Aug 032015

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Aug 042015

Blood Science: Principles and Pathology (Paperback)

By (author): Andrew Blann, Nessar Ahmed

Blood Science is a relatively new discipline which merges biochemistry, haematology, immunology, transfusion science and genetics. This bringing together of traditional disciplines requires a corresponding change in education and training for healthcare scientists and Blood Science: Principles and Pathology is written in response to this emerging need.

An introduction to the subject and an overview of the techniques used in blood science are followed by a series of chapters based on groups of analytes investigated in blood - red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, followed by the constituents of plasma, including waste products, electrolytes, glucose, lipids, enzymes, hormones, nutrients, drugs, poisons and others.

Each chapter is supported by learning objectives, summaries and further information, and a focus is given to chapter specific case studies with interpretation to demonstrate how laboratory data in conjunction with clinical details is utilised when investigating patients with actual or suspected disease. Finally, a separate chapter offers more detailed case reports that integrate the different aspects of blood science.

Undergraduate students taking blood science modules as part of their BSc programmes in Biomedical and Healthcare Sciences will appreciate the level of integration between clinical biochemistry and haematology. In addition, this book will provide suitable initial reading for those students embarking on blood science modules on MSc programmes and will be of value to new graduates entering the profession and starting their career in blood science departments by supplementing practice-based training with the required theoretical underpinning.

This book is approved by the Institute of Biomedical Science and written by its expert writers, many of whom work on the Institute’s advisory panels.

List Price: $130.00 USD
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Aug 042015

ECG in 10 Days (Paperback)

By (author): David Ferry

Learn to effectively interpret virtually every ECG you're likely to encounter in clinical practice - in ten brief lessons

The only review book to offer full-sized ECGs throughout (simulating how they appear on tests and in actual practice), this sourcebook is the most sought-after ECG review anywhere, trusted by cardiology fellows, internal medicine residents, and medical students alike. ECG in Ten Days is based on the author's popular ten-day review course, and features a unique step-by-step approach, crystal-clear vector images, plus practice EDB strips to build confidence and fine-tune clinical skills.

In these pages, you'll find essential information on everything from SA & AV nodal conduction abnormalities, to mechanisms of arrhythmias and electronic pacemakers. Also included is an answer sheet similar to the one encountered on board exams.

NEW to the Second Edition

  • Inclusion of the latest American College of Cardiology (ACC) guidelines
  • Selection of random ECGs after Day 10 for additional review
  • A brand-new glossary with key terms, which are also bolded within the text
  • Short appendix that includes formal criteria for various ECG diagnoses
  • Consolidated chapters 2 and 3 for a more cohesive look at super ventricular arrhythmias
  • Reorganized chapters that streamline the content on Day 6, and help ensure a more efficient, manageable review of the material
List Price: $59.00 USD
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Aug 042015

Hematopathology: A Volume in the High Yield Pathology Series (Expert Consult - Online and Print), 1e (Hardcover)

By (author): Jon C. Aster MD PhD, Olga Pozdnyakova MD PhD, Jeffery L. Kutok MD PhD

Recognize the classic lookof hematologic diseases andquickly confirm your diagnoses with Hematopathology: A Volume in the High Yield Pathology Series. A templated format, excellent color photographs, authoritative content, and online access make this an ideal reference for busy pathologists.

  • Find information quickly and easily with a templated, easy-to-reference format and concise, bulleted text.
  • Confirm your diagnoses with excellent color photographs that demonstrate the classic appearance of the full range of hematologic diseases - both benign and malignant - including immunodeficiency-associated lymphoproliferative disorders, such as AIDS; disorders of coagulation; bone marrow failure syndromes; and all of the different types of leukemia and lymphoma.
  • Depend on authoritative information from leading pathologists.
  • Access the full text online, perform quick searches, and download images at Expert Consult.
List Price: $265.00 USD
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Aug 042015

Self-assessment for the MCEM Part C (Oxford Specialty Training) (Paperback)

By (author): Rebecca Thorpe, Simon Chapman, Jules Blackham

Specifically designed for the MCEM Part C, this book contains 100 questions to help candidates prepare for this OSCE examination. All questions and answers are mapped directly to the College of Emergency Medicine syllabus and contain detailed information that allows candidates to appreciate the format and requirements of each OSCE.

