Physics of Diagnostic Radiology (Hardcover)

By (author): Thomas S. Curry III MD, James E. Dowdey PhD, Robert E. Murry Jr. PhD

The Fourth Edition of this text provides a clear understanding of the physics principles essential to getting maximum diagnostic value from the full range of current and emerging imaging technologies. Updated material added in areas such as x-ray generators (solid-state devices), xerography (liquid toner), CT scanners (fast-imaging technology) and ultrasound (color Doppler).

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Apr 162014

Community & Public Health Nursing: Promoting the Public's Health (Paperback)

By (author): Judith Allender RN C MSN EdD, Cherie Rector PhD RN C, Kristine Warner PhD MS MPH RN

Community & Public Health Nursing is designed to provide students a basic grounding in public health nursing principles while emphasizing aggregate-level nursing. While weaving in meaningful examples from practice throughout the text, the authors coach students on how to navigate between conceptualizing about a population-focus while also continuing to advocate and care for individuals, families, and aggregates. This student-friendly, highly illustrated text engages students, and by doing so, eases students into readily applying public health principles along with evidence-based practice, nursing science, and skills that promote health, prevent disease, as well as protect at-risk populations!  What the 8th edition of this text does best is assist students in broadening the base of their knowledge and skills that they can employ in both the community and acute care settings, while the newly enhanced ancillary resources offers interactive tools that allow students of all learning styles to master public health nursing.

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Apr 162014

Sine syndromes (SSs) represent atypical forms of inflammatory rheumatic diseases, the courses of which are often severe. While the diagnosis of rheumatic diseases can be determined according to an established set of diagnostic criteria based on clinical characteristics and laboratory parameters, Sine Syndromes do not fulfill the standard criteria used to assist in the classification of patients with rheumatological disorders. This concise book gives an overview of atypical courses in common inflammatory rheumatic diseases such as Wegener’s granulomatosis, systemic sclerosis, Sjögren's syndrome, or systemic lupus erythematosus. Each chapter reviews similar cases reported in the literature and presents current data on treatment options. Drawing on their vast clinical experience, the editors provide a series of detailed case reports in order to illustrate the different types of disease. The book is intended to facilitate early diagnosis and effective therapy in patients where a schematic approach may not prove sufficient. Sine Syndromes in Rheumatology will serve as a useful and easily accessible reference for specialists in rheumatology as well as for practitioners in the fields of internal medicine, pediatrics, and orthopedics.

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Apr 092014

Netter's Neurology, 2e (Netter Clinical Science) (Hardcover)

By (author): H. Royden Jones Jr. Jr., Jayashri Srinivasan, Gregory J. Allam, Richard A. Baker

Netter's Neurology, 2nd Edition, by Drs. H. Royden Jones, Jayashri Srinivasan, Gregory J. Allam, and Richard A. Baker, uses visually rich Netter artwork to efficiently provide you with a concise overview of general neurology and its intersection with internal medicine, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, psychiatry, and orthopedics. "It communicates often very difficult areas of neurology quite simply, and builds on basics to advanced understanding. I've never seen such well-thought-out and informative illustrations with such detail in another neurology book of this type." - First Prize Winner, Illustrated Book Category, British Medical Association 2012 Medical Book Competition

  • Master general neurology and its intersection with internal medicine, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, psychiatry, and orthopedics through comprehensive topic coverage.
  • Get a quick and memorable overview of anatomy, pathophysiology, and clinical presentation from the precision and beauty of Netter and Netter-style plates that highlight key neuroanatomical and neurologic concepts.
  • Explore specific clinical applications with vignettes included throughout the text that bring each topic to life.
  • Find the information you need quickly and easily thanks to the short text and concise topic overviews.
  • See the latest developments in the field in clear detail with new artwork and new entries on ALS, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, African Sleeping Sickness, and more.
  • Effectively visualize the underlying anatomy in living patients through upgraded neuroimaging coverage, including MR, CT, and PET.
  • Tap into additional treatment information with more clinical vignettes that provide "real-life" illustrative case evaluations.
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Apr 082014

Immunology at a Glance (Paperback)

By (author): J. H. L. Playfair, B. M. Chain

Immunology at a Glance provides a user-friendly overview of the body’s defence mechanisms. Ideal from day one of a medical, biomedical or life science course, the text begins with a basic overview of both adaptive and innate immunity, before progressing to applied immunological concepts, which look at what happens when things go wrong, and how, in clinical medicine, each body system can be affected by immunity.

Each double-page spread corresponds to a typical lecture and diagrammatically summarises core concepts in immunology, through accessible schematic diagrams on left-hand pages, with key points concisely summarised on the right-hand page. There are also self-assessment essay questions so you can test your knowledge.

