May 022015

USMLE Step 2 Recall (Recall Series) (Paperback)

By (author): Michael W. Ryan MD MS

This revised edition in the popular Recall Series is an excellent preparation tool for both the Clinical Knowledge (CK) and Clinical Skills (CS) parts of the USMLE Step 2. The book presents patient cases followed by rapid-fire USMLE-style questions. Questions appear in the left-hand column and answers appear in the right-hand column.

Coverage encompasses all clinical areas tested on the USMLE Step 2. Cases and questions teach pattern recognition for diseases tested in the CK's multiple-choice questions and the CS's live patient presentations. This edition includes a new chapter on ethics and statistics as well as an expanded cardiology chapter.

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May 022015

This practical, user-friendly book is the ultimate bedside/machine-side how-to manual. Intended for beginner to intermediate US emergency ultrasound users, the picture-rich text provides clear and concise guidance on everything from ultrasound’s use in evaluating trauma and shock to ultrasound-guided nerve blocks and special pediatric applications. Each chapter is formatted to address indications, image acquisition and interpretation, integration, and special considerations. Plus, an appendix with references to landmark articles and useful websites with case studies, images, and videos is included for further exploration of the topics.

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May 022015

Get ahead! SURGERY 100 EMQs for Finals, Second Edition (Paperback)

By (author): James Wigley, Saran Shantikumar

Fully updated, this new edition of the successful Get ahead! SURGERY 100 EMQs for Finals provides invaluable revision for all medical students preparing for their final examinations. Co-written by Saran Shantikumar, series editor for the Get ahead! series, this book covers the entire syllabus in a clear and comprehensive style, building on the strengths of the first edition to provide reliable and effective revision practice to help achieve success in final exams.

The second edition has been completely updated according to current curriculum, and the questions are written in a style similar to the Medical Schools Council Assessment Alliance (MSCAA) bank. Get ahead! SURGERY 100 EMQs for Finals is a helpful resource for medical students preparing for their exams.

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May 022015

An essential guide to passing the Fellowship of the College of Emergency Medicine (FCEM) examination, this book provides hints, tips, and a wealth of practical information. It contains short but challenging clinical scenarios followed by fully reasoned answers and explanations. Following the format of the FCEM exam curriculum, the clinical cases are succinct, concise and contain only the most recent evidence-based emergency medicine approaches allowing rapid revision and instant access to key information.

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May 022015

Get Through DRCOG: SBAs, EMQs and McQs (Paperback)

By (author): Rekha Wuntakal, Madhavi Kalidindi

The book provides advice on how to prepare for the examination and how questions should be approached to obtain the highest marks. With more than 350 questions, preparation tips and extensive answer explanations, it is the definitive resource for those attempting the DRCOG. The book is comprehensive and authoritative: written by an experienced author and overseen by a well-respected expert in the field. It is the essential revision guide for those preparing for this examination.

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May 022015

Simpson's Forensic Medicine, 13th Edition: Irish Version (Paperback)

By (author): Jason Payne-James, Cliona McGovern, Richard Jones, Steven Karch, John Manlove

For nearly 70 years, Simpson’s Forensic Medicinehas been a world-renowned introductory textbook for students in the field of forensic medicine. This first regionalised edition, fully adapted for an Irish audience by Dr Cliona McGovern, presents all that the generalist or student needs to know about the interface between medicine and the law, including forensic toxicology, forensic science, forensic odontology, forensic anthropology and both the legal obligations and ethical responsibilities of those involved in the forensic setting.

? Presents clear, concise text, illustrated with colour photographs of the highest quality to help you find key information at a glance

? Concentrates on key principles relevant to your legal system

? Includes the input of new authors who bring you a fresh, modern perspective

? Provides expanded coverage of forensic toxicology and forensic science along with many important subspecialties of forensic medicine

Simpson’s has a long and respected history. Read by many of today's leading forensic practitioners at the start of the careers, it remains the most indispensable guide to the practice of forensic medicine worldwide.

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May 022015

Comprehensive and erudite, Forensic Psychiatry: Clinical, Legal and Ethical Issues, Second Edition is a practical guide to the psychiatry of offenders, victims, and survivors of crime. This landmark publication has been completely updated but retains all the features that made the first edition such a well-established text. It integrates the clinical, legal, and ethical aspects of forensic psychiatry with contributions from internationally regarded experts from a range of clinical professions.

The Second Edition features updates to all current chapters and several new chapters that explore:

  • The genetics of antisocial behavior
  • Disorders of brain structure and function that relate to crime
  • Offenders with intellectual disabilities
  • Older people and the criminal justice system
  • Deviant and mentally ill staff

Although the book focuses on jurisdictions in the UK, a substantial comparative chapter written by an international group from all five continents explores the different philosophies, legal principles, and style of services elsewhere.

This book is an essential reference for specialists and postgraduate trainees in forensic psychiatry but also for general psychiatrists, and clinical and forensic psychologists. It is also an invaluable resource for other forensic mental health professionals, including nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, probation service staff, police, attorneys, criminologists, and sociologists.

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May 022015

Mastering the DRCOG (Paperback)

By (author): Jamila Groves

Mastering the DRCOG directly reflects and fulfils the DRCOG syllabus set by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Chapters are laid out precisely following the DRCOG syllabus format. Starting with an overall introduction to the exam, Mastering the DRCOG covers the seven core modules of the syllabus:

  • Basic Clinical Skills
  • Basic Surgical Skills
  • Antenatal Care
  • Management of Labour and Delivery
  • Postpartum and Neonatal Problems
  • Gynaecological Problems
  • Subfertility and Contraception

These modules are then followed by a section of 'hot topics' not specifically mentioned in the syllabus, but of real interest for all those working in the area of women's health. Hot topics include the menopause and its management, abuse of women, and ethical issues such as fetal sex selection and eugenics, egg donation, breast augmentation surgery, and surrogate motherhood.

Mastering the DRCOG is written in a clear and straight-forward style and is illustrated throughout. Written by a newly qualified GP and edited by two highly experienced Consultants, one in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, the other in Community Sexual and Reproductive Health, Mastering the DRCOG is a fantastic resource for all candidates preparing for the Diploma. The book will also be of great value to medical students learning Obstetrics and Gynaecology for the first time, to overseas doctors preparing for the PLAB, and to experienced GPs looking for a refresher.

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May 022015

Revised for its second edition to include the latest national and international guidelines, the Oxford Handbook of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine is the essential resource for the clinician planning to support travellers in an expedition or wilderness environment. Now containing more guidance about the obligations of a clinician joining an expedition, and the ethical approach to such work, the second edition of the Oxford Handbook of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine also provides an increased emphasis on medicine in various extreme environments. It enables efficient preparation and planning before the journey, advises on camp logistics, risk management, and medical problems during the trip, as well as highlighting rare but important risks to those visiting remote areas. This handbook is a practical, easy-to-use guide to all aspects of expedition and wilderness medicine.
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May 012015

This book covers all topics related to the imaging of organ transplantation. The main part of the book offers in-depth coverage of heart, renal, liver, lung, bone marrow and pancreatic and intestinal transplantation. Each of these topics is discussed firstly in a clinical chapter and then in a radiological chapter. This unique and superbly illustrated volume will be of great assistance to all who work in this field.

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