Each question features instructions to candidate, actor, and examiner, so candidates can practise in groups and recreate OSCE stations. MCEM-style marking sheets ensure that candidates have a good understanding of the standard that is required by the College.

Written by a team with many years of experience of running mock OSCE exams for trainees, this book will give candidates a realistic and comprehensive preparation for the MCEM Part C.
List Price: $45.00 USD
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Aug 042015

MCEM Part C: 110 OSCE Stations offers a complete and practical skills guide for trainees preparing for the MCEM OSCE exam. Presented in a clear layout, chapters are mapped to the exam circuit to provide structured revision in all the syllabus topics. Featuring a wealth of practice stations, this book provides the essential clinical knowledge and practical skills necessary to succeed in the MCEM Part C OSCE exam. *110 practice stations, reflecting the breadth of skills and topics tested in the actual exam * Provides concise summaries of all the stations examined, including history taking, communication skills and procedures * Addresses every aspect of the exam, including the circuit, content and marking * Highly illustrated to improve understanding of key concepts
List Price: $56.00 USD
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Aug 042015

A clear and comprehensive introduction to the principles and practice of clinical oncology, for medical undergraduates and clinicians who want to increase their understanding of the challenges of managing patients with cancer. Including questions for self assessment by the same authors, the reader can learn and test themselves on all aspects of cancer medicine, from epidemiology, aetiology, pathogenesis and presentation, through to diagnosis, staging, management and prognosis.
List Price: $45.95 USD
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Aug 042015

This second edition has been fully updated to present a comprehensive guide to the field of paediatrics. The renowned author and editor team from the UK, Asia and the USA, provide practical advice on the diagnosis, investigation techniques and treatment of a wide range of childhood disorders, both surgical and non surgical, including haematological, endocrine, urinary and ophthalmological. Four new chapters discuss paediatric rehabilitation, prescribing for children, child abuse and neglect, and practical paediatric procedures.
List Price: $55.00 USD
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Aug 032015

Over the last three decades, major advances in the management of diseases of the valves have been seen. While cardiac catheterization was in the 1970s, the only means for con?rming the diagnosis, Doppler echocardiography has become the corner stone for accurate assessment of valve disease, even in fetuses. Now not only the disease can be identi?ed but also the rate of disease progression (e. g. lea?et calci?cation and stiffness) can be accurately measured and quanti?ed by echocardiography and multislice/electron beam CT imaging. Surgical treatment of valve disease has also w- nessed great advances, having moved from traditional valve replacement to sophisticated repair procedures and the use of extracorporeal pump support in some patients. Robotic valve surgery has also proved a great success, in well selected cases, and is expected to have a fruitful future. Furthermore, in special circumstances, conventional surgical valve excision has now been replaced by percutaneous catheter-based valve replacement for aortic and pulmonary disease. This approach reduces the risk from the surgery itself, avoids general ana- thesia and many potential post-operative complications. This book discusses the practicalities of the diagnosis and treatment of the various aspects of common heart valve d- eases, covering most clinical and surgical issues. It is designed to assist clinicians in the management of patients with valve disease and provide them with answers to many of the clinical questions that arise.
List Price: $69.99 USD
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Aug 032015

PLEASE NOTE: This is a corrected reprint of the previous edition from 2010. Therefore the copyright year listed inside the front cover is 2010.

Essentials for the Canadian Medical Licensing Exam: Review and Prep for MCCQE Part I presents a new and innovative review of all specialties and sub-specialties tested on the MCCQE Part I examination. Each chapter focuses on common clinical presentations which include detailed differential diagnoses, relevant physical examination characteristics and diagnostic tests, treatment and patient consultation techniques, and epidemiological information, as well as fundamental scientific principles.

Selection of content based solely on the current MCCQE Examination Objectives published by the Medical Council of Canada.

Outline format allows for quick and efficient review of material.

Flow diagrams present clinical decision-making, diagnostic testing, and differential diagnoses.

Boxes contain applied scientific concepts, high-yield points, CLEO material, and clinical pearls.

Red flags highlight emergent medical situations.
List Price: $105.99 USD
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