New for this 10th edition:

  • Thoroughly updated and reorganised chapters offer greater clarity and easier understanding for those new to the subject
  • New chapters on cytokine receptors and ‘Immunology in the Laboratory’
  • A completely re-written section on autoimmunity
  • A brand new companion website featuring self-assessment questions and PowerPoint slides of images from the book, ideal for teaching and revision at www.ataglanceseries.com/immunology

Immunology at a Glance is the ideal companion for anyone about to start a new course in immunology and will appeal to medical and biomedical science students. Perfect for exam preparation, it provides the concepts and frameworks you need to succeed in your exam.

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Apr 082014

This regional textbook of anatomy is aimed at trainee surgeons and medical students. Throughout it is rich in applied clinical content, knowledge of which is essential for both clinical examination and surgical procedures. Although regional in approach each chapter is structured to clearly explain the structure and function of the component systems. The author brings his continuing experience of teaching anatomy to trainee surgeons to ensure the contents reflects the changing emphasis of anatomical knowledge now required.
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Apr 082014

    Designed to complement Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease, 8th Edition and Robbins Basic Pathology, 8th Edition, this full-color atlas offers more than 1,500 outstanding full-color illustrations that vividly depict the diseases you need to know for pathology courses and USMLE exams. A quick visual reference or review of material for students and professionals alike.

      • Includes gross, microscopic, and radiologic images correlated with examples of normal organs and tissues for comparison.
      • Extensive legends summarize the key information you need to know.
      • Correlates pathology with clinical history, physical exam findings, and clinical laboratory tests.
      • A perfect study complement to Robbins and Cotran Review of Pathology.

        • Includes many new and improved images.
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        Apr 062014

        usmle classroomKaplan’s Step 1 Classroom Anywhere course features our very best faculty, including Dr. John Barone for Pathology. You’ll benefit from over 240 hours of live, online lectures in an interactive, online classroom setting. Log into your scheduled class from anywhere you have internet access.

        High quality Video Lectures.


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        Apr 052014

        Mosby's Manual of Diagnostic and Laboratory Tests, 5e (Paperback)

        By (author): Kathleen Deska Pagana PhD RN, Timothy J. Pagana MD FACS

        This quick reference handbook offers clear, concise coverage of over 700 of the most commonly performed diagnostic and laboratory tests - including 39 new to this edition. Trusted authors, Kathleen Pagana, PhD, RN and Timothy Pagana, MD, FACS, bring together a comprehensive collection of full color designs, illustrations and photos to show exactly how various tests are performed. Related tests are grouped by chapter and presented in a consistent format to facilitate a full understanding of each type of diagnostic test.

        • UNIQUE! Coverage of the clinical significance of test results explains why a given test result indicates specific diseases.
        • Full-color design clarifies key concepts, procedures, and testing techniques.
        • Related Tests sections list tests that provide similar information or are used to evaluate the same body system, disease process, or symptom.
        • NEW! Unique front section on coding for diagnostic and laboratory tests (ICD-10) provides explanations of the coding requirements and challenges for diagnostic testing along with codes for all tests in the manual.
        • NEW! 39 of the most current laboratory and diagnostic tests have been added to this new edition to reflect current best practices.
        • NEW! Updated photographs and illustrations reflect the latest changes in testing equipment.
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        Apr 052014

        Pharmacotherapy Principles and Practice Study Guide: A Case-Based Care Plan Approach (Paperback)

        By (author): Michael Katz, Kathryn R. Matthias, Marie Chisholm-Burns

        A case-based companion study guide to Pharmacotherapy Principles and Practice, 2e – learn how to apply your knowledge to actual patient situations

        Pharmacotherapy Principles and Practice Study Guide uses 98 cases to help you learn how to apply pharmacotherapeutic concepts to specific patient situations. Each case is presented in a consistent manner, similar to what you would see in a clinical setting and focuses on one primary topic or problem.

        Patients discussed in these cases will have drug therapy problems requiring identification and management. For each case, you will be asked to develop a Patient Database, Drug Therapy Problem Worksheet, and Pharmacotherapy Care Plan using the forms provided. These forms are adapted from those originally developed by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists Clinical Skills program.

        Each case includes:

        • Learning Objectives
        • Patient Presentation
        • Targeted Questions followed by a hint that refers you to pages in Pharmacotherapy Principles and Practice, 2e where you can find the information to answer the question
        • Follow-up
        • Global Perspective which highlights an issue related to the case that is important to countries outside of North America or involve different ethnic groups or races
        • Case Summary
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